June 4, 2023

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Warrior welcome today is all about reflection reflection on something that is occurring at a very deep level as you’re going through anxiety throughout the day i want you to ask yourself a couple questions do i wake up in the middle of the night and realize that i’ve had these bad dreams these visions do i go through the day and have these flashes these images of

Me harming myself harming my family harming people in the outside world do you have these visions these dreams constantly in your life are they keeping you more and more sensitized as you’re going through the day thinking that you may just lose control and therefore you are avoiding most of what’s going on in your life those situations and events this was me for

A very long time i made a mistake those images those dreams i took very very literally i said my goodness is this going to happen in my life am i losing control of my mind my body my spirit and my soul the truth was that these images weren’t supposed to be taken literally but in fact metaphorically they were metaphors for things that were going on in my life and

Your life that you haven’t paid attention to yet you know when my images those self-harming images went away the dreams went away when i began to understand that i wasn’t going to commit personal suicide but i was causing myself to experience relationship suicide i realized that my god the subconscious mind is trying to let me know something at such a deep level

I’m not getting the message i am sabotaging my relationships with people this journey this awakening isn’t just affecting me it’s affecting everybody around me wow so again i’m not going to commit self-harm or suicide to myself but i am affecting other people at such a deep level unknowingly as well images related to harming your child harming other people means

That you may not be spending enough time you may not be listening to those people’s needs you may not be teaching your child what that child needs to be taught the subconscious mind is sending you these messages these signals of sabotaging different aspects of your life they could even mean business opportunities that are flying away from you because you’re not

Paying attention and being open-minded enough to them so warrior the message today is this if you’re going through dreams or images as you’re going through the day do not take them literally understand that they are signals they’re metaphors they are signs of other aspects of your life that are out of balance and you must do some digging today and understand what

Is my subconscious trying to tell me through these images sometimes even violent the subconscious mind is there to protect you it’s there to open up your eyes it’s there for you to understand at a conscious level what’s really taking place in your life and if you can listen in on the signals the messages i promise you that you’re gonna begin seeing things from

A much broader angle and when this happens you can begin to tap into the part the gray area that is currently affecting you without you even knowing it i love you so very much remember you are more than anxiety if you have any other questions on the end the anxiety program or the life mastery program head on over to this website right here have a wonderful day you deserve it

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Nightmares, Intrusive Thoughts And Anxiety, What’s The Connection? By The Anxiety Guy