February 8, 2023

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel just for like two weeks and maybe it’s been a week when i was gonna go back since i sat down and recorded and loop this update my first lupus update in 2019 my last sunday i told you guys that i was winning from the prednisone i was on five milligrams and then i went down to two point five milligrams and then i went down to two

Point five milligrams every other day and then and spike the intern of december i was completely stops taking the prednisone when was i made a huge mistake so i have i had been prescribed at my last appointment i was prescribed the two point five milligrams so i can start takin open and i already have some five milligram printers on at home and whatever was is

Somehow i got mixed up when i was supposed to be taken when i was supposed to be taking the two point five milligrams for two weeks i was accidentally taking the five milligrams feel so i had to that make it longer for me to win from the two point five because i was still taking the five milligrams for like a week straight thinking that i was taking the two point

Five it took me a long time to catch y’all dude now i’m no longer on the prednisone even when you win from printer zone is the fact that you can go into the charge so what happens is prednisone your body makes cortisol cortisol cortisol and this is to help i know it helps with like your heart rate your blood pressure and some other things but when you get on the

Print isms print is on pretty much mimics bag so your body will tend to slow down on the production of cortisol because you’re taking the so when you go off of the prisoners on your body needs to make up for which you’re not getting and sometimes it takes a longer time for your body to begin producing enough the amount of cortisol that you need so what can end

Up happening is you can end up having withdrawal symptoms so for me i like a few days actors really big notice until about two or three days actor i really couldn’t even like chill i felt the exact same like as i had been i felt like i had felt when i was taking the printed off and if you miss like a day or two apprentice on you know how it feels like you started

Getting that achy weird feeling so i started feeling really nauseous i didn’t get any joint pains which i’m surprised about i think it really notches i was really fatigued i was really like i was just really just not feeling good i was feeling almost like i was about perhaps a flu or something so it kind of felt like back when i would write before i would have a

Flare that’s what it felt like but no joint pain and so i was i was pretty surprised that i didn’t have any joint pain it’s been a couple of weeks now that i have not been on the steroid so far i haven’t had any issues the fatigue is kind of still lingering but i do want to say to you guys that idea to stop taking that igan you guys know that i was going to really

High dose of iron every day and i stopped taking it because i felt that i was like i thought maybe since i’ve been taking it for like a few months now my iron levels are probably average and i’m probably doing good but i have a really hard time absorbing iron that’s why i am supposed to continue taking it but i don’t listen and i’m stubborn and so now i believe

That that’s playing a part in my fatigue too so i did start by taking the iron yesterday and yesterday other day before yesterday i started back taking the iron it’s voice join me i think you guys know every video is the main time that i would every good joint pain majority of the time is and i’m not i don’t have a loo prescribed just give really bad joint pain

Is right before my period a few days before my it says time a month i start getting joint pain that’s how i know is she’s about to show up and wreak havoc on my life for a few days i’ll get a little bit of joint pain and then out and on the day of my period and the rest of my period it’ll be just like 100% okay and then you know it’s back to that my next cycle

Same thing so i haven’t really had any joint pain besides that i did have a decrease in appetite and i didn’t tell you guys that i do intermittent fasting which is pretty much i eat between a certain window and then i fast the rest of the time so i have been eating i was still doing the two meals and i will try to throw in a snack just because i needed to get in

Enough calories but now i’m getting to the point where i’m getting full right after that so i’m eating that meal so i’m eating breakfast or like breakfast and then i mean i’ll get a snack and then i’m full for the rest of the day so and i know that’s not good because you should definitely be getting enough nutrients so you can power your body so i’ve been trying

To make sure that my breakfast is a really good breakfast that’s really nutritious diameter as appetite has decreased my mood has really not been as wishy-washy as it was so it’s more stable i had a lot of different mood swings back when i was on the prednisone and i know that was a reason for it i haven’t dealt with getting a light headed so i know that was

From the princes own do have an appointment another appointment and it’s next month and so that’s going to be where the rheumatologist rheumatologist it’s gonna go in and see how i’ve been doing since i’ve been also the steroid so hopefully i’ve been doing good i have because but you never know i want to say i think i have but you never know a little bit because

You know like y’all will be like doing good and then the test will say something completely different so that’s pretty much it for my lupus update so i hope you guys enjoyed this video and guys thanks so much for watching this video i will see you guys in my next video

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No More Prednisone|Lupus Update By CourageousBeauty