June 1, 2023

In this episode of Drug Talk, I discuss a common medication from the PPI class known as Omeprazole or Losec.

Everybody welcome to another episode of drug talk as always i’m your host garrett campbell terry we discussed you in the medication known as omeprazole or the brand-name lowsec so omeprazole falls into the class of ppis or proton pump inhibitors missing the same class medication as pen stoppers all or tanta lock which we discussed in one of our earlier videos it

Works by inhibiting the exchange of potassium and hydrogen on the hydrogen potassium atpase pump it is effective in both basal acid secretion as well as stimulated acid secretion and the extent of inhibition is typically dose dependent in terms of indications or reasons the medication would typically be prescribed it can be used in any case where a suppression of

Acid secretion will help the individual oftentimes we see this necessary if somebody has a duodenal ulcer a gastric ulcer or either one of those two ulcers which is induced by an nsaid or a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or advil it can be used in symptomatic gerd or gastroesophageal reflux disorder as well as reflux esophagitis the hyper

Secretory condition zollinger-ellison syndrome can be helped with ppos and not just a mep result ppi is in general are often one of a couple medications used in a cocktail to help combat h pylori in the gut now before someone actually is prescribed inserts using omeprazole or lowsec there are some contraindications or warnings that they should be made aware of so

For starters no one should use this medication if they’re hyper sensitive to omeprazole or any component of the tablet or capsule when a gastric ulcer is suspected low sex shouldn’t be used until the possibility of malignancy is ruled out because if you take sar taking low sex without the proper diagnosis it could actually mask symptoms and the diagnosis would be

Delayed now there are also some precautions that people should be made aware of as well because geriatric patients showed an increase in bioavailability with this medication typically we wouldn’t go over a dose of twenty milligrams in the older populations patients with hepatic insufficiency or liver issues do show an increase in bioavailability but about 75% of

The medication again bioavailability meaning the amount of medication that actually gets into your bloodstream um however a 20 milligram dose taken once daily for a few weeks actually showed to be tolerated in these patients so it’s a good idea to keep at 20 milligrams no dose adjustment is required if an individual has renal insufficiency it should also be made

Aware that i met result is metabolized but a sip 3450 system so there are several medications that could interact with them represent so when somebody does start using this medication typically it’s taken at a dose of 20 milligrams once a day often times of ppi is in general we recommend people to take the medication about 30 minutes before breakfast if someone

Was to develop a duodenal ulcer they would typically take 20 milligrams once a day for about two weeks if after these two weeks the ulcer was still occurring and they could take the medication for an additional two weeks followed by another evaluation in refractory patients with the ulcer they can move from 20 to 40 milligrams taking once a day and typically it

Would take about four to six weeks to see resolution for individuals with a gastric ulcer they would take 20 milligrams as well once a day however he usually takes about four weeks for this one to resolve and then if you didn’t have complete resolution you could use the medication for an additional four weeks we typically follow the same rules if it’s an nsaid

Or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug induced ulcer and that we still use 20 milligrams once a day and it takes about four weeks for resolution many people uses medication simply take one dose in the morning to help suppress that acid if they’re experiencing gerd or some other symptoms similar in terms of side effects with the mep result it’s actually very

Well tolerated most side effects have been transient and there hasn’t been a consistent relationship established between those side effects and the medication there are some side effects that occur over 1% of the time for example diarrhea happens in 2.8 percent of the population headaches and 2.6 percent flatulence in 2.3 percent and sometimes some abdominal

Pain in 1.7 percent of people constipation can happen 1.3 percent of the time and dizziness having 1.1 percent of the time there are some other adverse effects listed but as i mentioned is not a consistent relationship shown through studies between these side effects and the medication and they’ll happen at a percentage less than 1% so we’re gonna leave those

Out of this video if somebody was using the medication long term and they wanted to stop the medication it’s important to be aware of this fact when you stop taking a proton pump inhibitor occasionally your stomach can actually secrete more acid than it was previously taking the medication this is known as rebound acid secretion for this reason is important to

Know that not necessarily to jump right back to the medication if you do experience side effects after stopping it because it could just be this rebound so often times instead of stopping cold turkey you’ll go from 20 milligrams maybe down to 10 milligrams and use that once daily for a few weeks best thing to do is to keep your doctor and pharmacist up to date

If you do intend to stop the therapy that’s all i really have to say about omeprazole as i mentioned we did do another proton pump inhibitor parenteau up rizal i’m one of the first couple videos if you want to check out that one you can just find it in the video section of the channel as always this channel is for information purposes only please don’t use the

Channel as a source of recommendations for your personal health care if you have any questions about any of the medications i cover just direct them towards your personal health care provider that’s it for today take care

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