March 28, 2023

Neurontin (Gabapentin) Snake Oil Of The 21 Century. This video describes the legal uses and miss uses of Neurontin (gabapentin).Gabapentin be used for neuropathic pain, post herpetic neuralgia, fibromyalgia, alcohol dependence, and partial seizures. This drug has also been used for restless leg, overactive bladder, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, pain syndrome‘s, migraines, overactive bladder, irritable bowel syndrome, posttraumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and premenstrual syndrome. Recreational users have use the drug to get high, decreased social and feel relaxed.Gabapentin does all these things poorly.

Called gabapentin neurontin the snake oil of the 21st century well this medicine has been used for just about everything what’s it indicated for well you could use it for neuropathic pain fibromyalgia which is a diffuse pain throughout the body it’s a complex diagnosis maybe it helps a little with that post herpetic neuralgia that’s where you get shingles and

Your nerve root hurt hurts and you know they call shingles because it’s like a shingle on your roof on your back and it helps a little with that that’s three alcohol dependents man that’s a push i don’t know how they got that indication but i’ve tried it it does not work people drink it it’s almost virtually useless in that effect and then partial seizures

Where it’s an add-on at best to a medicine that really works for seizures it came on the market as an anti-seizure it’s marginal at best at that so maybe it helps with this neuropathic pain problem maybe a little now does it help if you hurt your knee in a soccer game or no it doesn’t help with pain it helps with when you have a the nerves are having issues

With pain it doesn’t help with trauma so it helps with a certain type of pain in a limited number of people in a limited way what good could i say about it well it’s very safe in overdose i mean i’ve had people take 60 000 70 000 milligrams in a day yeah so uh even more to yeah that’s about right i’ve had someone who was on 2 400 milligrams a day do the whole

Bottle of 90 in a day it’s virtually impossible to overdose on this stuff if you mix with alcohol or benzodiazepines like xanax adivan valium klonopin yes you can overdose what were some of the other uses well they said it was for bipolar generalized anxiety disorder post traumatic stress disorder irritable bowel overactive bladder migraines what else they say

Obsessive compulsive disorder the list goes on they were virtually using it for almost every sort of discomfort the body could have and this was werner lambert first came out the drug late 80s early 90s something like that maybe late 90s and then pfizer bought it they marketed marketed this drug for everything and they paid i think like 400 million dollars

In fines so why is it’s used for everything i mentioned it’s legal uses but it’s also i would say people abuse it you got to be pretty hard up to abuse it is it it’s a it gives you maybe a euphoric sense a relaxation sense a disinhibition in social situations okay it doesn’t last you need really high doses so you know i’ve been dealing with addicts what is

It 35 years no one has neuroton as their drug of choice if people have gotten high because this drug has a short half-life five to seven hours meaning it’s in and out of your system quick and also it’s bioavailability at let’s say 600 milligrams a day it’s 80 bio available meaning your body can use 80 of the drug you put in it but at 1200 it’s fifty percent

Bioavailable and over twenty four hundred milligrams it’s thirty percent bioavailable meaning what your body could use that’s not good so that means the higher you go the less drug is effective so at 600 milligrams your dollar is worth 80 cents at 1200 milligrams your dollar is worth 50 cents and a 2 400 milligrams of dollars worth 30 cents not a good buy so

The higher the dose the bioavailability goes down and it’s in and out of your system so quick you go through a lot of drug and you have to what they call stagger the dose take it almost every hour in order to maintain the high oh here’s another zap tolerance develops very quickly so if you get this marijuana type high relaxation maybe a little drowsy euphoric

Maybe it doesn’t last it goes away quickly you’re constantly chasing it because tolerance develops within a day or two so the dose goes down of all the addicts i’ve met yet there are some who’ve played with this and they’ve tried as hard as they can to abuse it some of them have but it’s just not worth it and it’s not that good of a high it’s just not there it’s

Not good people so there’s some people people tell me oh i i know people who put that in cut with fentanyl uh gabapentin i don’t know what they call gabby’s johnnies whatever morontine i’ve heard those names because you really you waste a lot of money on this stuff for virtually a minimal high that doesn’t last they cut it in stuff you shoot up well do you know

That the more neurontin or gabapentin you put in the cut it causes the increased metabolism of opiates like morphine and codeine so the amount of opiate goes down and some people say well doc i got even more drowsy when i mix the neuron yeah the sedative effect is enhanced but you lose qualities of the phorogenic and pain mitigating effects of the opiate not

Good no one really wants to no smart person would do that it makes no sense to anyone i don’t care you like getting high you’re an addict that’s ridiculous to have less of an expensive opiate to get high and use neurontin i let people try and shoot it it just doesn’t do anything it’s safe and the high as i’ve explained is fleeting due to tolerance decreasing by

Avail bioavailability at a higher dose and the huge amounts of drug you need to take every hour and you can’t keep up it’s just it just doesn’t work i’ve never had anyone actively abuse this drug because of those reasons doesn’t make any sense now have i had people who were afraid to come off yet people with hardcore addiction to other drugs get on or on and

Then they kind of like the way they feel and they feel a little edgy or nervous when they come off you need to taper it over two to three weeks the only scripts i write for this drug are people i’m trying to get off it that’s it i can’t stand her on it’s a waste of time anything this dog does i can do much better with something else so please don’t don’t mess with

This stuff it’s a waste your time you mess with it’s a waste of money waste your time it is not a good high it is not a good pain reliever it is not good for seizures it is not good for recreational use it doesn’t work for bipolar anxiety obsessive compulsive disorder post-traumatic stress irritable bowel overactive bladder restless leg that’s what i think of

This stuff it doesn’t work well and everything out there works better so you know maybe oh it helps my pain a little bit neuropathic pain maybe what are the side effects oh get this i was like fine you want to do this marginal drug that was mis-marketed and fraudulently by pfizer and werner lambert to make it sound like it was worth something you know what it

Does well here’s a good one for men you get breasts you can’t have an erection your sexual drive goes down in women and men too but you gain weight you retain fluid your face gets puffy your ankles get puffy you retain fluid all over your body you get dizzy drowsy nauseous just pepsi i mean your stomach hurts your eyes get my stagnant your eyes go back and forth

Like this you get blurred vision you get coordination problems you mix it with alcohol and benzos you really get discoordination problems this i hate this stuff i can’t think of anything good except you can’t overdose with it and it’s a good way for a drug company to make money oh and then they came out with a slow release form of neurontin gabapentin called

Horizont h-o-r-i-z-a-n-t what a waste of money it costs a fortune and all it means is long-acting neuron which has been generic for like 15 20 years don’t buy that i’d keep away from this drug you know how could i be a psychopharmacologist and in terms of pharmacopoeia i never use this drug all i do is get people off it i i think in my entire practice i have one

Person on i’m trying to get him off and he’s multiple addictions and he’s afraid to come off i get some people like that i’ll get him off even the most hardcore addicts they’re like this stuff’s not doing it if you’ve been on it for any length of time it doesn’t do anything and all you’re doing is gaining weight getting drowsy being a little uh discoordinated

Growing breasts and can’t have an erection and you know oh somebody has a drug effect yeah some people say hey doc it helps the pain it helps with uh you know social inhibition i feel more outgoing blah blah blah i could do with other stuff so it’s a big thumbs down on the rotten gabapentin and the slow release form horizont anyway uh i put a lot of work into my

Blog at there’s a video blog there a vlog and then there’s the written blog i do every week i appreciate the likes uh overwhelming uh comments up thank you everyone i really appreciate everything uh i’m about to get monetized by youtube i appreciate it thanks

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