March 28, 2023


Myself in the news customs intercept 1380 cartoons of tramadol in rivers netco postponed examinations over low registration issuance of passports to take six weeks and talking taekwondo anonymous ranks 62nd in the ward details coming up shortly this is 2s television your digital first pan-african news network i am massively and this is tos news 360.

Nigerian customs service has intercepted about 1 387 captains of tramadol tablet which was kept in 1 000 cartons of ceramic tiles in rivers it was disclosed by the spokesperson for the area to command on airport in rivers mrs ifo maojuku on wednesday she said international partners made the seizure possible mrs ojuku said the same curtain that was used to

Package the ceramic tiles was also used to package the tramadol 120 milligram capsules over the years we have witnessed migration of people from one country to the older legally or illegally while some persons find fulfillment in growth in the new host countries the case is not same for some as most people get stranded and may never get to their destinations

Worst-case scenario people also lose their lives in the process but how can we talk about these types of issues if we don’t have the fact the report giving the rationale behind the exhibition creative director act for humanity foundation or sergey ife and the representative of unesco says the exhibition is tailored to highlight the many sided astana experiences of

Individuals who have migrated according to them it is an experimental work that seeks to give a broader perspective to what the issues of migration are the story behind these images are bringing the narrative home in a way that you can really relate with the struggles with the issues and the realities of migration through these artworks it’s a multi-dimensional

Problem that call for a multi-channel multi-approach solution generally the artists all gave insights into what their pictures represent if you know you want to travel abroad you should go legally and not illegally this journey had it had a lot of psychological effect on her which is normal she felt like she cannot release all those memories of our mum so she

Keeps them in her passageway where she stores them this is a shelf of her that is our mom’s feel to the memories of her family and here she is in a living room where she has been for years watching a movie on a sunday evening after making a filipino dish migration can be an emotional and divisive issue within the politics of many countries within the communities

It affects and even within families and friendship groups these young photojournalists through their photos have been able to disperse on myths about migration and are unanimously calling on intending migrants to migrate legally and shown every illegal act token education the national examinations council necro on wednesday has announced the reshettling of the

National common entrance examination the examination was initially shadowed for saturday may 29 2021 but was postponed to saturday june 5th 2021 as approved by the federal ministry of education the council said it will enable states with low registration of candidates opportunity to register their candidate for the examination neca council disclosed this in

A statement by its head of information and public relations division azizani titled neko reshadow’s 2021 national common entrance examinations the council advised parents guardians and candidates to download a new examination timetable from its website comptroller general of the nigeria immigration service mohammed baban daydee has announced that issuance of

Passport will now take six weeks this development comes a week after the nis shortlisted candidates for screening and possible employment into the nigeria immigration service the bandit they made an announcement in a statement on tuesday while addressing journalists through the service public relations officer sander james the pro quoted baron today at the nis

Headquarters in abuja during a media briefing on innovations and administration for ease in passport issuance and processing following the declaration of 87 newly promoted assistant controller general and controllers of immigration service this is your digital first burn africa news network js television and you’re watching tos news 360. more stars will return

To stay thanks for staying chief public relations officer of western naval command mahulkanik has announced that a barge sank off india’s west coast and killed 14 people after a powerful cyclone barreled into the country the storm smashed into an oil field near mumbai and sank the p305 badge that had 261 personnel on board ships and aircraft belonging to

The navy have been trying to locate other missing personnel off mumbai’s coast since monday when the barge and some other vessels were affected by the cyclone the navy said the 14 bodies have been recovered from the rescue operation and over 180 people have been rescued from the barge it also added that three ships and aircraft have continued to search for the

Remaining personnel however the state government said india’s prime minister narendra modi is to conduct a survey of the affected areas spanish prime minister pedro sanchez has sent troops to monitor the border after at least 8 000 migrants from morocco entered spain illegally through the celta and melila borders on tuesday according to prime minister sanchez

The incident is a serious issue for spain and europe as a plans to re-establish oda in the region he also said he would visit the north african territories of sultan and malila sultan reginald leader yuan yuo se viva said the incident happened because of the absolute passivity of the american authorities he said it was impossible to know how many migrants had

Entered the enclaves because of the disorderliness of the incident but about 4 000 have been sent back to morocco already and germany has made a deal to pay repatriations to namibia for the genocide that killed about 75 000 people in 20th century namibia will be compensated with social projects benefiting the descendants of the genocide survivors who will be

Funded by germany meanwhile report has it that frank walters tamaya germany’s president will also tend a formal apology to the namibian parliament between 1904 and 1908 german occupies in namibia almost destroyed the hiroro and nama peoples as they consolidated their role in the new colony in southwest africa half of the hirero and nama people who were imprisoned

In concentration camps died of disease mild enrichment overworked beatings and executions some historians have described the bloodshed as the first genocide of the 20th century in talking covet 19 malawian health authorities have burned nineteen thousand six hundred and ten expired doses of the astronomical coronavirus vaccine this it said will reassure the public

That all vaccines given are safe vaccination in malawi has been low and health workers hope this move will help increase public confidence out of 18 million people the country has recorded 34 232 confirmed cases and 1 153 dead the country received 102 000 national drinking vaccine doses from the african union on the 26th of march and used almost 80 percent but

The expiry date on the labels were 13 april so valves were taken out of the coal chain for the record malawi is the first african country to publicly do this according to the latest ranking for may 201 tokyo olympics band elizabeth aniacho is now ranked 62nd in the world for taekwondo miss aniacho was the first woman to qualify nigeria for the taekwondo event

Of the olympics in 16 years she has been grabbing vital points at the turkish open despite losing at the quarter-final stage of the tokyo olympics and anna cho is now sixth in africa from the latest ranking other african women on the list include ruth bagby of couture egypt hidayah malik gabon’s urgence moga mary frederick equity of court of war and wafee lrt

Of miracle ms ayaniacho believes the ranking is just number on the table but seeing the improvement is encouraging because it shows she has been working extremely hard in training her current target is to be in the top 20 in the world and that is to us news 360 on your digital fest pan-african news network for more update visit www follow and like our social

Media handles on facebook twitter and instagram and remember to subscribe on youtube stay with us and enjoy my programs on the network i am merciful ajinoma many watching good morning

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