January 26, 2023

Please reach out if you are struggling with addiction and need help!

Hey guys i’m christine moore thank you so much for checking out this video i am a certified peer recovery coach and what that means is that i used to be addicted to prescription painkillers for over 15 years and now by the grace of god i’ve been in recovery for almost six years so i help other people who struggle with all kinds of addictions and help them get

Onto the road to recovery today in this video i want to talk about one of the drugs that i was addicted to called tramadol tramadol is a narcotic like painkiller a centrally acting synthetic opioid analgesic so it’s no surprise that tram at all which is also known as ultram ultram er ultra set was also found to be linked with drug abuse addiction and overdose

To address these concerns the dea placed all forms of tramadol into schedule four of the controlled substance act meaning it does have the potential for abuse previously tramadol was thought to be of lower risk for abuse and was a controlled substance in only a few states so what does this mean for patients now tramadol prescriptions may only be refilled up to

Five times in a six month period after the date the prescription was first written after five refills or six months whichever occurs first a new prescription is required from your health care provider now let me talk about my personal experience with tramadol and again i’m not a medical doctor i’m not a nurse i’ve never gone to medical school or anything like

That i am just sharing my personal experience with you now how i started taking tramadol i wasn’t even prescribed tram at all my husband suffered an elbow injury at work one day lifting heavy furniture so he went to his doctor and they prescribed him a mild painkiller one day i was in the bathroom getting for work and i saw the bottle pills sitting on the counter

And it was simply curiosity that came over me i tried one and i loved the way it made me feel it gave me a sense of euphoria made me happy gave me tons of energy the best way i can describe it is like i had a large cup of coffee and a big glass of wine so it took the edge off and it made me happy now i took the tram at all just every now and then usually when

I when i when i would go out to dinner with my husband on the weekends but then within a couple of years i found myself just in a season of kind of being in a funk i was going through a slight depression i wasn’t happy with my job so at this point i decided i was going to start taking tram at all every day now back then they didn’t have the tracking system in

Place that they do have now so it was much easier to doctor shopping so going to different doctors telling them the same story of some made-up injury i had to get my tram at all and then once that became more difficult after the tracking system was put in place i started buying them through online pharmacies which is extremely dangerous because you don’t know

Where you’re getting them from you don’t know who’s making them for you i mean you could seriously someone could be making them in their garage or their kitchen sink putting god knows what in these pills they’re not fda approved you don’t know what they’re laced with mixed with you don’t know the proper dosage so it is very dangerous but unfortunately that is how

I was able to get my pills because it’s extremely easy to get these types of pills through overseas online pharmacies my mission one day is to hopefully shut them all down but they are still in business and i still get calls from them to this day now with that said i do want to talk about just a little bit of tramadol just to educate you just in case you don’t

Know what this drug is now i will preface this by saying a lot of people can take tramadol responsibly they can take it as prescribed by their doctor and typically tramadol is used for short-term use so if you have a surgery or an injury and it’s meant to be used short term now tramanol side effects for many people tramadol is well tolerated when used for pain

But trampinol can cause also common and bothersome side effects especially with the higher doses itching headaches diarrhea constipation nausea dizziness drowsiness for me the the worst part was the constipation and how backed up i was all the time and it became a chronic problem for me i mean i literally would go multiple days and even weeks at a time without

Having a bowel movement and it was just absolutely painful um some some serious side effects can be seizures serotonin syndrome slowed breathing life threatening allergic skin reactions uh for me i did experience a seizure when i was using high doses of tramadol and uh landed in the hospital because i stopped breathing for several minutes now um the if you find

Yourself getting addicted or you find yourself dependent on tram at all the quitting quitting tram at all for me was one of the worst experiences of my life i experienced every single side effect there is nausea diarrhea anxiety sweating tremors restless leg syndrome just i just remember the anxiety was just so horrific i could not handle it now if you find

That you do have an issue with tramadol then you definitely need to talk to your doctor if they’re prescribing it to you and you feel like you are getting dependent or addicted communication with your doctor is key because you don’t want to quit tramadol cold turkey in my opinion okay that can be very dangerous um i quit tramadol in several different ways multiple

Times some through treatment centers some at detox centers what worked for me the best ultimately was a very slow taper and when i say slow taper i mean over several months and that was just the first step getting off the pills is just the first step the most important thing for me was incorporating a strong recovery program so getting to the root issue of why

I was using these pills to escape my reality i had to really dig deep and find out the core root issue of what i was using so definitely talking to your doctor figuring out the safest way to get off the traminal incorporating a strong recovery program whether that’s through a 12-step program a sponsor a recovery coach a counselor whatever it is you definitely

Want to have a strong support system because you can experience what is called pause post shoot withdrawal syndrome for several weeks and some people have it months or even years so make sure that communication with your medical doctor a professional and get off of the drugs safely incorporate a strong recovery program if you have any questions and need support

I am here for you and i know what it’s like i’ve been there i struggled for the longest time i never thought i would be able to get off of these drugs but today i can say that i am going on six years clean and in recovery going strong so i’d love to help you message me check out my website christinehmore.com and you can message me there and i hope to help you

In the near future let me know if you have any questions

Transcribed from video
My tramadol experience By Christine H. Moore