March 28, 2023

So good day everyone this is fair dlawan rpsn4 and in this video i’m going to discuss my choosing emergency emergency drugs which is fluorosimide so what is porosimide porosimide is a loop there i think sometimes it is also called a water peel or fluid peel it helps to get excess fluid out the body and it acts in the kidney at a place called the low heavy

This medications prevents the kidney from reabsorbing sodium potassium and chloride because the kidney country absorbs those fluids the body must flush them out with water or with fluid which is how we get the excess fluid flushed out from our body the extra salt also takes that fluid with them porosimides sold under the brand name lasik in the u.s and also we

Do have here in the philippines and it is used to treat edema of fluid retention and sometimes high blood pressure so what are the common dosage of porosity first it is generally taken early in the morning as you have to use comfort room of course that the excess fluid has to be excreted from the body to treat the edema the dosage anywhere from 20 to 80

Milligrams sometimes they will start on the low dose for example 10 and the maximum dose is 600 milligrams 600 milligrams those is rarely to happen when it comes to treating high blood pressure it is going to be taken twice a day and the deuces vary from 20 to 80 milligrams and it can be 10 milligrams twice a day or up to 40 milligrams twice a day it also it

Always up to your doctor so let’s talk about the contraindication the the contraindication to this medication or the furosemide is used to include a client with documented allergy to the ferocious mind and clients who have an anuria and then it also the caution is necessary when that when administering theoretics to patients who is 65 years old and older this

Is to avoid the potential adverse effects inducing hyponatremia by causing or surbating exaggerating of the inappropriate anti-diuretic hormone secretion therefore it is important the close monitor of the serum sodium is advisable at initiation or during the dose adjustment in the older adults and some of uh other side effects also associated with fluorosimide

Because of the excretion of the sodium and potassium it can affect the kidney that can concentrate uric or the acid that causes gout in our bodies it can increase the chance of developing a gout especially if you have run to it so you have to remember to tell to tell about this to your doctor and then caution also is necessary to patient with underlying liver

Disease especially those decompensated liver disease as rapid electrolytes balance imbalances secondary to porosity use can participate can precipitate the hepatic encephalopathy and hepatic coma and also for the patients with advanced renal disease with fluid overload should be closely monitored for oliguria acetamia and volume status in patient with primary

Adrenal insufficiency with hypertension theoretics are practiced should avoid to treat hypertension and then for the side effects as i said earlier fluorosimide it can increase it can increase a chance of developing gout especially if you have history about it this medical this medication also can cause headache and sometimes it can affect blood sugar and blood

Sugar medications it could cause your blood sugar 10 to higher it can also cause a low calcium low potassium low magnesium and those are things your body or your doctor will probably monitor for in the labs and we have to replace of those especially potassium often has to do to replace or your doctor may encourage you to eat diet high in potassium because it

Can cause muscle spasm another side and other side effects can do more are rare or serious sometimes it can affect the hearing it can be toxic also to the kidneys sometimes occasionally it can clog it can cause blood blood disorder you can also you might experiencing ranging in the ears or ana anaphylaxis or just like the really serious allergy allergic reaction

To it and rush and then for the nursing responsibilities the nurse should advise the client that the best way to take this medication or this medicine is with empty stomach but take it with food if upset of upset stomach or inform that your doctor also might advise you to eat more potassium or potassium diet and then avoid alcohol because because alcohol has

Diuretic effect it could cause serious drop of blood blood pressure with will make you paint or dizzy avoid also the insides like ibuprofen and naproxen this may be this medicine can counteract the effect of porosity it could float it could it could make the fluid to not release from the body and that could increase blood pressure and and also can increase risk

Of heart attack or stroke and if need something for pain ask the doctor and it is also important to monitor weight because some people their do their doses is adjusted by their according by their weight make sure also to put sunscreen whenever you’re going out because this medication can make your skin sensitive to sunlight watch out also for dizziness and low

Blood pressure especially if you are dehydrated this medicine get more fluid off in your body remember remember to let the doctor know if the medicine affecting blood sugar or the dog so the doctor can determine whether the dose is need to be adjusted or changed and that would be all thank you for watching

Transcribed from video