March 24, 2023

One of my symptoms is loss of vision . help !!!!!!is my vision is going to stay like that or just until my body get adjust to the medications?

Hello everyone happy super bowl sunday hope everybody have fun remember to drink and enjoy responsible don’t be going out there and doing dummy stuff i hope that your team wins and mine did not made it to the super bowl which is ok it’s fine i will still enjoy the game and enjoy the food that we’re gonna prepare here on my home you pee it’s only gonna be my husband

And i but it’s ok guy it’s been a very difficult week but everything that had happened we had lost one of the legends of the basketball mr. kobe bryant we’re going to miss him very tremendously and i stress my condolences to miss vanessa bryan and all all the family they were lost on that tragic day on that tragic accident surely this has marked everybody’s life

And i just want to send a message and let you know that with this we learn that and we all should notice that that does then come and let you know when the suck is going to happen right so we need to be prepared and we need to live our life or try at least to live it right and if you haven’t contact your families or your friends and tell them that you love them

This is the moment to do so the way into something bad happened and then you’re gonna regret it – say what – you’re gonna be thinking man i wish i could just have told them how much i love them i wish i could just tell them why i’m so sorry for whatever x y & z that i did or they did or whatever this is the moment to do so and remember that love is will wins at

The end god sent here with love and will love he died for us and that’s what i’m gonna set this so when i saw the whole war is with you but remember that god gave us the strength to continue on with this and he will give you the strength so the whole world is with you and we sending our love to you right well and it also been a week when we using the keppra let me

Tell you guys how it’s been a very rollercoaster week the first day second day third day it hit me hit me hard hit me really hard the symptoms are getting worse one of the system that i notice the most is the loss of appetite and i am the same way so i think i’m getting messages already and confusion is mike a cloud that comes lost on my vision i could be seeing

Clear and i don’t know you guys get this so if you do please let me know on the bottom of this video it’s like i start seeing clear and then it get blurry and i get clear again so i’m gonna be cleaning my eye doctor because supposedly i’m in this special contact lenses and with these contact lenses i will see in 2020 and now i don’t even know now only been with

This contacts like for three months now so it’s ashamed and now i don’t know it it was part of the side effect and in my vision is gonna get better after this so please let me know if you guys have experiences and your vision got better or did not just please let me know cuz i’m very concerned about this i also experienced cuff so i’ve been coughing a lot um i’m

Drinking a lot of water and get a lot of dry cough so it drives my throw i haven’t hallucinate so that’s good because i don’t want to see things around me so dizziness now she and i said that’s an appetite yeah so i get that along so i don’t know i just i came away i know that my body has to get adjust to this medication i don’t know how long would that take zoe

You guys have been on this medication on khepera just let me know i also take another medication i’m gonna go i’m sorry should have been ready but i’m gonna go in my living room and i’m gonna get the medication there the other one that i’m drinking now i’m gonna let you know cuz maybe you guys i’m gonna turn around and you wanna stay a little bit on my background

You guys that i know you are on this medication as well guys i don’t know how to say t opi ra ma te topiramate i’m gonna put it i’m gonna type it on the bottom of this video it also kind of like helps you over there epilepsy but it also helps with the headaches so i’m going to type down the um i think it’s tough and right top here um mary i don’t know i feel dumb

Because i don’t know how to say it but it also helped with the epilepsy and it helped with headaches which i also have and also good in gala deep in yeah so i take this one daily and the keppra at night i’ll see the doctor back in march and then she would either watch she’s going to increase the dose but just let me know how’d you guys did with this an incubation

It’s getting worse so it’s gonna stay like that because i am very worried now or what’s going to happen so yeah so i’ll let you guys know next we how i’m doing and if i see any other changes okay well i hope new we your team wins and enjoyed your day pleased that you’re drinking just drink responsibly don’t drive be safe love each other respect each other god

Bless you and yeah remember today is it’s what we got tomorrow it’s not a promise goodbye god bless

Transcribed from video
My Week on Keppra and Topiramate By Rosa Sapikowski