June 4, 2023

Mysterious Phone Call about Prednisone

So last week i received this mysterious phone call about prednisone it was from an older gentleman and he told me that he really liked my website and i was like really what do you like about it and he said he like how light and uplifting and actually entertaining and almost kind of humorous he thought it was which we all need while in front of zone right we

Need a little humor to balance out the craziness that is prednisone how awful the side effects are if you don’t know who i am i’m dr megan the prednisoned pharmacist and i took prednisone for nine months it inspired me to create pridnozonepharmacist.com which is what he was referring to so i gave some really great tips about prednisone causing hair loss and as i

Talked to him i discovered that he had a lot of great tips for me because he wasn’t just anyone this mysterious caller who loved my website so much was actually an md a medical doctor who is kind of one of the experts in the supplement industry i had no idea um and so i talked to him i helped him solve a family member’s issue with hair loss and he gave me some

Other great tips when we were brainstorming together for a half an hour about how to help people on prednisone with hair loss issues we talked about which labs to check like for example prednisone can mess with your thyroid did you know that and so thyroid has a lot to do with hair so the combination of thyroid and prednisone could be causing hair loss problems

Or anemia can have hair loss problems all of these different things we brainstormed and so based on that i updated my blog post about prednisone causing hair loss and it’s way more comprehensive than it was before and then at the end he said this has been super helpful i just want to tell you how much i’m going to endorse you and i thought really endorse me

That’s so cool a medical doctor saying he thinks that what i’m saying is helpful and that i’m qualified and he said not only that but i’m going to mail you my book and i said what that is so cool and so here i’m going to open i got my this amazon box he shipped to me and in here here it is dr edward tobbs seven steps to self-healing this guy i was talking to

Him on the phone he called me i couldn’t believe it it was so cool and he you can see he has been one of the very foremost doctors who has been in the supplement world he understands it better than almost any other doctor he’s been doing it for 40 years he used to be on qvc and he would sell his formulations on there and he said that my formulation was really

Good my formulation i created for people on prednisone is neutronized zone it gives back all the nutrients that prentisome steals and he said wow when i check out that new that supplement facts it has everything you need and so he said i’m going to give you this book i’m going to give you this endorsement you are the real deal dr megan and here you go so dr

Edward taub says neutronized zone is a great option for people on prednisone i also say it is but i’m a little biased right and he has some really cool books you should check them out dr edward taub they’re all on amazon i think there’s like seven or eight of them i don’t even know but like he started integrative medicine in the 80s before anybody was doing it

If you’ve ever heard of it it’s basically we’re not just focused on western medicine with that there’s a pill for every ill that’s that we can find the source code and and figure out which diagnosis you have and then give you a pill he’s more about excuse me your whole health and giving back all the nutrients you need and that’s basically where this came from

Is that idea that prednisone is depleting nutrients and so we need to give them back and so you can find that at nutrinize.com i am dr megan your prednisone pharmacist and i encourage you to find a functional or integrative medicine doctor and go to nutrients.com so that you can feel better today while you’re on prednisone you

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