January 27, 2023

Sharing my personal experience live with anyone who can benefit or is just curious. I started Venlafaxine a week ago for seasonal depression. Here in my update on how I’ve been feeling

Okay hello guys welcome to just breezy i’m bree um i’m sorry i didn’t realize i was going live right when it said live but hello happy uh wednesday it’s even wednesday today’s tuesday let’s start over shall we hi guys it’s bree welcome to just breezy if you’re not a subscriber we’d love for you to be one today is tuesday so happy happy tuesday everyone i wanted

To come on hey lisa and last week and the week before i was doing some lives hello clumsy mimi um i was going live on here just sort of giving some updates to how i was feeling from a mental health perspective you know i’m super open on here about um my struggles with anxiety and what i’ve done for that and how this time of year i really struggle with seasonal

Depression and i was realizing last week and the week before um that it was really taking a hold of who i am and it was making me feel like i was sort of falling into this like hole of despair and who the hell wants to be in a hole of despair right i mean there’s so much stuff going on around us if we don’t need to be in a hole of despair like get me out so i went

To talk to my doctor last week and i will tell you and i’ve talked openly about this on here before i was very fearful and very hesitant last year to start any type of medication for my anxiety um but i felt like that was at a point that i really needed some help and thankfully i’ve had a good experience with that made videos on here feel free to watch um and i

Got to a point in my life where i was feeling the same about depression like i don’t want to feel this way anymore so spoke with the doctor and he started me on something called then laxaprin something like that i actually took the bottle before i went live i should have just kept it next to me and i was like let me practice it a few times because i am terrible

Terrible then yeah then lac lac laphasine then laugh a scene am i saying it right thank you jackie that’s it i think it’s been laughisine i think i’m saying it right i don’t know it’s that whatever it is it is that so i’ve been on it now for a full week and my doctor said it could definitely take a little while to kind of kick in and feel any effects of it so

I didn’t really want to talk about it too much on here until i really started to feel something something different good or bad now i will say for a few days i was feeling some side effects um for me it was some dizziness i sort of have that anyway when i get up because i have low blood pressure so a lot of times if i get up too quickly i’ll see like spots and

I need to sit down and i’m like well take a minute but i was having that happen more and it was a little bit more intense so i knew from our conversation my conversation with the doctor um that that could be a side effect and thankfully i’d say over the past few days that’s definitely subsided back to my normal bouts of dizziness so oh excuse me gotta scratch

My throat but i wanted to come on and say that after a full week i have definitely in the past few days started to feel i guess for lack of a better word but better you know um and i have said this before about my anxiety medication it’s not a cure it doesn’t make everything go away but i’m not looking for that for me anyway what i needed what i i desperately

Needed was just to feel just a little better a little lighter i needed a little bit of like a life uh thing not preserver what is wrong with me the thing you throw out to people when they’re drowning the tube the life preserver right i’m gonna go with that a buoy anything like that that prevents you from drowning i needed that and that’s what i feel like so i

Often describe my depression as feeling like a heavy weight like i’m wearing a baby bjorn in the front with a 90 pound sloth i don’t know if that gives you a nice visual of what that may feel like but this weight was the the biggest um obstacle in me sort of moving throughout my day right if you think of like a physical weight that would that would be a lot of

Weight to carry on but when you feel that emotionally and mentally and then you start to feel it physically that’s what i was experiencing ed hello it’s so good to see you i don’t know see you kind of ish see your name hi um how are you but i was just kind of giving an update to the whole uh seasonal depression medicine thing just because i was talking about it

Last week um so that weight ah good i know i’ve missed you guys but that weight that i was describing and i’m sure for those of you that have experienced depression maybe you know that weight that i’m talking about because i think a lot of people equate depression with oh they’re really sad right uh jackie said it took me three months to get over the withdrawals

Of stopping anti-depressants i know i know it’s um and that’s the other thing i think that people fear if they start something then how is it going to be to stop it you know and how long is that process going to be and i’ve definitely thought about that too like oh how long is that going to take but for me right now i like i needed something to just sort of like

