June 4, 2023

Hello everyone my name is alicia laladini i’m a dmp student at umass global this is a cycle pharmacology case presentation on the medication shows and trisodon triazidone and anti the present drug approved by the fda for treating major depressive disorders and symptoms as a children with depression is chosen for this medical case presentation this drug is used

Alongside other drugs or psychotherapies for treating depression beyond its antidepressant activity the drug is used of labour for insomnia anxiety substance abuse post-traumatic stress and bulimia because of its serotonin receptor antagonism and serotonin reuptake and beating effects it is used for ptsd when the first line treatment using ssris does not show

Efficacy trisodon is not fda approved and sedation for individuals with sleep disorders due to insufficient clinical data to justify its use as a sleep aid vision hair is a 55 year old patient who presented with the following symptoms anxiety sleep disturbance fatigue agitation poor appetite weight loss and poor concentration this patient has um language skills

That is intact and as a normal heart rate for the physical symptoms indicates that a patient is in a depressed mood and as a and this patient has attempted to commit suicide in the past at least three times i was diagnosed with major depressive disorder in 2021 during the interview with patient m she indicates that her husband died of pancreatic cancer six months

Ago and she’s here to come to terms with the loss and is depressed mention him as one grown-up child who resides in another state and who really visits app bishop lives alone she does not have friends in the neighborhood some of her past medical history was retrieved from the ahr this information is highly reliable patient hem has sleep disturbance nervousness

For the past three weeks and she has a lot of loss of appetite and she’s also losing weight in him started to experience sleep disturbance and poor appetite three weeks ago she resorted to violence to help boost her appetite but it did not show any efficacy in the past she has been diagnosed with recurring depression and she suspects to have the same condition

At this time the use of ambien has not helped address her sleep problems she does not use any other medication however she has been admitted in the hospital in the past for suicidal behaviors and was also she was also treated for depression in the past patient ham has also been using tobacco products for the last 20 years she went for a psychiatric treatment

In 2019 and depression treatment in 2020 she does not have any recorded allergies patient m was brought up in a family with domestic violence which forced her parents to separate while she was nine years nine years old the patient has a history of being bullied for being overweight in high school and this has actually influenced a sense of what enables you to

Make friends which aims cost poorly in a social skills and in social skills and making friends a mental health assessment is an asset why a portfolio do not support our mental liabilities fiscal examination shows that patient health suffers from lack of appetite poor concentration of fatigue the differential diagnosis is anxiety which causes her to experience

Sleep disturbance disturbances and loss of appetite patient m diagnosis indicate that a patient suffers from suppression and a physical assessment indicate that she has anxiety the condition dsm code is 296.36 that’s a recurrent major depressive disorder and the icd code is f 32.9 the evidence-based non-pharmacological intervention for patients would be to

Take the extract of rhodiola russia adaptogenic plant that has been reported to have therapeutic effects in clinical trials in alleviating stress and relieving depression symptoms rhodiola russia product has been used in asia eastern europe as a natural remedy for fatigue patient m will be taught to identify the recommended dosage for positive health outcomes

Moreover the patient will return to the significance of having social network as a useful non-pharmacological approach to prevent depression patients m child will also be taught about the value of keeping in touch with our mother to prevent air from developing depression triceratone is the most appropriate medication to use with patient m as she has been diagnosed

With recurrent major depressive disorder the precise diagnosis of major depressive disorder is vital before recommending transit onto patient patient m has a history of recurring major depressive disorder and she presents symptoms for depression which could be best treated with tragedy as an anti-depressant drug for treating depression and associated symptoms the

Second case study is the case study for patient n patient n manifests the following symptoms fatigue sweating appetite loss and irritability she is a 46 year old african-american muslim woman a mother of two grown up children who lives and do not come home regularly patient n was diagnosed with anxiety and depression disorder in 2020 physical observation indicate

That patient n has normal heart rate and present signs of anxiety does not have any friends i heard record was updated two weeks ago therefore the patient’s information is very current she experiences poor appetite and insufficient sleep because of several nights of sleeplessness which n began experiencing sleeplessness three months ago and skips meals because

Of poor appetite she does not take any medication at this time and is not receiving any psychiatric treatment at this time in 2020 she was treated with bracelet diazepam and does not have any drug or substance use addiction patient then acts not at any kid treatment apart from the vitamin in 2019 she does not have allergies but respect to family history which an

Elder son was diagnosed with major depressive disorder as for the developmental and social history the patient was brought up in a healthy family environment however when in high school she suffered from anxiety a social assessment indicated that she is less skilled in making social connection assets a mental health assessment while liabilities are on supportive

Threats to a mental health the physical examination revealed that the patient has a sleepless night and suffers from poor appetite diagnosis that patient m suffers from his anxiety and the results of a psych assessment indicates that beside anxiety she’s also depressed anxieties icd-10 code is f419 i’m sorry anxiety’s icd code is f4 1.9 and dsm code is three zero

Zero point zero one green zodia pen treatment is recommended for patient n progressive muscle relaxation will also be recommended for patient because research evidence shows its effectiveness and manicure anxiety by making patients feel calm the contraction and relaxation of muscles is said to regulate emotional and physiological reactions to stressful events

Making patients feel calmer moreover patients education to identify factors that triggers a current mental health state will be done to avoid those factors that might wasn’t a condition tricedon is not appropriate to use with patient end because it’s used for anxiety is of libel which means fda has not approved them because of lack of sufficient clinical data to

Justify its use based on the symptoms manifested by patient m and patient n are consistent with those of patients suffering from major depressive disorder and anxiety does the diagnosis for patient m is depression and anxiety for patient and transcendent as an fda approved anti-depressant alongside non-pharmacologic interventions we improve medical outcomes

For patient m however triazadone is inappropriate for patient n because it’s used for anxiety is not approved by fda diversity factors influence the decision making with these two patients even both are female american muslims due to their religious values and beliefs the two patients said that they preferred their physical examination be performed by a female

Healthcare practitioner moreover the patients felt comfortable making their decisions in the process of a female nurse necessary advert adaptations were considered to include interest of these two patients research has demonstrated that transcendent is one of the most effective fda approved anti-depressant recommended for patients diagnosed with major depressive

Disorder in patient m the death of a husband and a lonely life contributed to our depression transaction could be effective when used alongside the asteroid of radiola roseau adaptogenic plant that has been reported to have therapeutic effects in alleviating depression symptoms in clinical trials thank you for listening to my presentation

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Olushola Oladele- Psychopharmacology Case Presentation: Trazodone Medication By Olushola Oladele