February 1, 2023

Dear Cindy, please enjoy 🙂

Hi hillary my name’s monica i’m going to be your nurse for the day can we take a moment to talk about your new medication as prescribed is this a good time yeah i’m just leaving some emails right now do you mind if i sit here that’s fine so how do you like to learn what i’m a big talker a pen and i love to take notes great i actually have a handout for you laughter

Perfect i can give you a pen and we can you know you can write notes as you go and then we can talk through some things okay okay so um the medication that you’re prescribed is called lasix another neighbor is furosemide and i see that you came in for difficulty breathing you’ve had a lot of swelling any pets in making yeah i’m blown up like a balloon that’s from

Your congestive heart failure so this medication is going to help you get rid of all that fluid it sanics free you’re going to need a lot that’s going to help get that balance backing enough and have so much bloomin okay so you’re going to take this medication it’s 20 milligrams once a day and before we get into that do you have any allergies ok so our do you have

A past history of liver disease electrolyte imbalance digoxin lithium and says antihypertensive okay so if you do again if you do take that medication or anything just be sure to talk to your doctor before you take that are you pregnant hope not okay and then do you have any trouble you’re needing okay perfect so i see that you are type you have type 2 diabetes

Okay so with this medication we want to make sure that we monitor your blood glucose levels really closely so if those become abnormal we need to let the doctor know okay okay it’s important so let’s go back to how you’re going to take the medication so like i said once um every morning if you miss a dose just make sure that you take it as soon as possible but

You never want to double your doses okay you can’t take it with food or milk if your stomach is upset and a lot of people do that and give trouble swallowing these foes you can actually i take them that way so it’s going to take effect within 30 to 60 minutes when we take the pill and then it’ll last i’m six to eight hours so some things that we want to watch

For with this medication is positioned position changes so when you get up really quickly god watch that you could be coming with light-headed or dizzy and if you’re running outside and hot weather if you’re drinking alcohol those are things you want to watch for and a lot of times people will keep a log for their weight so they’ll have a journal they’re going to

Weigh themselves daily and then they also measure that you’re an output so that’s something that can be helpful for you to make sure that you know we’re on track with your medication and you can just a part feeling it’s not putting even that fluid overload again so some other things is to have a attack like a high potassium diet so those bananas and green leafy that

Schools are good and the last thing i want to talk to you about but it’s important it’s some things to watch for so you know if you have any blurred vision if you have nausea vomiting and if you have dry mouth if you you know if you increase first diarrhea fatigue so if we want to watch for those side effects and you need to call the doctor immediately if you have

A rash of you strike you have muscle weakness you have you cram so you have tingling in those extremities ok ok so let’s go ahead and recap with everything that you learn to it so i’m taking this drug to help with getting there the fluid and i need to monitor my glucose levels go ahead it’s a 120 milligrams oh each one and i need to watch for my tingling nausea a

Rash i need to call the doctor awesome people log of like my daily wait awesome okays flappy craig i do you have any other questions right well i’m glad that you get to go home today yeah me too i have a debate coming up so right okay will you take care okay thank you you

Transcribed from video
NU_360 Patient Education Exercise – Furosemide (Lasix) By KatelynnShayne14