March 28, 2023

This is a rough explanation to my weight loss. From obesity wreaking havoc at a young age, to becoming more empowered and aware. Join me while I discuss my weight fluctuations throughout the years!

Hi youtube and welcome to my channel slightly carnivoresh this is danielle today i want to discuss with you my weight loss journey um from where i was um pretty much growing up my whole life um to where i am now and the journey that i’m headed in um because i haven’t reached my destination yet please believe that so growing up we a lot of high carb high sugary

Foods so i was always a little a little chubby girl and it didn’t really start to take effect until i hit 13 14. um when i started you know getting hormones and going through all that um it would be at 13 that i reached 200 pounds and then from there i kind of just didn’t pay much attention to my weight um and then when i was 18 years old um i went to the doctors

And it was the last time i could see my childhood doctor so and she had weighed me and at that point at 18 i was right around 260 270 um however all my other vitals were really good so you know we went with the i’m a healthy fat person and i had accepted that and i just moved forward with it so from there i kind of went throughout my 20s um at 24 i was put on

Metformin um it’s i attached a link just so you can kind of get an idea i’m sure a lot of people have heard of it it was for um at the time i was taking it to get my hormones and balance or my menstruation i was a 24 year old woman and was still not getting my period as regularly as it should be and they were trying to figure out why um the metformin made me

Really sick so i couldn’t eat and from there um my weight would fluctuate this picture here is me at my biggest weight and from there i don’t know the number that was on the scale i do know i had purchased a scale and um 350 was the max and i stepped on it and it told me there was an error so at that point i i can’t tell you from where i went um but i know

That it started to change from there um when i was 27 i met my husband and then my weight would fluctuate up and down from there um about a year into our relationship i had dropped my weight i was 270 when we first met which would be about 2015 and by that december i had dropped about 70 pounds just from not eating out of emotion or habit or because i felt it

Had to be um i would find out roughly around that time that i was pregnant and my weight would fluctuate again i gave birth to my son in june 2016 and from there my weight had skyrocketed back up to about 270. um i wouldn’t work out or change my diet or anything and it would fluctuate up and down until march of 2017 when we would find out that i was pregnant

With our daughter um and at that point in time i had hit 220 pounds so i dropped a little bit um but was pregnant so you know how that goes excuse to gain weight and our daughter was born in september of 2017. um and from there i had gotten back up to about 250 pounds um fast forward a couple months and we hit thanksgiving uh 2017 and on that day um i started

Having extreme abdominal pain and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong so my husband called 9-1-1 and i went to the hospital and long story short my gallbladder had to come out this please if you can avoid the surgery do so it is an essential organ even though they tell you it’s not keep everything you have i’ve said it before um and so i went and had that done

And during the procedure as stuff happens sometimes my pancreas was damaged and it caused pancreatitis so from a two-day stay it ended up being almost a whole 30 days that i was in the hospital not able to consume anything it was a real small soup italian ice liquid diet type of thing i would go home and from there i i just i wouldn’t pay much attention um i i

Would lose a little bit more weight from getting sick but it wasn’t anything much i would deal with that for about two years where my weight would at one point get down to about 170 and i called that my sick weight loss it wasn’t healthy and i kind of dr md’d myself for a while instead of going back to the doctors because they had i felt undiagnosed and it wasn’t

A safe feeling between trying to take creatine pig pancreas because they were unsure if it was ibs or crohn’s or um just my pancreas reacting if there were potential other gallstones and i i didn’t want to go through any more surgery so i kind of self-diagnosed for a while still dealing with the pain and when my husband and i decided in may that keto was the best

Option um 200 pounds was my starting weight and that’s where i was and it’s it’s slowly coming down um as of the beginning of october will be 60 days into carnivore congratulations to us and it’s a proud moment um to know that i’m finally in control of my life and how i feel and what i’m consuming and that it’s not i’m not eating out of emotion and my weight

Where it is is only going to get better i’m going to get healthier i still look at the number on the scale i do and um it fluctuates as it does right now we’re sitting right around 172 which is down some it’s still not where we want to be and then my husband came up with a workout routine for me um this is week two so i’m still in the very beginning here but um

It’s simple calisthenics to be able to support my own body weight and to use myself as a support mechanism so that i can learn to count on myself and i feel like it’s a great idea mentally and physically so we’ll see where the progress goes on that it is an exciting thing so day by day as we all know like i said i’m still on this journey and it’s not the final

Destination um so comment like and subscribe and let me know if you’re on a journey um or what your journey is is it part of the carnivore diet or is it just weight loss either way they’re both very empowering mentally and physically and i take a lot of pride in who i am now compared to who i used to be and that don’t have a great day everyone

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My Weight loss Story. By Slightly Carnivorish