January 26, 2023

In this video, you’ll learn the side effects of Omeprazole and it’s mechanism of action, so how it is working inside the body.

In this video you will learn the side effects of a meprazole and omeprazole’s mechanism of action pharmacology can be really challenging to learn in nursing school so we are going to break it down super simple step by step for you so you can finally understand it so do not worry friend you don’t have to figure everything out yourself anymore for nursing school

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Let’s dive in okay now let’s talk about omeprazole the generic name omeprazole and the trade name prilosec the pharmacologic class of omeprazole is a proton pump inhibitor and the therapeutic class is a gastric acid suppressant the indications of ameprazole is that it’s used to treat gerd or gastroesophageal reflux disease gastric ulcers and heartburn the

Mechanism of action of ameprazole is that it inhibits acid production in the stomach by blocking the proton pumps which are within the parietal cells those are in the stomach lining these are responsible for producing the acidic gastric secretions so by blocking the production of this it is limiting the amount of acid that is produced the therapeutic effect of

A meprazole is that there is decreased acid in the gastric secretions now it does not decrease the gastric secretions as a whole it just decreases the acidity of them so this results in relief of heartburn relief of gerd symptoms and healing of ulcers some side effects you’ll want to watch out for if your patient is on a meprazole are gi upset and constipation

Which can occur as the gas gastric secretions are being altered increased furious if classroom difficile or c diff can occur as the normal gastric secretions are being altered for your nursing assessment if your patient is on a meprazole you’re going to want to do a thorough abdominal assessment monitoring their bowel sounds monitoring for any abdominal distention

Or tenderness monitor for changes in their stool such as if they turn black and tarry it could indicate a gi bleed which is related to an ulcer or colitis diarrhea could also be a sign of c diff some major contraindications if your patient is on a meprazole is you want to monitor closely in patients who have decreased liver function because it can interfere with

Bioproduction as well for patient education if your patient is taking a meprazole you’re going to want to educate them on taking this medication before meals and on an empty stomach the morning is the best time to take it around 30 minutes before eating you’re going to want to avoid nsaids aspirin and alcohol as they may increase your gi irritation if this is

For treatment of ulcers take the medication for the full prescribed time frame even if the patient is feeling better for nursing considerations for ameprazole it can take a full three to four days to take its full effect so encourage your patient to stick it out and wait to see if it is going to help now if you want to deep dive into all the other medications

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