February 8, 2023

When a nun presents with symptoms of a severe allergic reaction, doctors struggle to find the cause because it’s in the last place they’d think to look.

Thank you lift up your chin sister you’re having an asthma attack i need you to relax roll up her sleeve please give you an epinephrine open your lungs and help you breathe foreign what happened did you take the pill yes it’s probably an allergic reaction she’s allergic to an anti-allergy medicine i figure somebody’s out to get her how are you feeling better i’ll

Put you on some steroids instead you’re supposed to be feeling so funny it’s called adrenaline makes your heart beat fast but not this fast get a nurse please help somebody help us somebody get in here call it code to charge up a deeper brother she’s got no pulse how are you feeling sister i seem to be a little better they gave me some medication prednisone it’s

A steroid to help with the inflammation has dr house figured out what i have would i be okay we’re not sure what’s wrong yet he’ll have a chess ct scan this afternoon that’ll help with the diagnosis dr house was giving her medication and he doesn’t know what she has to us sister pious it all happens series what about you chase you believe in god i believe sister

Augustine has no vascular pathology which means no church strauss which means house made a mistake no not necessarily it could be something else thyrotoxicosis or a carcinitis i don’t get you you don’t believe in god but you’re willing to put complete faith in one man right now let’s get her out of there yeah there’s no smell oh god oh it’s jesus it’s jesus

He’s coming for me let’s get on some ativan smells religious business symptomatic temporal lobe swelling she’s seating help me get her on her side delicious visions yeah and next comes oh to all of you lie it’s good strategy similar when you all tell the same lie choose not to spend her entire lives a good catholic when she had a cardiac arrest i had to open

Her blouse to do cpr and i learned two things nuns can have nice breasts and she has a tattoo on her shoulder of a skunk yeah maybe it’s the sacred skunk of joseph as far as i know catholic foster care and monasteries do not keep tattoo parlors in their factories we consider that our life begins when we put on our habits and take our vows what happens before

Then it’s irrelevant to you but it’s relevant to me sister augustine went into foster care when she was six years old but she left when she was 12. she lived on the streets she got into drugs when she was 15 she became pregnant tried to self-abort she lost the child she became ill we took her in when she came back if we had thought it was medically relevant we

Would have told you this tea is delicious local herbs any change with medication yes she’s getting worse lung functions deteriorating but you went and credit and continuing to rise she’s starting to run a fever in the right she’s spreading but this rush is not going to make christmas maybe house was right maybe there is an underlying condition that explains

The symptoms something we haven’t considered like what it could be a metabolic disorder specifically like a genetic typically i’m just saying i’m just saying you think house is right i might be right of course he might be right it might be the hand of god at work don’t say it’s something else unless you’ve got something concrete to offer what’s this hemlock

I’m gonna do you the biggest favor one doctor can do another i’m gonna stop you from killing your patient it’s a fig word p wait for that little pick-me-up we’re all looking for in the morning opens the lungs increases the blood pressure stimulates the heart unfortunately if you then get injected with even 0.1 cc of epinephrine instant cardiac arrest so what

The hell it tastes great sister augustine has been drinking it religiously so to speak take the cardiac arrest out of the equation all the rest of the symptoms can be explained by a severe long-term allergic reaction what cameron said in the beginning yes she did hold on but your unwillingness to stick by your diagnosis almost killed this one pick a lesson

From form and stand up for what you believe okay let’s go figure out how to save a nun damn if you do damned if you don’t it’s been untreated for so long it’s gone from a simple watery eyes scratchy throat allergy to a whopping i’m gonna kick your ass allergy compromising her immune system diminishing her ability to heal and breaking down her organ systems so

What’s the source the dish soap now symptoms persisted days after the dishwashing episode it’s got to be something she’s been exposed to here in the hospital as well as the monastery what about the tea it caused her arrhythmia it could be but it’s not definitive well skin test for allergens not yet she’s too reactive she tests positive to everything we need to

Stabilize her isolator from all possible allergens give her system a rest get her in a clean room okay we’ll gradually introduce allergens to see how she responds when she reacts to something well no that’s what’s killing her we’ll call you if anything changes will she be all right as long as she’s not exposed to anything that can aggravate our allergies she’ll

Be fine some help in here where’s the procedure she’s an anaphylactic shock no way she’s gonna damn clean you kidding me get in here 21 cc betty it’s about to innovate i got it and then breathing stabilized it’s a clean room how do you get an allergic reaction in a clean room maybe it was the preservatives in the iv check that latex stupid check that check

Everything well it could be master leukemia it can cause anaphylaxis check the blood levels and it’s not used in the philia or idiopathic anaphylaxis maybe it’s just divine will how’d it go she has god inside her would have been easier to deal with a tumor maybe she’s allergic to god i’ve looked everywhere for an allergy that could be causing this reaction

Except one place inside her on her miracle history she didn’t mention any surgery she had one can we get a record what hospital was it inhabited a hospital order full body scan what if she refuses tell her i’m looking for a miracle no piercings no fillings no surgical pins in the arm no implants as clean as a whistle that’s looking for what is that i don’t

Know luck on it get a 3d representation oh my god copper cross form of birth control pulled off the market in the 80s so she’s allergic to copper rare but it happens wouldn’t she know she had an iud she had an abortion iud must have been left in embedded in the endometrial tissue where it couldn’t be detected so what we have to do is remove the iud then the

Symptoms should subside it’s 15. more than 20 years no prolonged exposure to an allergen with minimal symptoms but at some point all it takes is one last contact to cause a full-bone reaction it’s like a balloon fill without one last breath it explodes the first time i got through ash was when i was washing the copper cookware and all your subsequent symptoms

Came from ingesting food prepare didn’t it dr house found his miracle i doubt he’ll interpret it that way

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No One Thought to Check This Nun was on Birth Control | House M.D. | MD TV By MD TV