January 26, 2023

Hey Peeps!! I hope you enjoyed this video about my mental health journey on Lexapro and Trazodone! Let me know your experience with medication in relation to mental health. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below! See you in the next video!

It’s time to pass up fix your credit hey cousins it’s rina and welcome back to my anxiety filled life if you are already subscribed thank you so much for coming back once again for another video and if you’re new to the channel thank you for clicking on the video and coming to watch and hopefully you like the content and if you do you can always subscribe and

You know stick around to watch more today i wanted to do an update on my medication journey from anxiety and depression so um i just want to introduce you guys to um a new medication that i am actually taking but before i do that i’m going to just talk a little bit about uh lexapro um and if you haven’t seen my first lexapro update i’m gonna leave it linked

Above but yeah watch that first and then i say come back here so if you’ve ready to watch my first lexapro video you know that i’ve been taking lexapro um 10 milligrams per capsule to be exact um since september of 2020. so um i originally took it because um of my anxiety depression and uh i was finding it really hard to sleep so basically my nurse practitioner

Prescribed lexapro for me and i’ve been taking it ever since i mean i have no complaints about lexapro at all i don’t have any bad side effects or anything and my body has totally adjusted i’ve been taking it consistently it’s been a while since i skipped a day but um it has a pretty long half-life so you can skip i say up to three days which has happened to me

Before i forget to take it for a weekend and then i’ll restart on monday um but yeah i really do like lexapro um definitely i feel less anxious and my mood is a little bit more stable um i mean the anxiety and depression is still there but it’s not as i would say severely a downer on my life like a ucp like um uh it feels so weird to be vulnerable even though

I’ve talked about this before but like continuing to talk about this you know uh journey to you know get a handle on my anxiety and depression and insomnia is i don’t know it’s it’s still a little iffy to me sometimes but i’m glad to be sharing you know my experience with all of you but yeah um like i said lexapro has been great for me i’m continuing to take

It um i take it at night still um one capsule probably about an hour before bed um i usually go to sleep around i’ll go to bed around like 10 and um i’ll usually want to be in bed by like 11 11 30 the latest so i can like get up for work the next day but it’s been effective so far and you know um i haven’t felt the need to increase my dosage at all so i’ve

Just been staying at 10 milligrams per day and yeah so i want to introduce you guys to the new medication i was taking so um for a while lexapro i felt like my body started to get used to it and i wasn’t falling asleep as fast as i was or staying asleep so basically i spoke to my nurse practitioner and basically told her that um i’m you know something either

Needs to be adjusted like whether i need to up my dosage um or have another medication or something like that and she suggested trazado so tranzadone i’m taking 50 milligrams right now in addition to the 10 milligrams of lexapro um so they are like my dynamic duo right now i started tryzadone on february 26 2021 so literally three months ago um and i’ve been

Taking it ever since uh for the first week i took a half dose of 25 milligrams so half a capsule um until my body could get used to it and then once i did um i was fine like it’s weird because when i took lexapro i felt like it was a harder transition for me and i had the brain frog you know the the sleepiness and fatigue and all that stuff when i started taking

Trasidone i didn’t have that same transition i feel like it was much easier i didn’t i didn’t feel any different um the only thing was that i was feeling sleepy at night when i took it which was the whole purpose of me taking it um so it can help me fall asleep so if you’ve seen my lexapro video you know that lexapro is an ssri capsule medication as opposed to

Tracidome which is an sari which stands for serotonin antagonist reuptake inhibitor so you know not to confuse the two it also has a shorter lifespan in comparison to the lexapro so i make sure not to miss more than a day i’ve been taking it pretty consistently i don’t think i’ve missed a day yet i might be lying but um yeah um anytime i miss a day if i have

Um i’ll take it like the next day i don’t wait two to three days like i would with lexapro trisodone is actually an antidepressant but um scientists realize that one of the biggest side effects of taking trizzone is that it makes you really sleepy so hence it has become a very effective sleep aid and that’s what i’m using it for as an antidepressant i would

Say that it’s more effective when the dosage is higher or like right now i’m only taking 50 milligrams just to help me fall asleep but for people that want to use it as an antidepressant i think most doctors recommend that you start around like 150 milligrams and then a little bit higher so um 50 milligrams just works for me right now because i already have

