February 8, 2023

Norvasc (Amlodipine Besylate) 10mg tablet dangerous side effects in English by Dr. Abdur Rafy | Side effects 💊☣️☠️ Must Watch!🔥💯

So today i will tell you the dangerous side effects and all the details of this medicine i’m your pharmacist doctor abdul rasi i’m doctor of pharmacy i have a specialty in pharmacy i’m a drug expert and you’re watching side effects channel so let’s start melanoma it’s brand name is norwex and its generic active pharmaceutical ingredient is amlodipine bacillate

It is a 10mg tablet and its manufacturer is fizer it is used to treat hypertension which is also known as high blood pressure it decreases it very effectively it is also used in combination with diuretics especially with hazard diabetes and other class of antihypertensive such as ac builders and other kind of antihypertensive agents it is also used individually

To decrease blood pressure and also in the management of hypertension it is also used in the treatment of coronary heart disease and also decrease the risk of it and also used in the treatment of myocardial infarction and also decreases its risk so now let’s discuss its dangerous side effects it has effects on our nervous system in which it can cause headache

Which is the pain in the head dizziness somnolence which is the urge to sleep cardiac disorders in which it can cause palpitation it can also cause vascular disorders which in which it can cause flushing it can also affect our digestive system which is the gastrointestinal disorders it can cause abdominal pain which which is the pain in abdomen nausea which

Is the feeling of vomiting and other kind of disorders such as edema which is the examination of fluid it is dangerous fatty which is the exhaustion of body these side effects were reported after the marketing of this drug so it also has effects on the blood and lymphatic system it can cause disorders like leukopenia which is the decrease of leukocytes in the

Blood thrombocytopenia which is the deficiency of platelets it can also have metabolism and nutrition disorder in which it can cause hyperglycemia which is the increase of the blood glucose it also has psychiatric disorders like insomnia which is the loss of sleep and mood alteration which is the changing of the mood it has nervous system disorder like hypertonia

Which is the loss of sensation hyposthesia paracetamol is the pinching or the numbing area it also has neuropathy peripheral syncope syncope is the sudden decrease in blood pressure dysguys which is the loss of taste it can also cause tremor and extrapyramidal disorder which is the list of disorders and it are also very dangerous it can cause eye disorders such

As visual impairment it can impair our eyesight can also cause tinnitus which is the ringing in here in vascular disorders can cause hypotension and vasculitis hypertension is the decrease of bp vasculitis which is the inflammation of vessels in respiratory it can cause cough dyspnea rhinitis rhinitis is the inflammation of our nose area causing excess mucus

In gastrointestinal it can cause it can change bull habits drive out dyspepsia gingival hyperplasia pancreatitis and vomiting in a skin it can cause alopecia hyperhidrosis perpetua and skin discoloration it can also cause athralgia which is the pain in joint back pain muscles spasm malga which is the muscle pain in renal disorder it can cause molecular area

Maturation disorder and nocturnal polycuria is the increase of urination in the day bacteria is the urination in night in reproductive it can cause gynecomastia erectile dysfunction and also can increase or decrease the weight also it also has effects on the children also in children it can cause headache and dizziness and also weather dilation epistaxis which

Is the bleeding from the nose and abdominal pain which is repaired in abdomen and asthma which is the beginning of the body so these are the side effects now the question arise that if there are so much side effects then why we are using it we are using it because it’s a very good and effective medicine its benefits are more than its side effects that’s why we

Are using it it is a very good medicine so if you have any question or any thing you want to ask you can also write in the comment section and that’s what today so i hope you found this video informative please like it share it and subscribe to our channel and always remember your pharmacist dr abdul rafi and your prayers allah hafiz take care and pakistan zindabar you

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Norvasc(Amlodipine Besylate)10mg tablet dangerous side effects in English|Dr.Abdur Rafy|Side effects By Rafy Healthcare