January 26, 2023


This is a top with chris for christ anyway um six weeks unbelievable for me i smoked for 25 years three packs a day and now i am six weeks smoke-free use the twenty one milligram catch all the way up to about two days ago and i just dropped down to the 40 milligram and it’s a little bit edgy i could tell the drop down but nothing spectacular now you’re nothing like

At the beginning at the beginning it was really kind of hard and habitual reaching and everything even with the patch so i i tried to go to 14 milligram after i think four or five weeks but i woke up and i was craving a cigarette in the morning and i said no way so i swapped on a twenty one milligram but anyway i want to give my my experience my reviews on that

Medication side then or known as what wellbutrin um i have to give that about a four star rating now the tricky thing about it is is i bands the opposite of can tights so as ibm actually stimulates some of the receptors that they think nicotine responds to so when i try to take it smoking you know it just makes you way too shaky into them like they’re going out but

In control so i waited till i stopped smoking then i started taking it and then after i quit smoking but i still were twenty one milligram catch along with taking just one of his ipad now let’s see take 200 150 milligrams twice a day i only took 150 milligram once a day and that was enough for me and you i could tell as my body got used to it toward the forward and

Pit in six weeks yum hey when i dropped down the 14 milligram now i could take the two and it’s very beneficial because now i have less nicotine so my brains get less satisfied so now that i’m in the well bouton’s really getting the most benefit right now i would say as my body suggests need to less and less nicotine i guess you’d say so overall i mean it is a it

Is a class as a antidepressant medicine so you know and they got to put the warnings of suicide warning is just like keys i don’t know pristiq and pixlr and all of the other things but in this in itself it’s usually prescribed for three to four months and my i would have to say if you can make it without the i mean you’re gonna get that jitters most people do the

First week and if after that if you’re on the patch especially if you’re not on the passed-out highly recommended that what it’s like it’s the less nicotine you have in your body on the less shakiness you have with the diagram no illusion that’s exactly a perfect um you know it’s like when i get the seven milligrams yum because right now i just started taking –

And i’m not real shaky or hyper up hyper so anyway that’s the perfect way of explaining it because you know when you have nicotine it’s a stimulant so bless you take the better the wellbutrin as i that works i think it’s a three-month subscription i don’t know how long you’re supposed to take it but we’ll see anyway uh i just wanted to let you guys know made it

Out a month and a half made up to six weeks and i plan on carrying that nicotine patch all the way through to q3 more weeks from the 14 milligram that i just stepped down to and then i guess i go to seven and it’ll be around two months but anyway i wanted to give you a quick update and especially my personal review on side in wellbutrin to help those of you that

Have quit or wanting to quit or right beside me my i know a couple of you are or if it could be benefit beneficial to you and if you i think day one again also has my reviewed context and why i can take it oh what one quick thing i did want to share one thing i noticed that by using the patch and being six weeks out that you know how after you eat or you wake up

In the morning that’s kind of like the favorite time the house cigarette well during this duration of six weeks yeah i haven’t you know i haven’t thought of missing anything while being on this on the patch in other words like after i eat i don’t think of having a cigarette you know so you know what i’m trying to say is from the very beginning and the first week

Yeah you go through all that but through third before fifth sixth week you stop thinking about that i mean it like i get in the truck and i don’t think about reaching for a cigarette or a you know after i eat a meal i don’t think about lighting up when i get up in the morning i don’t think about go outside now cigarette so all of it goes away i mean it’s only six

Weeks and it all goes away you know the only reason i was reminded of this is just talking out to someone but who smoked obama yesterday and i realized that i don’t even think about after-meal cigarettes so just i’m so great boy i i hung in there and that persuades the first three to four days even with the patch and i just want to show that one quick point with

You that it all that goes away all that really does go away and it diminishes them but every given day anyway i just want to share that real quick with you um before the end video because there is a light at the end of the tunnel and i am so grateful it’s so grateful and i praise god that i laid those cigarettes down anyway may god bless you you guys have a wonderful day you

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