January 26, 2023

An introvert with major depressive disorder tells you what taking the antidepressant Wellbutrin is like. This introvert is not a doctor and this video is not a recommendation of any pharmaceutical. Just the story of one person’s experience. Everyone’s experience taking antidepressants will be different. I’m sharing my (mostly) positive experience to help you research a possible solution for managing your depression. I am in no way suggesting that Wellbutrin is a blanket solution to treating depression, talk to your doctor and decide together if this might be a drug that works for you.

Prescription medication the least fun kind of drug there is come along with me as i start taking wellbutrin for the first time and let you in on the good the bad and the ugly i’m an introvert in a city and i make videos about living your best introvert life i live with major depressive disorder also called dystemia for me it’s just like a long slow monotonous

Drudge of depression every single day i don’t usually have days where i can’t get out of bed but i also don’t have days that i feel amazing and like i can get out there and tackle life so i’ve been managing my depression mostly through lifestyle stuff through exercising through eating well um just that’s really it it didn’t go much farther than that i can tolerate

The bad mood i’m in a bad mood most of the time i’m irritable most of the time um i’m okay with crying at dog videos on the internet that seems perfectly normal to me what was really getting to me was fatigue i was tired all the time i would sleep eight hours at night sometimes nine and then usually at about two i would take a nap and that nap it’s not a 20

Minute nap it was like a two-hour nap it was just really disruptive the worst part of it was that my naps didn’t even really help i’d feel disoriented i’d feel groggy i’d feel like i got hit by a mack truck obviously i couldn’t go on like this for any extended period of time the only thing that i accomplished one week was getting to level 400 and best fiends

So about a month ago i met with a psychiatrist and she prescribed wellbutrin all my research showed that wellbutrin was the most commonly prescribed antidepressant for combating fatigue i’ve tried medication for depression before and i could not deal with the side effects there was nausea there was dizziness there were headaches there was dry mouth i knew that

I couldn’t go through with that again um plus when the medication actually started working and i was having less side effects not no side effects but less side effects then i just felt like an emotional zombie so i went off the medications and i just haven’t been willing to try anything new for a long time wellbutrin does have less side effects generally than

Most antidepressant medication so there’s less sleepiness um the sex your sex drive doesn’t go away weight gain actually weight loss is sometimes associated with wellbutrin i’m not sure the exact reason behind this but wellbutrin is different than most antidepressants most anti-depressants are ssris things like uh prozac lexapro efxor paxil zoloft they’re all

Ssris well betrine is an ndri so it affects different receptors in the brain it affects dopamine receptors instead of serotonin receptors i’m not a scientist i don’t know exactly how this works i don’t think scientists know exactly how this medication affects your brain but even though wellbutrin is more tolerated than most antidepressants my psychiatrist did

Warn me that you know there’s always the possibility of having unpleasant side effects and it was really up to me to weigh the risks of side effects over feeling better so i went ahead i filled the prescription and started taking it about a month ago the side effects for wellbutrin are i mean kind of similar to most medications i think dry mouth nausea vomiting

Stomach pains loss of appetite insomnia tremors sweating uh wellbutrin can make anxiety worse headache jointer muscle pain it does increase your risk of seizures um and it interacts with a lot of other medications and supplements there are drug interactions between bell butane and 414 other medications if you’re maybe thinking about talking to your healthcare

Provider about going on wellbutrin you have to let them know all of the medications and supplements that you’re taking to prevent any of these really serious side effects from drug interactions so i mentioned that wellbutrin can possibly make anxiety worse i do also live with anxiety i did discuss that with my psychiatrist she mentioned that the wellbutrin could

Potentially make me feel more anxious um and that if that was unbearable there was another medication that we can add to the mix called abuse bar i’m still adjusting to making taking these pills a habit so i really want to add another one in the mix so how has it been so far surprisingly not shitty i have had some side effects um not but not debilitating i think

Dry mouth is the most bothersome of all of them i’ve had a little bit of dizziness but nothing like when i was on the ssris which would like literally make the room spin this is just like you know you stand up too fast i’ve also had stomach pains and i think that was kind of user error so i don’t think i i don’t think i ate enough and then i took it and i don’t

Think i had enough water with it overall i don’t think the side effects are going to be the factor in determining whether i continue taking low butane or not so as far as the intended effects of the drug go in treating depression i wouldn’t say that my mood has been altered um very much i think that i’m slightly less edgy and snappy so i was really just concerned

About the energy level and i had a little brain fog and it was hard for me to concentrate so i’m glad that i feel a tiny bit less on edge um but i wouldn’t say it’s made me happier overall so it’s definitely affected my sleeping and my energy level overall i wouldn’t say like it’s my energy level isn’t skyrocketing i don’t feel like i can go out and run a

Marathon but i do wake up and i’m not groggy um when i’m up i’m up i rarely nap i wouldn’t say never because old habits die hard but i’ve been napping a lot less and that makes me feel like this is something that i should continue taking so i do feel slightly more anxious in social situations and i have felt like i want to interact with people a lot less which

Isn’t ideal obviously this stuff isn’t over the counter it’s having a direct impact on your brain you really want a trained professional along to help you take it properly sound off in the comments if you’ve taken wellbutrin before and if you felt like it was a good or bad experience for you that’s all for me i need some alone time now

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One Month On Wellbutrin By Introvert And The City