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Wed, March 23rd, 2016 ) In this video I Talk about MY Own experience while taking the Medication “and the Odd Side effects of “Cymbalta”it’s supposed to help with my ( Melancholic Depression ) Mental illness Please NOTE that, I CAN ONLY Speak FOR MYSELF while Taking this Rx . To be honest I DON’T like the way it’s making ME FEEL, MY muscles in MY legs will get all tightened at night while I’m asleep in bed ) I have A MUSCLE and JOINT CONDITION called “Hypotonia /It’s Weakness and looseness of my MUSCLE’S and Joints through out MY WHOLE BODY I WAS BORN WITH IT MY side effect while taking Cymbalta: Made me feel like I’m Drugged/Kind of High. I GOT really Light headed and Dizzy Feeling. I Just don’t like the feeling that this Medication is giving me. I feel Nauseated I’ve had 3 SCARY NightMares. and my Elbow or My Hand I don’t know which one started to Tremble and twitch I held my hand on MY elbow while laying down on MY stomach in bed trying to sleep while I was having WHAT felt like a Hallucinogenic creepy/Scary Dream. On March 31st, 2016 I’m going to see MY Therapist/Psychiatrists and see what’s going on. With me and whether or Not , I need to lower the dosage. Or SEE if WE can slowly get ME OFF this Medication and Maybe try something else. It’s a feeling I’ve Ever experienced like this High/Trippy reaction to these types of medications before. & that’s what kind of scares me. I hope this video helps you out Please, Subscribe, Comment down below, Share, My video Thank You all for watching NOTE. ( 2019 ) iM STILL ON THIS MEDICINE But I’M DOING BETTER NOW. & I HAVE Since Discovered that I Have ( MELANCHOLIC DEPRESSION ). Yeah, I Discovered it and learned MORE About It , Out Of Curiosity , and ALOT of The ( MELANCHOLIC Depression Symptoms ) I HAVE 🥺 ( MDD / Major Depressive Disorder , )

Hey guys it’s shauna here i just wanted to do a little video oh well i guess more of an update i’ve been take i’ve been on my medication called cymbalta it’s supposed to help with the pain in my fibromyalgia and things like that and i think i’ve been taking it for maybe a month maybe two or three months i don’t exactly know but i don’t like the way that the medication

Is making me feel making me feel um you know doped up i get this kind of i guess drugged up feeling from it after i’ve taken in i kind of like a hallucination type feeling i’ve had like three neighbors since the last two months i just had one monday night and i don’t like i just it makes me feel like i’m tripping out kind of like i’m drugged up on something else

I don’t know there’s me this weird high kind of feeling after i take it so i get a bit aggressive i guess you could kind of say with it but um it’s it’s supposed to help with my pain i have from my fibromyalgia so um i’m hoping it works i hade don’t exactly know if it does work i mean it’s taking the pain away but and i leaves me not feeling too good kind of i

Guess you could say kind of drugged up or doped up or something i don’t know just like a kind of a scary high type feeling i get and i’ve had like three nightmares since i have been on it the muscles in my legs actually tightened up one night when i was sleeping you’re in a bed there and the gem on sorry anyways i don’t like the feeling cymbalta kind of making

Me have i guess it’s not a good type of feeling i’ve had like two really odd nightmares that usually i don’t end up getting nightmares like these these ones i mean it could be this involved i’m on but it also i’ve heard a certain side effects now when i talk to my psychiatrist about those side effects could actually have a condition to where i can’t my muscles

And joints throughout my whole body or loose in weeks so i technically can’t tighten up my muscles that tight i mean but um it’s not a good feeling i like being on this medication i’ve been on it i think maybe like three or four months i’m guessing i should have wrote it down when i started but i don’t think i did and i’m just now starting to notice some side

Effects i’m getting from this medication i’m on and the feeling i’m getting from it i feel like i’m like it’s hard i get like a lightheaded from it and it’s like for like i get so dizzy or whether like pass out type of thing and and yeah i don’t exactly know why i’m feeling so kind of high from this medication i’m on and it’s it is different i will say that much

