February 1, 2023

OEL Fastrac is a simply and affordable way to instantly obtain a high-quality occupational exposure limit monograph for common active pharmaceutical ingredients. For more information, go to

Since 2002 pharmaceutical biotech and medical device companies around the world have all relied on affability solutions to provide them with potent compound safety classifications in occupational exposure limits for their active pharmaceutical ingredients traditionally obtaining occupational exposure limit monograph for an active pharmaceutical ingredient was a

Long and expensive process and with the speed that the industry is currently operating that was a real problem but that was until today because today we’d like to introduce you to a il fast-track oh eo fast-track is a rapid and affordable way to obtain occupational exposure limit monographs for common active pharmaceutical ingredients to use oe l fast-track you

Simply can go to any popular search engine and type in the words a we l fast-track our you can simply enter this oh l fast-track into the url box as you can see the results come up oh al fast track is listed toward the top in either way you’ll end up on the oe l fast-track homepage once on the oe l fast track homepage you have a couple options to see if the active

Pharmaceutical ingredient is currently in our oem fast-track catalog you can simply click on the link scroll down and see if your compound is currently available in our catalog of many many common active pharmaceutical ingredients the other option is to go to the oe l fast track search box and search for the api you can either search by chemical name or by caste

Number if the compound is not listed no problem you can simply request a custom oh l by clicking on the link that says contact our toxicology experts describe your custom oe l requests put your contact information and we’ll get in touch with you shortly to get additional details so let’s now go through a brief example in this case we’re going to search for the api

Glipizide we can simply go to the oem fast-track search box and type in the word glipizide and then hit return as you can see on the screen yes we do have this api in our oem fast-track catalog click on the provided link review the description to make sure it’s the correct api then select the order now button you’ll now be presented with a traditional shopping cart

Interface now at this point you can either continue to shop for additional oal monographs or you can checkout in addition you can also make changes to your shopping cart simply go to the quantity backspace put the quantity of 0 if you no longer want that oal monograph and click on the link update cart in this example we will checkout you’ll now be asked to enter

Your contact and payment information once you’ve completed all the required fields click the pay now button there’ll be a brief lag while your credit card information is processed and as soon as it’s processed you’ll be provided with a link to immediately download your occupational exposure limit monograph in pdf format in addition to the unscreened link you’ll be

Emailed a document linked to the previously provided email address and in a separate email you’ll be provided with a receipt for your purchase so there you go oh al fast-track it rapid an affordable way to obtain high-quality occupational exposure limit monographs in future videos we’ll discuss the types of information that you might see on these monographs thank you

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Occupational Exposure Limits for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients – OEL Fastrac By Affygility Solutions