November 29, 2022

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Hi welcome to fizzy onic where we learn the body from the macro to the micro if that’s something you think you’d be interested in then consider subscribing in today’s video we are going to be discussing the physiology of vitamin d we’re going to be talking about the absorption the digestion we’re going to talk about dosage we’re going to talk about what it does

For your body how we synthesize it all kinds of crazy stuff all happening in this one video now i of course encourage you to check out the article which is going to have all my references for everything that i mentioned in this video as well as far far more details in that article so without further ado in a short sweet science-based video let’s jump right into

It vitamin d also known as calcifer ‘el is one of the four fat soluble vitamins necessary for our body to function it comes in two bioavailable forms d2 or peugeot calcifer ‘el and d3 or cholecalciferol and performs a series of different functions in the body from bone formation via phosphorus and calcium to being a major player in immune function interacting

With genes blood pressure regulation insulin production and far far more across the body as with many micronutrients vitamin ds digestion and absorption is interesting because it can be absorbed via passive diffusion meaning it moves from a high concentration within the intestine to a low concentration in the intestinal wall and the blood but also moves through

Facilitated diffusion using a transport protein interestingly its absorption is heavily influenced by the presence of fat and food so having some fat with a vitamin d intake leads to greater absorption upon entering the entrĂ³ sites vitamin d is carried across the cell from one end to the other where it is repackaged into chylomicrons and sent into the lymphatic

System to eventually find its way to variety of tissues but mostly to the liver in the hepatocyte or liver cells vitamin d is metabolized to 25 hydroxy vitamin d and once converted to its new form it is shipped out of the liver to the kidneys primarily where it is further metabolized to calcitriol the mature form of the vitamin this mature form of the vitamin d is

Then transported through the bloodstream and moves across cell membranes that it encounters being bound by a vitamin d receptor which shuttles it into the nucleus of the cell where it activates or inhibits the regulation of important functional genes this is where many of its actions on our health is dictated however vitamin d is unique in can also be synthesized

By our body using the sun hence the nickname the sunshine vitamin when exposed to sunlight a particular set of skin cells known as keratinocytes take up uv radiation from the sun an endogenous cholesterol to form vitamin d3 primarily and then the same metabolic cycle in the liver and the kidneys ensues aside from our own synthesis of vitamin d it can also be

Found in fish orange juice milk fish oil supplements among other areas and should be consumed around 15 micrograms or 600 i use depending on age sex health and for this vitamin specifically time of year more in the winter vitamin d is as safe as any fat soluble vitamin but certainly less safe than any water soluble vitamin this isn’t to say vitamin d is something

To avoid but dosing appropriately is of the utmost importance as overdosing can lead to a series of heart pathologies and underdosing will lead to underdeveloped bones decreased immunity among other issues as fat soluble vitamins are not readily excreted it is important to keep an eye on how much vitamin d you are consuming more is not always better so there we

Have it folks hopefully you feel a little bit more educated on at vitamin d and like i said in the introduction if you’d like to read more on the topic more details look at my references they’re all linked in the article that i have linked to this content now with that said i hope that i have the pleasure speaking with you in the very next one having see

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