January 27, 2023

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Hey guys and welcome to another visual learner studios video today we’ll be talking about non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs nsaids plus acetaminophen which is not technically an nsaid but works in a similar fashion we will discuss this in further detail shortly but first and sets our class of drugs that have analgesic antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties

They work by inhibiting the enzyme cyclooxygenase or cox which is responsible for catalyzing the formation of prostaglandins and thromboxanes from arachidonic acid prostaglandins have a wide variety of functions within the body including the regulation of inflammation therefore by stopping the synthesis of prostaglandins an overall anti-inflammatory effect occurs

Cox has two main iso enzymes cox-1 and cox-2 cox one has a role in many physiological processes one of which is protecting the stomach mucosa from the acidic environment cox – on the other hand mainly functions in inflammation therefore the watchit effects of nsaids are actually from inhibiting cox – specifically most nsaids are non selective cox inhibitors meaning

That they inhibit both cox 1 & 2 as a result prostaglandin levels in the stomach can be reduced and the risk of stomach or duodenum ulceration increases selective cox-2 inhibitors were developed to avoid this problem but in practice they are usually used for different conditions and they are present with their own set of adverse effects which we won’t delve into

Today so coming back to acetyl mini fin it isn’t considered an nsaid because it has very little anti-inflammatory properties its main function is blocking cox 2 in the central nervous system leading to analgesic and antipyretic effects alright enough about the boring stuff let’s move on to the story behind this absurd picture what we have here is a team of wannabe

Alien pirates from a planet and said who try their best to imitate the true potent pirates from the planet steroid their leader is infamously stubborn captain a spare as you can see here unfortunately he is yet to successfully raid any planet due to his cowardly miss captain a spare and his crew consisting of two donut portal masters seen here and here and an army

Of cloned dice minions developed a donut portal that allows them to teleport through the cosmos to a random location on which ever planet they desire in this case their target was earth and the donut portal led them to this barn with a giant napping ox and his rooster friend who’s up for sale once captain a spare saw the beastly ox he got scared crapped his pants

And called for a full retreat okay the first thing we want you to take notice of is the flag that captain a spare is carrying not only does this represent the crews home planet but more importantly it is to remind you that this picture describes nsaids now let’s move on to discuss each of the characters to start let’s talk about aspirin aspirin is a non-selective

Cox inhibitor it is important to note that aspirin irreversibly inhibits cox whereas all other nsaids are reversible inhibitors as you may have already guessed captain a spare represents aspirin to help you remember this captain a spare is super stubborn so he makes irreversibly bad decisions although he’s horrible at taking over planets he refuses to give up so a

Spare aspirin next up is ibuprofen which is represented by one of the donut portal masters the eyeball with the fin this represents ibuprofen ibuprofen i with finn the next two we’re going to look at is diclofenac and indomethacin diclofenac is represented by the cloned dice minions entering the donut portal diclofenac dice clones indomethacin is represented by

The donut portal because a pirate crew always travels by going in the dole not portal you want to think of indomethacin as going in the dough not portal indomethacin in dough portal the napping ox is there to remind you of naproxen this one is pretty much self-explanatory nap rocks in napping ox in the back you can see a fenced off rooster or which is being put up

For sale the metal fence is there to remind you of methanoic acid so metal fence methanoic acid the for sale represents celecoxib it is important to note that celecoxib is a selective cox-2 inhibitor which is represented by celecoxib isolated to a different area of the picture so celecoxib sell a sib lastly we have acetaminophen which is represented by the other

Doughnut portal master the ace with the fin as we already discussed above acetaminophen isn’t a true and said to help you remember this we gave the doughnut portal master a neon green glowing aura to make him special so acetaminophen ace with finn all right so that’s nsaids and acetaminophen let’s run through a quick review to begin with the planet nsaids flag

Obviously reminds you of the drug class and seds aspirin is a non-selective irreversible drug represented by captain a spare aspirin captain a spare ibuprofen is a non-selective drug an eyeball with the phen ibuprofen that clove enak is also non-selective diclofenac dice clones indomethacin non-selective as well in to the dough not portal indomethacin naproxen

Non-selective the napping ox methanoic acid also non-selective mantle fence meth anomic acid celecoxib is a selective cox-2 inhibitor celecoxib cell a sim lastly we have acetaminophen remember this is not an nsaid but it does inhibit cox-2 in the cns acetaminophen ace with fin well that concludes our video on nsaids remember this is just a study aid so you must

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NSAIDs & Acetaminophen – Learn with Visual Mnemonics By VL Studios