November 29, 2022

Clinical Cousins cover Atenolol (Tenormin) in their effective and concise “Minute to Master” series.

Hello everyone and welcome back to clinical cousins youtube channel where today we’re going to go over the drug atenolol also known as tenormin this drug is classified as a cardioselective beta one blocker and is given for hypertension chest pains and after myocardial infarctions now we should know that it cannot be given if your patient has a severe av block

Hypotension severe bradycardia or pulmonary edema in pregnant women this drug has a category of d for discontinue if possible now what we need to know is that this drug binds to and inhibits our beta 1 receptors in our heart remember our scissor acronym beta 1 agonists speed up therefore beta 1 antagonists will inhibit the speeding up of our heart rate normally

The activation of beta 1 receptors is involved in three mechanisms it will speed up our heart rate it will increase our conduction through the av node and it will increase our contractility therefore when we block our beta 1 receptors with a drug like to norman we will slow down our heart rate we will slow down our av conduction and we will reduce our contractility

Therefore you should be aware that this drug should not be stopped abruptly because this can cause a rebound tachycardia remember that we are blocking an increase in heart rate so if we all of a sudden take away this drug our heart rate can increase and this can put our patients at risk for an mi or myocardial infarction this drug will have anti-hypertensive

Effects within three hours and has a duration of 24 hours the side effects of this drug may include tiredness orthostatic hypotension bradycardia and cold extremities some commonly tested material about this drug is that atenolol is a cardioselective beta-1 blocker that is used for hypertension you should monitor your patient’s pulse to make sure that it is at

Least above 60 beats per minutes before administration also do not take this as a hard and fast rule because it all depends on your hospital or provider policy this drug will decrease our heart rate and blood pressure and lastly be sure to monitor your patients for severe bradycardia and orthostatic hypotension as always thank you for taking the time to learn

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Transcribed from video
NCLEX Prep (Pharmacology): Atenolol (Tenormin) By Clinical Cousins