February 1, 2023

Omeprazole or Prilosec is a medication that is used to treat Acid Reflux of Heartburn. Are you tired of suffering from it? Are you worried about possible side effects? Get a Doctors perspective on how to recognize if you have it, what kind of side effects to look out for and if it is safe to take long term.

Have you been taking over the counter prilosec has your doctor recommended that you take keep watching to help you understand what welcome to family med, i’m dr. richardson information to help your family make healthy decisions. on today’s episode we are going to be going is given for acid reflux named prilosec or omeprazole is a medication that is used to these are conditions

Such as acid reflux or we also use it to treat stomach ulcers, a stomach and some rare conditions where there but most people taking it are just looking omeprazole belongs to the group of medications what these medications do is work on the little out of all the different acid type medications medications in this same class have the benefit of lasting longer. the most

Common condition that we treat with gerd is a condition where the acid contents esophagus past a protective muscle called the sphincter. will irritate and burn the esophagus causing behind the breastbone and moving upward to the neck and throat. there are other symptoms that aren’t quite bad breath and even a cough, but i don’t recommend talk to your doctor about what

You are feeling once its determined that indeed you have acid that you have to treat it but discussing all just know that for a good percentage of people, make a big difference in controlling and even eliminating your symptoms. so let’s say you’ve talked to your doctor the 40 mg dose is by prescription only whereas this medication is designed to be taken on a daily basis.

Are only having occasional symptoms you may do better with one of those. if you are taking this medication on your it is recommended that you limit its use to 2 weeks. to be taking it thinking that you are treating so it is always a good idea, that if you are you feel might be acid reflux, you should one other really important thing to understand about this medication.

Get a rebound production of acid that can need to stay on this medication because every the problem is not that they are producing if you have been on it for more than a couple okay, so now for the question that probably brought you to this video. omeprazole is actually very well-tolerated but, as with any medication, if it can have these are not common but being aware of

Them is valuable. also, there is a possibility that it can cause it can cause something called pancreatitis inflamed and make you sick as well as it can there are also some newer concerns about these more recently, and we think it has something remember, proton pump inhibitors like omeprazole well, one of the things that is needed to so when you decrease how much acid you

Have were not exactly sure about the clinical significance b and iron levels as well as increase your again we aren’t totally sure about whether our own bodies but its important thing to be aware of. increasing your risk of developing a magnesium deficiency. many now recommend checking magnesium levels the last thing you need to be careful with body processes and breaks

Down this medication is similar to a lot of other different medications. omeprazole out of all the antiacids tends to have more interactions. or clopidrogel, blood pressure medications and some antidepressants. just remember that if you are taking medications so what to do with all of this information and how do you decide what to do? look at your diet, exercise habits

And work on stopping smoking. just by making some simple changes to your some weight they were able to significantly when that is not working, you really need to be talking to your doctor if you feel omeprazole long-term untreated acid reflux not only leads cause significant problems including changes so as you can see untreated acid reflux is also dangerous. under the

Direction of your doctor so they you decide the risks and benefits of each decision. it certainly can make you miserable but luckily there is a medication like omeprazole that well, i hope that after watching this you omeprazole is one option that can help but i’d like to hear about what you have found if you’ve found this information to be helpful i have a lot of other

Videos on different health topics out there. so until next tine, this is familymed with your body because it’s the only one you have.

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OMEPRAZOLE (PRILOSEC): For Heartburn/What are the Side Effects? By Erik Richardson D.O.