Lexapro as an antidepressant and then i’m using um traezanone as a sleep aid so in comparison alexa pro elixir pro took about four to six weeks for me to see like any results with trisodon only takes two to four weeks and i definitely felt that because i was falling asleep like that like when i take my lexapro and try stone together i’m ready to knock out

In like 30 minutes to an hour like it’s it’s it’s a weird transition i’m like sometimes i feel like so energetic and then i take my pill and then i’m like oh crap it’s time to go to sleep and that’s exactly what i want because i don’t want to be up all night at 3 am thinking about uh my day tacos the end of life as we know it we’re in a panini um all that

Type of stuff so um it’s just i don’t know it’s just literally took her weight off my shoulder knowing that i can fall asleep much faster and having more energy the next day because i had a great you know restful day um and it’s also going to help me with my weight loss because you as you know like um i lost about 30 pounds and i’m hoping to lose a bit more

And sleep is a very integral part of weight loss so i’m gonna post the side effects right here um the only one that i’ve experienced is sleepiness which is what i want because that’s going to help me fall asleep but yeah i haven’t had any other bad side effects i know that medications can affect people differently and for me it’s only been positive and it’s

Doing exactly what i needed to do so how am i feeling after combining lexapro with trazadone i am feeling fantastic i am feeling great um less anxious um april to you know manage my moods better which is really nice i’m also more focused and i’ve been sleeping on time which is really great so i felt more energetic in general but um which is something that i

Feel like i’m not used to i used to be tired all the time even if i got like eight hours of sleep three hours of sleep ten hours of sleep it did not matter i always felt tired but now um i’m able to stay up and be focused throughout the day without worrying about like having to take a nap like i haven’t been taking naps lately um which is amazing i mean if

I feel like taking a wine on a saturday or sunday i you know i’m fine with that but i haven’t felt the need to take one so um that really makes me happy i’m also more social like um i’ve been popping out like every weekend for the past seven eight months um which is crazy like i used to have like no plans years ago like when people would be like oh what are

You doing for the weekend home what are you doing like um but like now i have plans like i’m usually out with friends or i’m going on dates or something like that so like i always have plans or whether i’m hanging out with my family so um i’m definitely like less anxious and able to like hang around people before my like social battery dies because even though

I’m less anxious i’m still an introvert at heart like i can only take people in small doses but like now i can take them on longer doses um and like spend more time i actually just came back from the catskills for a weekend with a friend who i just met so um yeah you know it’s it’s been great honestly like never in a million years that i think i would have in

Like a healthy social life like i’m able to balance you know family work my personal like hobbies and interests my little side hustles and all that um but it’s been working for me so far so honestly lexapro and trazzadone have been my dynamic duo and i think they work so well together sorry about my nails um they uh had a rough weekend and they’re peeling off

So please don’t judge me um but yeah it’s it’s honestly been really great um i have no complaints and i’ll continue to do the 10 milligrams of lexapro and 50 milligrams of trasodom for as long as i can i actually just got a refill that i need to pick up today so um we will probably check in another maybe three to six months um i’ll let you know if it’s still

Working if i made any adjustments or anything like that but um i’ve been cooling for a while like i’ve been good so yeah hopefully you guys like my update let me know if you have any questions in the comment section but yeah if you made it here to the end thank you so much for making it here um leave some yellow peep emojis so i know that you made it here to

The end um if you have any questions for me like i said before leave it in the comment section and i will answer hopefully in a timely manner i’m getting better at that sorry um but yeah um hopefully if you are suffering with anxiety depression and insomnia like me hopefully you can talk to your doctor and they can recommend whatever medications might work for

You and remember it’s not a one-size-fits-all so you might try a medication it might not work for you but um it’s a journey you have to like keep trying other stuff to see what combination works for you so hopefully you know this video will put you a little bit at ease um just knowing that it is a journey and you will get through it but um as per usual spend

Wisely stay safe and you’re doing the best you can so i will see you in the next video bye young broken independent not broken not quitting imma get it even though i still struggling i’m sufficient like what’s up ain’t man how is business believe me it’s gonna happen they call them detours we call it fashion how many knows you receive i just stopped counting

So why you still doing it i’m a cash in the fountain see this dream dance between my ear canal lives inside my heart like a future child possess the wisdom in between my smile the world gotta see me it may take a while that’s okay it’s prepared for played a lot of shows i had to pay for to find the crowd me myself and i in the dj in my homeboys trip

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