March 28, 2023

I’ve been using Wellbutrin, commonly known as Bupropion, for 8 years and will share my experience in this video. It’s popular because it doesn’t cause weight gain or sexual dysnfunction compared to other anti-depressants. I’ll be explaining what issues I’ve encountered with it, what benefits I’ve reaped, and particular circumstances in which it could be good for others.

Hey there everyone it’s michael dougal i review  nootropics and during this video i’m going to   share with you my personal wellbutrin experience  as i was uh first introduced to wellbutrin way   back in 2013 and i’ve been off and on ever since  and well between has really been like the miracle   pill for me um the way that i first

Came across  webtrend was i was kind of going through a rough   without the horrible side effects that come with   it because traditional ssris are mostly known for  things like weight gain brain fog even insomnia   and they usually take about a month to work and i  had actually gone ahead and tried several really  

Popular antidepressants but they didn’t make me  feel good when i was talking to my doctor they   said you have to find the right antidepressant  for you so fortunately i came across wellbutrin   and what really appealed to me was the fact that  welby trainer was more so known for weight loss   versus weight gain me i consider

Myself somewhat  of a fitness enthusiast i really like that   about wellbutrin and i started taking it and uh  literally within hours i suddenly felt like i had   more energy i had more ambition my general like  willingness to go ahead and take action or meet   people was far higher and literally it was such  that every

Single day i was feeling a little bit   better for the first month and then you get a bit  used to it your body doesn’t react to it like the   first month it’s not like there were really bad  side effects but you could sometimes get like a   uncomfortably elevated heart rate so i had used  wellbutrin back then again 2013 2014 and

I decided   to get off of wellbutrin because i felt like i  didn’t really need it anymore and that’s what’s   sold like wellbutrin even if you look it up it  doesn’t really say it’s used as an antidepressant   more so for seasonal affective disorders so if  you’re somebody who’s going through a bad slump   and you’re

Considering an antidepressant this  could maybe be worth looking into with other   antidepressants you have to take them for a while  to notice anything but with wellbetran you feel   it fast and you don’t want to feel it fast it’s  almost like it’s too much for you and then your   body gets a bit um acclimized to it the way

That  most people generally start taking wellbutrin is   they start off by taking 150 milligrams of either  the sr or the xl and then about a couple weeks   later they increase the dose most commonly to 300  milligrams so the way that i first started taking   it was i started off the first two weeks taking  150 milligrams

Of the sr version and then i had   increased the dose to 300 milligrams in the xl  version um specifically because i didn’t like how   the sr was making me feel even if you look them  up you can find like a graph on the effects of the   sr versus the xl on the sr pretty much like peaks  very very early within hours and then with

The xl   you can see it’s a nice like gradual increase of  its effects and then it slowly tapers off so with   the sr you feel it very fast you’ll get a bit  of appetite suppression if you have experience   with adhd pr3scriptions it feels like a little  bit like that and then like i mentioned when i   was in the 300

Milligrams xl i felt great like  i really didn’t feel like i was taking anything   which is what you want with an antidepressant you  don’t want to feel like a zombie you don’t want to   feel a depersonalization or suppressed energy  or brain fog you want to feel like yourself   um if anything with a better mood right and a 

Willingness to go ahead and take action towards   whatever goals you have so the benefits in summary  are it’s going to improve your mood it will make   you have an improved level of concentration you’ll  get a little bit more energy it can to some extent   good for weight loss and your courage like your   willingness to go

Ahead and try new things is far  higher like i’ve had some of my uh best years ever   as far as income on years when i was taking the  wallaby train but what so is i do want to get off   of it now given that it is a presription i would  much rather stick to like natural supplements or   nootropics wellbutrin has to be presribed

And  there’s a reason for that so what so is now   i have reduced my intake from 300 milligrams to  150 milligrams and they have that in the xl as   well it’s not just the sr this is what one pill of  the 150 xl looks like there’s like some text on it   it’s pretty small something that people commonly  ask me is whether or

Not there’s a difference   wellbutrin in my opinion and from my experience   it makes no difference since this is a nootropic  channel i know a lot of you may be wondering   can you use wellbutrin as a nootropic the answer  is no guys this is not something to play with   of fact i don’t really feel like welby trend  

Has really like made me any smarter or affected  me cognitively more so it’s just giving me some   extra energy to go ahead and persist through the  tasks and you can say it’ll help you through a   rough patch especially like if you’re somebody who  often gets in a depressive state then maybe this   can help you to be somewhat

Stable whereas with  other pills like they’re so strong that they’ll   overpower all the nootropics that you’re taking  so with me like i still take my lion’s mane my   just as well the only main difference i have   found is since wellbutrin is known to make you  use more choline it is such that i prefer taking   uh

More choline when i’m using wellbutrins so  what that looks like for me is my favorite form of   choline is alpha gpc this is what it looks like  each capsule is 150 milligrams and i’m using this   um on average like three times a day and again if  you are taking wellbutrin that’s something to keep   in mind especially if you’re

Getting brain fog  or you’re uh really not feeling as sharp as you   typically are it could be of course because you’re  depleting your choline stores so you may want to   replenish your choline choline is also found in  egg yolks so i’ve talked extensively about alpha   gpc in this video i will link over here honestly 

Speaking the biggest problem with wellbutrin is   that i can’t find a problem whereas with other  presriptions they’ve always had some sort of   problem but wellbutrin you feel more energetic you  feel ambitious at the same time your nootropics   still work and on top of this it even helps with  weight loss like that is incredible

It’s been the   miracle pill for me but this is not for everyone  um just through reading comments maybe i would say   like 10 to 20 percent of people don’t like the  effects of wellbutrin and how it made them feel   specifically when it comes to anxiety some other  common side effects include a decreased libido  

Some people mentioned that it can accelerate hair  loss that again hasn’t been the case for me some   people report that it’s uncomfortable to exercise  or to some extent decreases their sleep quality   um if you were to ask me what my side effects  have been like i mentioned there haven’t been any   i have found that sometimes

When i take stimulants  along with wellbutrin that can make me feel   caffeine but what’s so is if you are using the   xl then you should be better off with the xl form  it’s very subtle you can’t really notice really   too much happening so i’ve tried both i’ve tried  taking 150 milligrams of the sr two times per day  

Milligrams xl again just once a day so same   dose but i definitely felt better taking the 300  milligrams xl and the way that i’m taking it is   once um pretty much first thing in the morning or  within an hour or an hour and a half of waking up   take it in the second half of the day for me   i won’t take it like after two

O’clock for example  because what so is it will keep you up although it   may not be a typical stimulant that we’re used  to it will cause you to be somewhat more alert   because i personally practice intermittent fasting  i do take it in the morning and then i won’t eat   for about seven to eight hours afterwards and it’s 

Actually a good thing i feel like it really helps   during the fasting window so when you are taking  it because you are meant to be taking it every   single day i would recommend that you keep it  simple uh take it at the same time of the day   the occasional day where i forget to take it   and during those days i don’t

Really feel too  much worse but i definitely noticed a little bit   of social anxiety and maybe like slightly less  energy but it’s nothing like too significant   considered being a very popular presription   for adhd and coming off of that was kind of like  the same effect times 10. and because of that i   wellbutrin

Really shouldn’t be too hard but   that when i miss a day of taking it i don’t   really feel that great so for that reason i’m  going to spend the next several months getting   off of wellbutrin and i will keep you updated  on my progress with that please subscribe if   you got value from this video and drop a comment 

Below if you have any questions about nootropics   will look forward to seeing you all next time

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