December 8, 2022

NURSE gets Her *BACK CRACKED* by Chiropractor by Dr Joseph Cipriano.

Oh that’s so much better so much better you just added another year to my life what happened to you greatly i know seeing it you sing as you’re a nurse you do everything yeah i had a um i had a sprained shoulder about five years ago from stopping a fall okay and so did physical therapy therapy for about a month but it just the pain got worse and there was there

Was no relief and also that was when i started going to the first chiropractor he helped it got to where i thought if i’d go at least like twice a month i’d have some fairly good relief with this shoulder but then just lifted something one day that i shouldn’t have about uh three months ago okay and i felt a pull right in here and then within i would say five

Or six hours later that evening this side just puffed up and so i thought at first i was like it was just a pulled muscle it’s not that bad but then they said my um like part of my cervical vertebrae yeah has shifted a little bit and then was kind of sitting on a bundle of nerves when they did when they did the x-ray so i was i started going to um a chiropractor

Closer to home named dr bravos and he kind of does everything that i’ve seen you do um i think the only difference is he can’t get the spine between the shoulder blades okay and he also does not use the wash strap okay so um i should i don’t know if i put on that paperwork that we do have osteo and rheumatoid in family members but as far as i know i’ve never been

Diagnosed with it okay arthritis yes and in my neck specifically god she gotcha they put me on um meloxicam and snazadine but the um tenacity caused such bad rebound arthritis like it would work perfectly for you know four to six hours but then as soon as it started wearing off i was having all kinds of joint pain oh it was like my knees would just go to hurting

My i was like i can’t take that anymore that ain’t worth it no no so when i started watching your videos and i was just looking at there’s got to be a chiropractor that can fix this and of course i think your videos pop up pretty much first other than anybody else’s so really good work from what i can tell thank you i think i probably watched about i don’t know

100 of your dang okay let me know if there’s any pain or tenderness any pain with any of that just feels tight there we go so how’d that feel a lot better a lot better moved actually really well though too i was glad i was at first just hoping that it would get it to move and then i was like no we’re good oh between the shoulder blades was like instant

Relief was it yes and then you can relax your arms so what did you do to your neck i’m telling you what are those trigger points yeah holy crap yeah it’s all sad to get used to the pain you know what it happens so it really does and it’s like such a terrible thing because you yeah you truly you get like accustomed to having a certain pain your body just gets

Used to and you’re living with it but then the kicker like so many times you see like in my videos people after the wise trap they’re like i’m not in pain right like freaking out it’s like yeah no that so you should be living like shouldn’t be living in pain yeah i know there’s a reason people drive like 10 hours to come to see you and i had two brothers today

Drove from northwest iowa they said it was 16 hour drive wow i was i couldn’t believe they left and they’re doing the drive back and i bet the drive back was a lot better than the drive here like i couldn’t even sleep last night i was oh really just tossing and turning and hurting lower back seems to be fine for the most part it’s just like from the shoulder

Blades up and especially the neck yeah i’m just a mess go um face down again for me okay pull up onto your back it’s the first time i ever had my ankles popped oh i noticed what did you feel um it’s like an accordion opening up just all the way down all the way down to my hips so gosh i must have been really compressed first time having that done right

Oh yeah first time i bet she’s over there looking like i’ve never been i didn’t even know what he was going to do watch no video there been no chiropractic i’ll show them to you on the ride home hard enough to find pants long enough is that like a thera gun or just on it yeah oh oh my gosh all my kids are gonna want to come to youtube it kind of strange from

Like hair down but everything else feels a lot looser i think my lower my lower things was just like you’ve never done that before yeah i was in there oh that’s so much better so much better oh yeah a lot better a lot more range of motion good oh thank you you are welcome you just added another year to my life and saved me a lot of like extra appointments

Because if i could just to do this a few times a year then i won’t have to go every single month twice no so it’s actually two typically i see patients about three to four times a year okay so about every three months yeah about every three four months too see this is september right around christmas though or are you gonna you know november to summer okay yeah

Right around there either way i’ll come earlier i feel like i’m gonna get home i’m just gonna like oh you’re gonna be able to sleep tonight you said last night you didn’t sleep oh wow you’re gonna crash this whole shoulder here was just oh so now it’s it already feels better thank you so much and i look forward to seeing you again

Transcribed from video
NURSE gets Her *BACK CRACKED* by Chiropractor By Dr Joseph Cipriano DC