March 28, 2023

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has arrested a suspected drug baron, Afam Emmanuel Ukatu, said to be behind the N3 billion Tramadol deal involving the embattled suspended Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari, and his Intelligence Response Team. The NDLEA spokesperson, Femi Babafemi, disclosed this in a statement on Monday, titled, ‘NDLEA arrests drug baron behind N3billion Tramadol linked to Abba Kyari’s team’. Aside from the N3 billion tramadol deal, the suspect, Akatu, is said to be operating 103 bank accounts, most of which are used to launder money. NDLEA said the suspect owns pharmaceutical and plastic manufacturing companies, which he used as a cover to import illicit drugs into Nigeria. This is in addition to operating 103 bank accounts, most of which are used to launder money. The suspect was arrested on Wednesday, April 13th on board a flight to Abuja at the MM2 terminal of the Lagos airport, Ikeja.

The national drug law enforcement agency has arrested a suspected drug baron afarm emmanuel ukatsu said to be behind the three billionaire tram adult deal involving the embattled suspended deputy commissioner of police abakari and his intelligence response team hi welcome to what’s happening these are the top 10 stories now at number 10 an improvised device

Exploded at a pierre palo in joshua by the local government area of yuba state on sunday night killing one and injuring seven others the explosion occurred around 7 20 pm at abasha gidan a maria drinking joint throwing residents of the area into pandemonium this is coming barely five days after boko haram killed 10 persons in ibiapalo in gayda the seven injured

People in the recent explosion are currently receiving treatment at the specialist hospital joshua the spokesman of sector 2 operation hadinkai nigerian army kennedy ayang confirmed the incident but said contrary to what some residents think the explosion was caused by a cooking gas cylinder ayan said our men on the ground have told us that the preliminary

Investigation shows it’s a cooking gas that caused the explosion due to the current heat being experienced in the state the possibility of a gas explosion is high especially if it’s not well attended to it’s not a boko haram attack at number nine french president emmanuel macron has emerged winner of the presidential election defeating his far-right rival

Marine le pen on sunday by a comfortable margin and securing a second term the results were displayed on a giant screen at the champ de mars park at the foot of the eiffel tower where macron supporters waved french and european union flags le pen admitted defeat but vowed to keep up the fight with the june parliamentary elections in mind at number eight the

Traditional worshippers association of nigeria or your state branch has expressed displeasure over the open display of the cops of the late allah finn of oyo lamidi adeyemi iii the group said seeing the remains of their laughing all over the internet was disappointing in a statement signed and released on sunday the group said it is saddening and we want this

To be on record that we as a body are protesting this act we do not want our children and grandchildren to question us in the future that we did not act or talk alafina dami joined his ancestors on april 22nd at the age of 83. at number seven the national bureau of statistics has said average airfare increased by 4.43 from 44 825 naira in february 2022 to

46 810 naira in march 2022 this was contained in the bureau’s transport fair watch in march 202 documents released on monday nbs said the average fare paid by air passengers for specific routes single journey increased by four point four three percent on a month and month from forty four thousand eight hundred and twenty five naira in february twenty twenty

Two to forty six thousand eight hundred and ten naira in march 2022 on a year on year the fair rose by 28.26 in march 2022. the report also covered the following categories bus journey within the city per drop constant route bus journey intercity state route charge per person airfare charge for specified routes single journey journey by motorcycle pay drop

And waterway passenger transport at number six russia has warned the us against sending more arms to ukraine russian ambassador to washington who spoke in an interview on monday warned that large western deliveries of weapons were inflaming the conflict and would lead to more losses russia’s invasion of ukraine since february 24th has killed thousands of people

Displaced millions more and raised fears of a wider confrontation between russia and the us the u.s and european allies have supplied weapons such as drones heavy artillery anti-craft stinger and anti-tank javelin missiles to key anatoly antonov russia’s ambassador to the us said such arms deliveries were aimed at weakening russia but that they were escalating

The conflict in ukraine while undermining efforts to reach some sort of peace agreement the interview was replayed on russian state television throughout monday at number five an islamic group muslim rights concern has condemned the endorsement of lagos state governor babajide songwolu for his second term describing it as unfair and provocative the director

Of muric professor ishaq aquintola expressed the group’s displeasure over the governor’s second term endorsement in a statement he signed on monday this was in reaction to the reported endorsements of sangolu for his second term in office for the 2023 governorship election by the governor’s advisory council and apex decision organ of the apc in lagos muric

Maintained that the endorsement was in violation of the long-standing unwritten rule on rotational governance between muslims and christians in lagos state akin tala said the christians have had their two terms and it is the turn of muslims to produce a governor by 2023. at number four the presidential aspirant of the african democratic congress dumibi kachiku

Has proposed a patriot act that will ensure that nigerian public servants share in the sufferings of the average nigerian kachiko in an interview on nigeria info fm on monday morning said this act stopped public servants from accessing boreholes security electricity and water if these services are not available to the masses the adc presidential aspirant who is

The chairman of roots television nigeria explained that public servants and masses using the same services will provide a coordinated approach towards ensuring that those services work for everyone kachiko also revealed some of the ways he would resonate nigeria’s economy which would include investing in her citizens at number three tweeter is in serious talks

To sell the company to billionaire and founder of tesla elon musk who made an unsolicited offer to buy the social media platform and privatize it in the early hours of monday an 11 member board held negotiation talks with musk over his unsolicited bid to buy the company after he began lining up 46.5 billion dollars in financing for the offer last week mosque

Had in early april what 9.2 percent of the company at number two the national emergency management agency has disclosed that the death toll in sunday’s illegal refinery explosion in our bezel community ohaji iguama local government area of imo state has risen to 110. the acting head of the emo and abia operations office of nema ifani naji disclosed this on monday

According to naji some dead bodies were recovered on sunday while some died at various hospitals to increase the total casualty figures so far recall that on sunday an illegal refinery in abbasi forest exploded killing no fewer than 100 people finally at number one the national drug law enforcement agency has arrested a suspected drug baron afarm emmanuel ukatsu

Set to be behind the three billionaire tramado deal involving the embattled suspended deputy commissioner of police avakiri and his intelligence response team the ndlea spokesperson femi babafemi disclosed this in a statement on monday titled ndlea arrest drug baron behind three billionaire tramadol linked to our vacaris team aside from the three billionaire

Tramadol deal the suspect ukatu is said to be operating 103 bank accounts most of which are used to launder money and the earlier said the suspect owns pharmaceutical and plastic manufacturing companies which he used as a cover to import illicit drugs into nigeria this is in addition to operating 103 bank accounts most of which are used to launder money the

Suspect was arrested on wednesday april 13th on board a flight to abuja at the mutala muhammed second terminal of the lagos airport ikeja that’s all for today but before i go i would like to remind you that the 2023 general elections is drawing closer do not fail to get your permanent voters card see you next time on what’s happening you

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NDLEA arrests drug baron with 103 bank accounts behind N3Bn Tramadol linked to Abba Kyari By RootsTV Nigeria