January 26, 2023

Hello Everyone, This Is An Introduction Post About Myself And My Body Changes, Inflammation, Stretch Marks I NEVER HAD Not Even When I Was Pregnant. ! Everyone Seen My Gain Weight And Just Assumed I Got “FAT and Let MYSELF GO” After The Birth Of My Son Which Is NOT AT ALL Why I Gained All The Wright I Did. I Was SWOLLEN From The Steriods, Suffering With Lung Issues, Post Pardum DEPRESSION, Regular DEPRESSION, Grief, Anxiety, And Much More Issues All At Once Was The ONE Of The HARDEST Things I’ve Been Through In Life ! I Want To Raise #Awarness #sarcoidosiswarrior I Want People To Know They’re Not ALONE, FOR MOMS TO KNOW YOURE NOT ALONE WITH THE DEPRESSION🙌❤ Fight ! Push Through! There Is Light At The End Of That Depression ! ✨️ I’m Still Working Everyday To Keep Myself Going, Keep Myself Healthy, My Mentality Straight And Pushing To Live Life To The Fullest FOR MY SON, MYSELF AND MY FAMILY 👨‍👩‍👦🤍 PLEASE DONT FEEL ALONE ! #postpardumdepression #fightthroughthepain #sarcoidosisfighter #sarcoidosis #health #prednisonesideeffects #lifeawareness #postpardumbody #steriodinflammation #bodychangesafterkids #bodychangesafterprednisone #viral #tiktok

Hi guys i just wanted to get on here and introduce myself and let you guys know my main points of why i started tick tock and why i started my youtube channel and finally decided to open up my instagram page that i’ve always kept so private because i’m such a private person i don’t like people in my business i you know people just assume stuff when they see on

The internet it’s happened multiple times so i was just never the type of person to just put it out there but i’ve had a lot of motivation this past two years um from the birth of my son to after having my son finding out that i was diagnosed with something called sarcoid sarcoid voices of the lungs still hard to pronounce it um just to get into a little detail

About what sarcoid is it’s basically inflammation of your lymph nodes in your lungs um which can cause blockage in your airway and i also have a partially blocked lung on this side which is my right side and on the bottom of my left side if i’m not mistaken i don’t know long story short is that i’m doing everything i can to keep my lungs good um i used to be a

Big smoker had nothing to do with why i caught what i caught from my lungs i’ve also very asthmatic when i was a kid which is one part of getting sarcoid but smoking obviously didn’t help as a teenager and i stopped smoking um started to care for myself i recently been starting to work out trying to get my life back together trying to get my health back together

Myself back together to bring myself back to be me um i’ll get more into detail about the star chord how i found out about having it um the depression of it the postpartum that came with it on top of the depression i already had prior to being pregnant so i suffered with postpartum depression regular depression gaining weight from the steroids which is another

Type of depression um prednisone is a very strong steroid and it causes all kinds of inflammation makes you psychologically i felt crazy but it did help with the inflammation of my lymph nodes which is why i was taking it people always assumed i just gained all this weight after having my son not my son’s fault at all with all the prednisone that i was taking

I was on the highest dosage of the prednisone which is why i gained all this weight i’ll be able to answer questions when i get more into debt i just wanted to introduce it and yeah my next video will be from after my son when i was my heaviest and back down to when i started to bring myself back down to what i am now at regular pre-baby weights two days after

Having my son i was told that i could possibly have lung cancer or something called sarcoid of the lungs a month later i found out that it was sacred of the lungs thankfully um every day is the struggle but every day is a fight for me to get better in january i started to take steroids and immediately gained over 60 pounds i was up to 208 pounds until i decided in

September of 2021 to stop taking the steroids which was prednisone prednisone is a steroid that supposed to decrease inflammation which it did inside my lungs but increased everything else outside gave me stretch marks where i never had them but here i am i am 70 pounds lighter and i’m doing better every day i lose weight i fight for myself work out and work on me thanks guys

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My Transformation, Before Prednisone & After Coming Off Of It And My Health ! By FamiliaPonce