June 1, 2023

New Treatment For PTSD Drug. This new drug cyclobenzaprine (Tonmya) works on serotonin receptors, histamine receptors and sympathomemetic receptors. it is an old drug that has found a new use. In the past this drug was used in the treatment of muscle spasms and fibromyalgia.

There is a new drug for post-traumatic stress disorder what is post-traumatic stress disorder post-traumatic stress disorder is posed after a trauma so what happens the body over years and tens of thousands of years of evolution has a system to protect us when we are being chased by a tiger or when there’s a perceived threat that could kill us the one system

Sympathomimetic system is norepinephrine and epinephrine flight or flight system that’s the system our adrenal glands they sit above our kidneys when we’re being chased and about to be eaten it releases these chemicals it increases our heart rate dilates our lung shuts down the intestines shuts down the kidneys moves all blood to the muscles our blood pressure

Opens our eyes up opens our lungs up so we can escape it gets the body ready to fight or flee it increases insulin breaks down fat increases sugar in the blood moves the blood around quicker great there’s the histamine system where histamine is released when we’re about to beat by a tiger and that keeps us awake another drug which does that is modafinil but

That’s another talk what happens is when people get stressed sometimes the system gets reset at a higher level meaning we’re always in that state of crisis we’re always hyped up hyper vigilant stressed high blood pressure heart racing tense anxiety filled with stress just think about how horrible you would feel if you were always feeling like you were being

Chased by a tiger that’s post-traumatic stress disorder our body resets itself at like this higher excitable level but there’s no tiger chasing us and we overreact to everything at that point because our body is so amped up now there is a drug this drug is called tonmyra tonis pharmaceuticals in new york is working on this drug it is actually a drug which in the

Past we used for fibromyalgia or muscle spasms but now they have a sublingual version put under your tongue and what does it do you take it at night and it stops a lot of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress you sleep better you don’t have nightmares which is very common in post-traumatic stress and it sort of lets you rest and you get better delta wave sleep

So you’re more of a restful sleep there are other drugs which do this practicing it blocks certain flight or flight norepinephrine epinephrine in our system helps us stop have nightmares and sleep and there are other ssris like zoloft that help in post-traumatic stress what does this particular drug do cyclobenzaprine tumyra which looks like the fda is going to

Okay this drug for post-traumatic stress disorder if you want to take it currently it’s on the market as amrex or flex mid those are the brand names the chemical is cyclobenzoprene what does it do well it blocks the sympathomimetic system the norepinephrine and epinephrine which is those drugs like neurotransmitters that get secreted when the lion’s chasing us

It blocks histamine which is good because there’s too much of that keeps us too much awake and too too agitated and what else it does it blocks a serotonin receptor that causes agitation irritability tension anxiety sleeplessness the 5ht2a receptor so this drug looks like it could work very well for post-traumatic stress disorder it’s worth mentioning there are

Other drugs which i think work very well practicing works for nightmares and post-traumatic stress and zoloft searchling can work for a lot of the serotonergic related symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder i appreciate sharing like subscribing thank you

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New Treatment For PTSD Drug | Mark Agresti By Mark Agresti