June 1, 2023

How to administer nebulized medication in line with CPAP. Albuterol can be given to patients with bronchospasm who are in moderate to severe respiratory distress and require continuous positive pressure. When placing the CPAP on the patient, ensure that the oxygen is attached and flowing. Once the masked is secured to the patient, start at 0 and increase to a max of 10cmH2O in LA County and 15cmH2O in San Bernardino County. You will coach the patient during the process and increase the pressure during the exhalation phase. The nebulized medication should be DDICEd and an allergy check performed as well as attaching to 8LPM of Oxygen for the nebulizer. This procedure can also be performed in patient’s with CHF presenting with Cardiac Wheezes with caution and in some cases requiring Base Station Contact.

I’m gonna demonstrate how to administer albuterol through a nebulizer in line with your cpap so we would typically do this for patients who have bronchospasm but they’re in severe respiratory distress to where they need to be on cpap so first of all i have my bsi on i have my gloves and goggles and our scene is safe so my albuterol has already been diced i already

Put it inside of the container here we’ll set that aside for now i’m gonna set up the cpap so this is called the palma de cpap this one does not need a separate machine to run it just simply hooks up to the oxygen and uses the oxygen pressure to create some cpap effect so first of all we’re going to extend so on the hosing here just so we have some room to work

And make sure you have two oxygen tanks if you don’t have two small tanks you can also use the one inside of the ambulance so first of all make sure you have the correct size mask these do typically come with three sizes so make sure you have the correct fit for your patient next we’re going to hook this up to the first oxygen tank make sure it’s nice and tight

And we’re going to attach this to the patient i’m gonna clip these on and take these straps and tighten them down and i’ll check with your patient make sure that they are able to tolerate this and right now it’s at the lowest setting so we can turn this knob here and as we turn it you can see that it goes down to different levels of pressure so right now it’s at

Five millimeters of water or centimeters of water that we turn around once that’s at seven point five and all the way down is 10 every time you change it make sure you check with your patient to make sure that they’re comfortable and able to tolerate that amount if not you can back it off a little bit so now we’re gonna hook up a heart nebulizer so this was already

Diced it’s ready to go we’re gonna hook up our oxygen tubing and we’re gonna hook this up to the cpap here so open up this valve at the bottom attach that securely and then we’re gonna attach this to the secondary tank and over here we’re gonna turn this up to six to eight liters both tanks are on and now your patient is getting cpap along with the inline albuterol

Treatment i’m just going to show what happens if you forget to assemble your nebulizer completely before you turn on the oxygen so we have this full of albuterol i’m hooking up the oxygen tubing here and if we turn it on

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Nebulized Medication In Line with CPAP- Paramedic By Skills Mt Sac