January 27, 2023

I’m not a doctor, but I get it! Let me know if you have any other questions or just need to talk!

People hear the word steroid and they think that you’re trying to look like vin diesel hi my name is mariam uh and five years ago i was diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease called fsgs when i first got diagnosed a really big part of my health care regimen in terms of medication was prednisone and i remember being in this place where i was like going on youtube

And on message boards and googling on the internet and i was just trying to find normal people like me talking about something that seemed so scary i remember the doctor he was like you’re gonna get big and you’re gonna get angry and he like almost had tears in his eyes he was like it’s gonna be rough and i remember being like okay so it’s gonna be like being

Pregnant and he was like pregnant women have it easy and i don’t know if that’s true he’s a man how would he know i do know that if being pregnant is anything like being on steroids for nine months count me out because steroids were one of the hardest experiences of my life when i started i was on thousands of milligrams at once because i was trying to get my body

To stop attacking my kidney um and side-effects come really fast like it’s like somebody broke a dam and your life is suddenly flooded with like all of this horrible stuff so i thought i would make this video outlining some of them not so fun stuff about being on steroids so that you know you’re not alone before steroids maybe you had perfect skin after steroids

You probably had a mountain range on your forehead and a beard of acne on your chin i was covered and i’m i still have you know acne but it’s not as severe as it was when i was on a really high dose but it is a thing that happens and there are ways to combat it i just started taking really really good care of my skin and even though it didn’t make things perfect

It did make things better speaking of beards series also made me incredibly hairy like i looked like a bear sideburns lots of sideburns moving on to more fun stuff the anger the rage the fury fury for the furry and the sheer hatred for humanity coursing through your veins the other thing coursing through your veins a primal need for pizza tacos mozzarella sticks

Cake chocolate ice cream brownies all of it all of it fixes the fury you know sugar in general anything that can cause diabetes which brings me to the diabetes i had all the diabetes a lot of it like no matter how much i did or did not eat it was just really high shoutout to all the diabetics out there i don’t know how you do it i just want to say i’m praying for

You you are my heroes the diabetes is both a side effect of the core salt and all the newfound fat that you have accumulated thank you pizza and mozzarella sticks so much fat and where does all that food go you ask imagine me with a big round basketball face and sideburns i look like this but like i turned into the world’s biggest thumb right now you cannot see moon

Face because i’m on a very low dose of steroids and i eat a little differently now not too differently i’m not like an extremist when it comes to health foods and i did not really take a lot of pictures during this time in my life but if i do find one i’ll try to insert it that’s a thing that does happen moon face is not just like a cute nickname the most fun part

Of the fat the feeling of your flesh ripping as you are acquire more and more stretch marks by the minute i was showing my doctor when i got my first two and then i remember being like do something about this you’re a doctor make it stop and she was like girl you’re gonna be covered in stretch marks and i was like excuse me and she was like head to toe and she was

Like a little only insensitive site about it and i remember i walked out of the doctor’s office sobbing like in the middle of her speech like i didn’t even finish the appointment it was okay bye and i walked out and i stopped in her way homes and she had to like come out and get me and she is like okay you’re scaring the children this is a pediatric clinic but you

Know what i have the stretch marks now and i’m actually not that upset about it you get over it you learn to live and love yourself and you know what i ain’t dead that’s a pretty good consolation prize in my opinion amongst other things there’s always the risk of other horrible diseases like skin cancer and infection i got like some sort of infection of the skin

Called cellulitis and i was in the hospital for two weeks and my life was like on fire the entire time and the doctor was like that’s a steroid thing and i was like thank you so much i love this hashtag west anyways the point of this video is that no part of steroids is fun or easy and make you had an even worse experience than i did i will say that it does get

Better as you taper your medication hopefully you can one day stop it if you can’t that’s fine the medication did not really help me and i ended up in kidney failure and last year my guardian angel donated a kidney to me now i am taking a different arsenal of immunosuppressants which still includes prednisone so um it is something that some people have to live

With for the rest of their lives even if it’s just a low dose sometimes the high dose but you will get through it and i just thought maybe we could have a laugh about it and you know what ah it sucks it really does and don’t let anybody tell you that it doesn’t i would wake up so angry sometimes and like i didn’t even know how angry i was one morning i poured a cup

Of coffee on my kitchen table because my mom asked if i wanted eggs and i was so upset because i hate eggs that i poured her coffee on the kitchen table like a sociopath life is hard on steroids and i get it and i just wanted to make this video to let you know you’re not alone i just this is a weird video but it is the kind of video that i needed five years ago so

I wanted to make sure that if it’s still not on the internet it is now thanks so much for watching and i hope you have a great day regardless of the steroids it’s not a baby crying i don’t know any babies also wash your hands and stay away from sick people because they’re the worst and people are gross so be careful look out for yourself nobody else will thanks

Again for watching i hope you enjoyed this video bye

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My Prednisone Experience || Moonface, Side effects & More By itssmariam