June 1, 2023

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I sometimes wonder how i’m alive today considering how much thailand i have taken as a teenager to numb the pain from riding skateboards and bikes matt from the dangers of sports but from the over-the-counter drug i also remember how much of an arrogant soul i was maybe it was just a lack of morality back then or a legitimate symptom from an over-the-counter

Drug today we are going to talk about acetaminophen researchers at the ohio state university found when you take acetaminophen to reduce your pain you may also be decreasing your empathy for both the physical and social aches that other people experience these findings suggest other people’s pain doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal to you when you’ve taken

Acetaminophen i watched a movie called the giver in the movie their society had no emotions and very simple lives that they perceived as fulfilling which is obviously easy to believe when you have no emotions they couldn’t even see color nor did they have intimate emotional relationships with each other each morning they would take an injection that they were told

Is for their health turns out that injection actually suppresses emotion i’m starting to believe that injection contained acetaminophen some people claim to be empaths they are really good at picking up on someone’s emotions maybe it’s because they don’t take any of the 600-plus medications that contain the most common drug in the u.s. which just so happens to be

Acetaminophen 23 percent or 52 million adults in the united states consume drugs each week that contain acetaminophen not only does it dull physical pain it also seems to dull psychological pain such as when you’re imagining someone else’s pain or actually seeing the pain it can even reduce the amount of joy you experience could this be part of why we are seeing

Desensitization in today’s society from another study they previously did participants who took acetaminophen reported less strong emotions when they saw both very pleasant and very disturbing photos when compared to those who took placebos both one way said most people probably aren’t aware of how their emotions may be impacted when they take acetaminophen you

Actually may not even notice that anything is wrong it could be you causing the problems during an argument not someone else isn’t there quote something along the lines of if you have a problem with one or two people maybe it’s them if you have a problem with it everyone then maybe it’s you empathy is important if you are having an argument with your spouse and you

Just took acetaminophen this research suggests you might be less understanding of what you did to hurt your spouse’s feelings these researchers conducted two experiments the first experiment involved eighty college students none of the students knew if they were taking a placebo or the drug half of the students drink a liquid with 1000 milligrams of acetaminophen

And the other half drank a placebo without the drug they waited for about an hour for the drug to take effect they then read 8 stories about people suffering different types of pain one of the stories was about a person who suffered a knife cut down to the bone after reading the stories they would rate them from one no pain at all to five worst possible pain they

Also rated how much the protagonists in the stories felt hurt wounded and pained the students who took acetaminophen rated the pain to be less severe compared to those who only received the placebo without the drug the second experiment involved 114 college students once again one group took a placebo and the other group took the drug the students received four

Two-second blasts of white noise ranging from 75 to 105 decibels after receiving the blast of noise they would rate them on a scale of 1 not unpleasant at all to 10 extremely unpleasant they also were asked to imagine how much pain it would cause someone else put in the same situation once again the results show that the placebo drug-free group thought they were

Unpleasant whereas the acetaminophen group had less pain and also reduced that their empathy for anyone else experiencing the unpleasant noises that’s pretty scary an overdose of tylenol can cause death it only seems plausible that these drugs could cause permanent damage making you permanently less empathetic there’s also a study linking autism to acetaminophen

Which i will talk about in another video so basically those taking drugs with acetaminophen don’t care about others before reaching for a bottle of tylenol or any of the other acetaminophen containing drugs remember it can make you less caring towards others you may want to look for natural alternatives first well that’s it for this video be sure to hit like on

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New Acetaminophen Side Effect? No Empathy By Brandon Lawes