It’s actually a bit difficult for me to like but i’m sitting down in the car yesterday my mom was we were going to town and we had to like stop by the bank i know she was taking me into town and i was like sitting in the front seat but it it felt like i was sitting at a tilted forward angle i never to angle and it would also kind of felt like the camera was like

That.i me or something like i felt it tilted angle but it was like so weird it was like kind of weird i felt like i was sitting at a angle like on the highway kind of tilted i guess the forward slight tilted angle and it was like grabbing onto the seat like trying to hold on slowly spacing out you know leaning more and more forward and yeah i just didn’t like the

Feeling and i started noticing things this week just just passed a week and whatever and stuff and so i’m like oh dear i’m like i’m hoping this person i’m thinking isn’t kind of making me like crazy cuz i’ve had some bad episodes of behavior that’s real weird and i mean which usually isn’t like me i mean you still get mad no yeah a little bit and then i’ll be like

I’m sorry i know i was wrong but i guess i don’t know exactly how to say sorry they said they’re exactly know how to how to describe the way i’m feeling it’s kind of weird really is different i’ve never felt this way on any of the previous medications i that i’ve taken so this is like really weird anyway this video will be going up on my youtube channel obviously

Probably yeah i just don’t um i just don’t like the way to making me phil’s make me feel drugged up i get lightheaded almost like to the point where it’s like she’s just lighter like so intensely bright when i walk outside for the first time in the during the day it’s like oh oh and i got really like really mad a couple days ago and so like i looked at my eyes in

The mirror and um i was looking at my pupils and they were actually dilated or not like she was dilated but they were like dilated after i’d gotten mad and upset and stuff which was weird i don’t know how to explain it exactly mmm i want to talk with my psychiatrist that i’m gonna go see this next week on at the end of this month of march so i don’t know ask what

Well or there’s some other different i guess side effects because i don’t like the way the medication is making me feel at all it’s really quite scary i’ve had like two or three different times where i’ve like had the last final straw and then it’s like boom i just like i lose it and then go a little crazy sometimes since every time this medication i don’t like

Any of the feelings just giving me i feel like i’m kind of getting a high off it which is scary because i’ve never had that feeling from any of the medications i’ve been before i don’t know why i’m just i don’t know why i get this weird feeling for me it’s i don’t like it it’s a scaring me and anyways i just wanted to kind of give you guys a little update maybe

I’ll have to show you guys like i’m kind of space that when i’m on the medication i haven’t taken it yet today which i need to and yeah and i guess i just makes me feel light-headed weird dizzy like i’m on a bad trip feel like i’m tripping out on some something i don’t know exactly but i really don’t like the feeling day it’s giving me until i’m my pseudonym i’m

Actually gonna yeah talk to my psychiatrist about it and see what they this psychiatrist in mind that can help me if i should lower the dose slowly getting off of it a bit i guess you could say but um other than that it’s kind of scary being on this weird trippy daily feeling sometimes i like just sit there and i’ll be like spacing out for life few minutes i don’t

Know what to think of it thanks for this video i hope you guys watch this video after me when the next videos i’ll have to record what’s in my own behavior on it or just things all title it then you can just watch the video i don’t i don’t i get mad when i’m on this it’s kind of help my favorite myalgia but it’s causing other problems and i’m like i don’t know if

This is damaging to me permanently or i mean i’m hoping not because i’m not comfortable feeling the way i have been feeling like this past week it’s just been it’s just been like completely horrible and things i don’t like it at all i don’t like the way they see fit all my stuff so comment like subscribe share this video i guess and guess i’ll be seeing you guys

In the next couple videos also tomorrow is my other brothers birthdays myself to load my younger brothers from say we had yesterday he’s he just turned 10 i think yesterday so he got some cool stuff neely’s oh i have to upload that video probably upload this one first his video mon first and then no later if i can have time later i’ll upload the birthday videos

It was snowing hailing and raining the thunder and lightning all outside at the same time so that is actually a rare occurrence anywhere that early happens so thank you guys for watching this video and i’ll see you later

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