March 28, 2023

According to google Trazodone is a medication antidepressant and sedative. It’s often used to help people fall asleep it’s a decades-old drug.

All right guys welcome to an edition of interstitial cystitis chronicles 2. do not forget the two at the end and subscribe like comment i want to interact with you i really really do okay so for today’s topic look all right for real though for real we’re going to discuss nocturia night time frequency last night i had a horrible night that i don’t even want to say

How many times i got up to use the restroom hmm on my way to sleep you know you can just feel like okay this is the time i need to go to sleep i had to go to the bathroom again then i had to go to the bathroom again this was like a 15 minute span so i would say a total of seven times that i then got into a fight with my bladder i said okay that’s it i’m shutting

You down right now sometimes you have to speak authority over things so i wound up having to take a nighttime medication to calm my bladder down because i could tell if i don’t this is how the rest of this night is gonna go i was going to be getting up every 15 to 45 minutes who can sleep like that you can who can function like that you can now one of the very

First medications that were that was prescribed for me besides antitryptoline i talked about anatriptyline in another video i’m not saying that was specifically prescribed as a nighttime medication but it can be used for that okay i was prescribed as a i said i could not get any sleep now i’m telling my primary care provider i didn’t mention this to the urologist

Well the urologist knows too but as far as for the urologist to prescribe something specifically for nocturia as far as i can’t get to sleep they necessarily couldn’t in that context that’s why you have to be very careful too with how you work things when you go to your doctors so i was told well visit with your primary care provider let them know that you cannot

Go to sleep so trasadon was prescribed now let me tell you when i would take trazadone i would then go to work a lot of times my co-workers could tell that i did not take my trasodon early enough because you feel groggy you feel like okay you’re in a fog like i gotta get out of this like you gotta snap out of this now when i say you let me take that back that’s

How i felt when i took trazadone it took me like two hours to get out of that stupor when i took trizodone but the great thing that i did notice when i took trizodone that my daytime because i have daytime frequency too my daytime frequency had lessened so instead of me going to the bathroom like every hour give or take every hour and a half or so i was able to

Stretch it out for at least three hours when i was taking tricedon i was like wow this is calming something in my body to not have to use the bathroom as much i didn’t want to stay on tracidone because it seemed like my body just could not adjust to that for me so if that’s something that’s working for you that is great but i needed to try something else for me

And that’s what i did do because with ic interstitial cystitis i’m noticing a lot of times that this is trial and error to decide what does work for you now sometimes i do switch it up and i might take something like um nyquil the z something over over the counter basically i’ve taken benadryl over the counter to shut down my bladder as well because nighttime

Frequency is not a joke when you have you know also known as nocturia so i just wanted to talk about that today again subscribe again like again comment let me know something let’s interact and thank you for tuning in to another edition of interstitial cystitis chronicles 2 and i’m out until next time guys alright

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Nighttime Frequency. My Trazodone Experience! By Meg’ M