March 24, 2023

Foreign foreign um well first and foremost amoxicillin is a bacteriolytic or bacteriocidal antibiotic and he actually inhibits the bacterial cell wall synthesis he inhibits the bacterial cell synthesis by binding to multiple venicellene binding proteins so the penicillin binding proteins are important during the transportation steps of the pipeline synthesis

And in fact the amoxicillin actually inhibits the file transportation steps in the ecliptic ireland synthesis so in the photo here uh here’s like a quick schematic of the what amoxicillin does so if you were looking at a bacterial cell wall you’d be able to see the these penicillin binding proteins now again these amoxicillin bind to these penicillin binding

Proteins and penicillin binding proteins are critically important for the cross linking of the glycogens specific specifically in the final transportation step so that’s why when amoxicillin is in these sites uh it’s uh bound to the penicillin-binding proteins and uh peptical electrons is unable to like cross-link which means that the bacterial cell wall is

Dysfunctional and in fact the bacteria would not be able to withstand any changes in the osmotic pressure or any other stressors which would lead to bacterial lysis or the death of the bacteria now one of the major problems with the beta lactam antibiotics is the development of the antibiotic resistance and the bacterial uh have developed an enzyme which is known

As the beta lactam switch can actually like break down the antibiotic and it will break down the beta-lactam ring of the antibiotic making it effective so we can get around this by actually supplementing the antibiotic with another agent and in this case we utilize a global limit or a clevelandic acid and when we mix mix this with the amoxicillin it increases

The effectiveness against the variety of other bacteria as well including methicillin sensitive staphylococcus aureus so the ms mssa not the amaris abel the mfsa it also decreases the effectiveness again as the age influenza h influenza as well uh as it increases the effectiveness against the maxilla and uh character alice so because among these uh sicilian

Are actually it gives an increase of effectiveness against the h influence also and the moroxella caterhalis and because of the amoxicillin is already has some antibiotic properties against the strep types of bacteria the moxie clap can be used and is regularly used during the otitis media or middle ear infection so titus media is if the bacteria causes it

Most likely caused by either the three bacteria which is the h influenza rexella catarrhalis or streptococcus so that’s why we can use amoxiclev during osiritis media infection for the contrarian uh contraindication uh these are like the contraindication of the amoxicillin well one of the main reasons why we wouldn’t use amoxicillin is just because the patient

Has exhibited the previous history of a serious suppression stability to amoxicillin there were other beta-lactams and these types of hypersensitivity could include the anaphylaxis or stephen’s job johnson syndrome so if the patient has presented previous of these types of hypersensitivity to amoxicillin or other beta-lactam we would not use amoxicillin for

The adverse reaction now uh amoxicillin can use uh amoxilla or can uh use a variety of adverse reactions including hypersensitivity angitas that can cause cns agitation or anxiety confusion dizziness headaches insomnia procedure it can also cause rashes urticaria stephen johnson’s syndrome if the patient is allergic to amoxicillin or beta-lactam antibiotics

It can also cause a dental discoloration like the tetracycline but it’s extremely rare to do that and it can cause diarrhea nausea vomiting it can cause human to uh logic issues such as anemia leukopyemia temple cytopenia and isophenia and it can increase in the essential count and it can cause hepatitis which is increased in the serum alt and ast or the

Cholestatic gender is as we mentioned previously you can cause anaphyllics but also of these obvious reactions are quite rare and usually are not issued

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Антибиотик,Амоксициллин – Аntibiotic ,Amoxicillin By Tamila Akhayeva