December 8, 2022

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Hi guys welcome back to the channel today we’re gonna talk about strattera and its use with adhd strattera is the very first drug that i tried after my diagnosis and i’ve had some success with it i did have a lot of benefit but i also experienced a lot of disadvantages and nasty side effects of it the first thing to note about cetera is that it’s not like other

Medications it’s not a stimulant so when you take it you’re not gonna feel any effect for a few weeks so it’s not gonna be anything like ritalin or concerta where you take it and you feed it within a few minutes or within the hour it’s not gonna be anything like that how it works is essentially like an antidepressant it’s like an ssri a selective serotonin reuptake

Inhibitor except it’s actually a norepinephrine based one so nora nephron is a precursor to serotonin which people with adhd produce less than the average person which is why it’s so helpful for us so back at the time a few years ago when i first got diagnosed it was it was a great feeling because after a while i started to notice the effect and the first thing

I noticed was that i was able to start reading and i was able to concentrate for long periods of time so i was over the moon i thought this was fantastic it’s life-changing the first time i was able to read a book without my mind wandering this is because of the drugs ability to quieten the mind and i think it’s something to do with the anxiety that comes with

Adhd because we’re quite erratic with our thoughts aren’t we you know we’re sort of all over the place and what it does it quietens it and it balances you out and calms you down so you become really good at shutting things out and you just feel very stable and balanced and it’s not just the benefit that comes when you take it it’s it’s a almost like a permanently

Improved ability to concentrate its 24 hours a day once it starts to kick in however the main reason why i quit strattera and moved on to concert was because of a nasty side effect that is called emotional blunting an emotional blunting is very common with antidepressants the chemical properties that balance you out and work on the serotonin seemed to change your

Brain chemistry and it can have the side effect of making you very evened out to the point where you just don’t feel anything at all and that was well it sucked the problem for me was that it seemed to kill all my charisma or my creativity and i think a few family members said that i was a bit more aggressive than normal and i couldn’t get excited or happy about

Anything but at the same time it didn’t really get sad about anything they didn’t really feel anything at all i’ve experienced this effect with antidepressants when i was younger when i was younger i went through a period of depression and i had the same side effect i can’t just turned into a zombie i felt like part of me was gone i wasn’t really me anymore but

What i do like about cetera is that it’s not a stimulant right so it’s very unique it’s very one-of-a-kind and in hindsight i actually prefer strattera instead of the highs and lows and the crashes that can come with stimulants as well as the insomnia some people have reported that it can make them sleepy i did notice this you can i get a bit drowsy especially

When you first start on it and i think if you’re hyperactive it’s probably gonna make you even more like that because you’re naturally gonna be more alert and erratic so it’s gonna calm you down and you probably will notice that i just remember because i experienced these negative effects doesn’t mean you necessarily will just remember that i have inattentive adhd

So perhaps this medication is better calming down those types who are hyperactive and because of its ability to balance emotions i believe it could actually help if you have a comorbid disorder like bite so there was definitely some benefit to this which is why i vote for it and i do recommend the medication so go ahead and go to your doctor inquire about it and

Give it a trial run see how it works for you it could be a game-changer so just looking up some of the potential side effects of strattera it could be anything from nausea dry mouth headache reduced appetite insomnia increased blood pressure and increased heart rate but don’t let that put you off there’s always some side effects with any medication you go on so

You might not experience any of it you might experience one or two but and again you might not experience the emotional blunting that i experienced so i’ll be interested to know how any of you guys tried strattera if so put it in the comments below and let me know what your experience was like maybe you didn’t experience that the side effects that i have listed

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💊 My Strattera (Atomoxetine) Experience 🤔 By Stuart Anderson