January 27, 2023

Relief found with BuSpar after 35 years with various medications.

My results with busperone after one and a half months yo what’s going on is someone that’s known and welcome back to today’s report today’s report is coming from love live loaf off reddit the drug used was beusperone at a dose of he goes up to 20 milligrams and prior experience 35 years of experience with psychotropic medications okay so here we are to introduce

Busparone an atypical anti-anxiety medication that was brought up not too long ago in a combination and it isn’t like a benzo or your typical downer in fact this is a pretty standalone substance with a lot of unique effects compared to most other anti-anxiety medications but this report is more so a collective experience but it is one where the user takes spuce

Spirone alone and it shows how they were able to find effectiveness out of it after 35 years with various meds specifically if you suffer from such complications this may be one to consider we’ll break it down some after the report to give you a better idea of how it works so let’s waste no more time and jump right into this i just wanted to post my results with

Busparone and extreme anxiety after one and a half months and 35 years of taking various psychotropic meds so if in the future people who search reddit for the busbar slash busborone and anxiety i wanted to share my personal results so that they may help someone over the past 35 years starting at age 13 i began to suffer from and was treated for depression over

Time with a couple stays in the hospital and some age behind me the depression waned however the anxiety and ocd increased significantly over these 35 years i took a garment of ssris snris benzos self meds and even some atypical antipsychotic meds most drugs didn’t work most had side effects that were unbearable but not life-threatening such as profuse sweating

Weight gain tremors nausea and potency vertigo and others a few drugs were great such as effexor but the side effects were not sustainable i also had okay results with weltbutrin and abilify and i can eke out a daily existence but i certainly wasn’t cured a month and a half ago i started 10 milligrams of buspirone alone i had never taken this drug or heard of

It before until this time after a month i went to 15 milligrams and then to 20 milligrams recently i’ve experienced some brain zaps the day of and a few days after the milligram increases and all the while some very odd non-nightmare but twilight zoney dreams in which i’m able to know i’m dreaming and say this dream is kinda dumb while in the dream etc this

May be due to the fact that i’m actually sleeping and reaching rem sleep through the night for the first time in 20 plus years due to the abuse maroon which can make you tired at first which is absolutely wonderful previously i’d wake up at the slightest noise 10 times per night my anxiety which has been through the roof the past six months and even during the

Worst pandemic in the last century is probably 20 decreased currently and i still have a lot of room to raise the medication dosage thus far no other negative side effects no weight gain sex drive has increased drug is generic and cheap and i’m doing less ocd checking and considerably less ruminating and panicking hopefully this helps someone who’s considering

Trying this drug but remember it may not work for you at all so take my experience with a grain of salt and note that i am not responsible for anything you experience thanks alright so busperone like i said before this is a pretty novel anti-anxiety med compared to most it isn’t like xanax or any other benzo it isn’t even like a downer when you actually look at

How beusperone works it reminds you more of an antidepressant rather beef prone isn’t just something to take like xanax or you’ll just pop one and be good for half a day it’s something that’s much more long term and takes time to set in so much so that when trials were being performed before beast brown came on the market patients couldn’t differentiate buspirone

And the placebo and this is somewhat the case for most antidepressants as well at least the length aspect most doctors want you on it for at least a few weeks before making any decisions and antidepressants themselves aren’t just used for depression they can be used to help aid one with anxiety problems now it doesn’t act in the same way but it acts upon a lot of

The same receptors as antidepressants benzos act upon gaba receptors but bispherone has no effect here instead it actually agonizes some of the 5 ht receptors while also playing a strong role on dopamine receptors and adrenal receptors but even with all this activity going on often there won’t be much to report subjectively unless that comes out of prolonged

Use or an overdose which when it comes to overdoses on bispherone it is pretty rare considering that you have to take 10 to 20 times a medicinal dose but it has happened before and been reported all of which have resulted in no deaths unless it was in combination with something else but if an overdose were to occur one can expect to be in a very discomforting

State some of the effects reported include nausea anxiety drowsiness motor loss control academia stomach discomfort and more see what i mean though when i say this sounds more like an antidepressant-based drug another thing is that you should never combine b spirone with an maoi doing so may result in serotonin syndrome not a fun state at all to be in but still

At the end of the day beast peron has shown to be effective for anxiety some say just as if not more effective than menzo’s as shown in today’s report it isn’t really one that is sought out for like that probably because of the wait time you have to take before it starts working and beefspro may not even be ideal for the type of anxiety you’re dealing with it

Might just help with a few things or it may just mind the aspect of overall anxiety you may be going through it may be prescribed based off its pharmacological profile as well if you have medication already that interferes with benzos this may be the next option there’s a lot of variability that can go with the substance and its unique profile may make it a

Better option in some cases this report today highlighted how that switch up in pharmacological action was such a big difference for this user it can definitely have potential for some people and it could end up being a good option for those who feel like they’re at the end of the road so we’re going to end it there today if you did enjoy this report on busperone

You want to see more on this more anti-anxiety meds or any substance at all let me know in the comments below and we’ll do that if you have your own report send it into no one submit report gmail.com if you did enjoy today’s video like the video subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already follow the socials share the video it’s been someone that’s known and

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My Results With Buspirone After 1.5 Months – Buspirone (BuSpar) Experience Report #1 By Someone That’s NoOne