June 4, 2023

In this video, we show you the exact instructions on how to make your own natural aspirin, which you can drink and also water your garden with! The process from recognizing a white willow in the forest to draining the liquid from it.

This is a multi language video. turn on the subtitles ! although today, chemistry is quite developed and capable of making substances which was discovered by our ancestors while researching flora and the most researched modern drugs with almost 1000 salicylic acid is the one that relieves us of pain. the richest source of salicylic acid is white willow or salix alba.

Since i already live in an area of untouched nature. to the production of natural aspirin, which has been made in this way for millennia from sumeria, egypt, through the old slavs, asia and europe . from the written traces we have the statement of hippocrates the greatest greek philosopher and creator of medicine wrote “white willow relieves pain in curing fever”.

What is specific is the bark on which you look for tiny circles of cracks it should be seen that the uncracked parts of the bark are whiter they must look like the leaves of the white willow . although it will definitely be smaller because it is dry. white willows has specifically parallel buds to the branch. this is a medium old white willow near my property. choose a

Smaller branch because its bark peels more easily. when you break them off, take a knife and peel the bark. as soon as the first bubbles of boiling water appear, cooking is over. you will see that in the tea, bark leaves a lot of small wooden pieces . run them through a strainer and then through gauze to be sure. and it seems to me that it could also serve as a color

In a concentrated form . there are certain groups of people who should avoid using it these are people who suffer from hemophilia, bleeding. famous dr. lawrence of california prescribed his patients one aspirin a day for a healthy heart and prevention of heart attack. it has been noticed that aspirin also acts in the prevention of cancer, and is thought to be because

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Transcribed from video
NATURAL ASPIRIN for HUGE Tomatoes, Peppers and Potatoes ! By Hrana za Telo