March 28, 2023

Oh my god i have so much homework also i really need to do the dishes right now seriously oh my god i was gonna do laundry dry i also organized these uh these nuts oh my god jesus what do i christ i should go shopping who’s closed tara what are you doing the assignment that we’re talking about or what assignment the assignment right now what are you looking up

Uh are you on forever21 yeah he’s close to trash where’s your essay i thought we were doing an essay right right now yeah oh sorry am i bad okay guys i’m really sorry like i just keep zoning out and everything and i feel really bad about it but my attention span is just are you having some trouble focusing on your assignments oh yeah a lot really you’re just

Kind of zoning out yeah all the time pretty much i think there’s something that um could help with your uh focusing in school i have a medication it’s called concerta but the actual name is a methylphenidate and it can treat adhd and narcolepsy and people who just are super tired um throughout the day but it can really help you with focusing in school if you um

Consider it i didn’t know that there was something that amazing that could help me it’s a controlled substance that caused release of norm epinephrine and dopamine partly inhibits reuptake of these two neural transmitters so this could also create some psychosis if you take the drug take it in very high doses it could cause some hallucinations kind of in people with

Schizophrenia your doctor would definitely prescribe you a therapeutic dose for yourself you will experience these symptoms is there a chance that i might die um i believe it’s very unlikely because your doctor would prescribe you your therapeutic dose to begin with so it shouldn’t be able to cause that many extreme side effects this medication can definitely help

You with focusing on school work and everything that you need to get done but there are definitely some side effects to it since it is a cns stimulant can cause insomnia you can be extremely restless at some point and you have a lot of decrease in appetite um since it is kind of suppressing that part of your body there could be some cardio effects as in like a

Fast heart rate um and just like palpitations that you can feel how should i take this drug well you should probably take concerta it’s a brand of methylfinity which is the drug you’re gonna take it’s an oral tablet that you can’t crush or chew because it could be an extended release type of formulation so you don’t want to mess with that and you should take it

With food in the morning and it’s a once daily dose so be sure not to drink any caffeine or take any cns stimulants especially don’t drink alcohol three whoa i feel like i can really focus now low susceptible pain versus neuropathic pain well i just read like five paragraphs i didn’t even like think about doing the laundry oh my god i could read this entire book

Whoa this commercial is sponsored by lenny’s pharmacology for nursing care um by jacqueline rosenjack jacqueline rosenthal and laura d rosenthal this is 10th edition and it’s published by elsa beer um jesus christ i think it’s 2020. yeah it is so um what do you think about the farm exam here coming up uh well we definitely need a study more for you um tara have

You planned to study for a farm no wait what we haven’t eaten wait what are we doing here wait what are we saying here marshall is sponsored by this textbook by evolve esseviere pharmacology for nursing care 10th edition you forgot year um 2020 okay wait go well there’s something that could fix the issue not the issue but how oh god you

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NUR 378 Medication Commerical: Methylphenidate By Tahra Dongon