June 4, 2023

Do you need carbs to boost energy? The answer is no. Here’s why.

Man i just need more carbs to boost my energy really i’ve never heard that before well it’s actually just the opposite i’m gonna explain why so i’m gonna explain this in two different ways the simple version and the technical version for those people that want to know about it when you eat carbs you lose potassium and when you lose potassium you get tired weak

Potentially you can have paralysis if there’s a huge potassium loss leg cramps abnormal heart rhythm even a palpitation could be a one symptom high blood pressure and tremor so that’s a simple version let me explain a little bit more technical there’s something called insulin induced hypokalemia hypokalemia is low potassium when you stimulate insulin because the

Carbs are high you block this enzyme okay this enzyme is a pump and you have millions of them in all of your cells and this pump basically keeps the potassium inside the cell and the sodium outside the cell to form an electrical gradient so it can act as a battery and you need the battery to keep the muscles relaxing and contracting as well as to keep the messages

Flowing as well as to keep the electrical signals through the nervous system activated what’s interesting is 30% of all the energy that you have in your body is allocated to this specific pump so if your inhibit this pump more potassium stays outside the cell and you start losing potassium okay and that condition is called hypokalemia and you’re gonna get these

Symptoms right here so that’s just one reason why you get tired after carbs there’s other reasons as well so a spike in insulin will cause a potassium deficiency and of course not consuming enough potassium foods can also be another reason but there are more reasons right here let’s see the loss of fluid diarrhea or vomiting okay that could be one also if you’re

Diabetic and you’re peeing excessively you can lose fluid with that now if you have steroids or you have a huge spike in stress or an injury or shock to the body you lose potassium and you also during surgery lose potassium and this is why many times they will put potassium in your iv this is interesting alkalosis could be the reason why you’re low on potassium

There’s a huge push to make everyone alkaline right well if you’re too alkaline you’re gonna have alkalosis and you’re gonna be deficient in potassium when you take steroids or you go through a lot of stress that can also create alkalosis and so will a high sugar diet and then you have certain diuretics will also create a potassium deficiency and also if you’re

Low in magnesium you’re not going to be able to have enough potassium in the body too so these are other reasons why you may also be tired due to this low potassium but i wanted to emphasize the importance of potassium with your energy and if you want more data on that check out these videos on this page

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Need More Carbs to Boost Energy? Hypokalemia/Low Potassium Symptoms – Dr.Berg By Dr. Eric Berg DC