June 4, 2023

Gut/brain connection:

Welcome back to my channel and today i will be talking about my experience taking lexapro or essetalopram or epram and this is week two so in my first week i put the video here i was on five milligrams i started with and i had talked about all the symptoms that i had and now if i try to think about it i can’t even remember what they are this week i moved to in

My second week i moved to 10 milligrams and i oh i also started back on my magnesium glycinate and glycine because i went to the doctor after my checkup and i told her about it and then she said it’s okay i can go ahead and take it and since i’ve been taking it i’ve actually been sleeping again so the symptoms that i have now are loss of appetite and i’m a little

Sleepy and that happened after i went to 10 milligrams and low libido that’s about it that’s about it sometimes i get a little tired but mostly i’m just sleepy and i’m not very hungry so this motivated me to try to find out what exactly serotonin does in the brain and in the body because i remember i had a blog post that i would link below talking about the gut

Brain connection and if you take an anti-depressant why does it affect your digestive system you know because in the last video i talked about how i was constipated and stuff like that well it turns out that in the brain serotonin is a neurotransmitter an inhibitory neurotransmitter that is important for your mood anxiety your thinking learning abilities your

Fears relaxation your mental focus and the clarity of thought and i think that’s where like if you’re low on serotonin that’s where like the anxiety attacks and the doom and gloom feeling and the suicidal thoughts come from serotonin is important for digestion feeling of fullness food cravings nutrient absorption and the peristalsis and that feeling of feeling

Full you know is the loss of appetite because sometimes i get really thirsty and um i don’t want to drink water because i don’t want to feel anything in my stomach and that i think that’s because i i it’s telling my brain that i am full um so i think that’s where these symptoms come from now how do how do serotonin selective reuptake inhibitors work the brain

Transmit messages via the neurons through the synapses so it’s like an empty space between the neurons where there’s an electrical where the neurotransmitters interact with the other neuron there are receptors on each neuron that can interact with the serotonin so after these serotonin the neurotransmitters interact with its receptor it is re absorbed by the

Neuron that sent it out so the way the ssris work is that it doesn’t the serotonin it lets it stay between the synapses and continue to give that message to the neuron so in a way there is more serotonin building between the two neurons and this is how the serotonin level in the brain increases because it’s not taken up it’s not taken back up it’s genius but

Um there are some side effects and that is what that is what we have and it seems as if the medication is in such a low dose that it takes a while to build up in the system and i think that’s why you have to wait at least four to six weeks or sometimes even three months before you start you know feeling very like happy you know anyway that was all for my week

Two um but it’s going good i’m gonna stick to it the other night i told my daughter uh i need to go to sleep early because i need to wake up early to take my medicine and i said um do you like me taking this new medicine and she says yeah and i said why and then she just said happy that’s all she said but really i don’t feel like i’m like super happy but i do

Feel like i’m in control of my emotions and i used to be one of those people that would like be crying when i watch those youtube videos those touching youtube videos with pets or soldiers coming home or something like that but now i’m just like oh this is so nice you know i’m not like oh my god or something like that so i guess you know it’s starting to build

Up in my system you know i’m super super patient now i still find myself smiling and i can uh i’m more motivated to exercise and i feel like a clarity like the air is clear about my head i don’t know how to explain that but um i do still get a little uh down sometimes but i think that’s you know normal for a human and i maybe i expect too much but as maybe

I expect too much but so far so good and i will be back with week three see you bye you

Transcribed from video
My Second week on Escitalopram (Lexapro) By Restivida