Help get me get me to stop feeling like i was walking through sludge that’s what it is um oh i love that the gang is all here well not the whole gang but some of the gang yay and um i will say that in the past handful of days i have felt like i’m getting back to myself you know um feeling and again ernie oh my goodness this is just like a big old family reunion

Hi ernie yay um but feeling back to myself because oh ed says i’m at school doing homework and thought i would take a break that’s lovely i’m glad that we’re part of your break ed oh i want to hear more about school too what that’s all about um but what i was saying is that i think a lot of times people equate depression with sadness they’re like oh they must

Be i’m at work and between customers see i’m getting everybody i’m getting everybody on their break um and i think for me anyway depression is more than just sadness it’s really like the inability to experience emotions that i can feel when i’m not depressed you know so joy and motivation and feeling like i am part of my life and not just sitting there like a

Lump on a log on the couch um so now if i want to sit on my couch i feel like that’s my decision and not my mind and my body taking over and just me feeling like oh i really want to do things but i can’t you know so that’s why i was really excited to kind of come on here and give an update a follow-up to what i was talking about last week with mental health and

Depression um and also to really point out that i i know that i’m fortunate i am very fortunate in that i started lexapro for anxiety and lexapro is a good fit for me i started this other one jackie if you want to write it again because you know i butchered the pronunciation with the v i started this as an anti-depressant and so far it’s working for me but if

You’re somebody that is trying the medication route or thinking about it really keep in mind uh ed said i noticed you did not curl your hair today i didn’t i didn’t feel like i had to that’s so funny a lot of times if anybody doesn’t understand i have shared that sometimes i will put curls in my hair because i just feel so down inside that i feel like well if i

Just do that then it’s like i’m putting in some effort and sometimes it’s kind of fake you know doesn’t mean every time i throw curls in my hair that i’m feeling depressed but um now i feel like if i want to put curls in my hair i can if i just want to wear it straight or wear a mommy bun i can because it’s not like i’m feeling like i’m in a hole of despair and

I’ve given up on life i don’t know if any of that makes sense it makes sense to me um but yeah sometimes with medication even the kids that i work with that need to be put on medication for all different things i tell their families like medication sometimes is a journey and the first one isn’t going to be a fit you know and it’s not going to be a match and if

You’re going through that you need to mike hi babe um you need to know that if a friend of yours or a family member came to you and said i’m trying medication but the first one isn’t working what would you say to them you would say so go to your doctor and try another let them know how it’s making you feel or how it’s not making you feel or how it’s not working

You wouldn’t want them to give up on themselves right oh everybody’s saying hi to each other so that’s how you need to oh there’s a truck coming down the block that oh the fedex man walter please keep it together come here you want to come up no but that’s how we need to treat ourselves especially when we are struggling with something like mental health and if

Something doesn’t work for you at first don’t give up on yourself because that would be so easy right to be like well that didn’t work or that gave me headaches or that made me hungrier than i want to be and i don’t want to gain weight so i’m just going to stop but you’re worth more than that to just give up and stop so that’s how i’m trying to look at this

Because again and i’ve told you guys this i have goals i have things that i want to do and i don’t want things like anxiety and depression to a define me or be turn me into someone that i don’t like and really derail me from getting done so i don’t know like i said one week one full week on it and so far what are you doing buddy oh he’s watching he’s he’s

Watching where’d that fedex man go but so far so good so far so good you know little teeny tiny little teeny tiny pill and um it’s definitely just making me feel less dull you know it’s hello oh chris how are you greeting earthlings luckily bree and mike know what i meant i miss so and i don’t like the comments on youtube because they fade they go they leave

On this on the live they just on my phone they just leave so i don’t get to see them all um but yeah so so far so good like i said i feel like i’m getting back to myself which i’m really excited about and um i would say for anybody who is thinking of starting medication or if you’re going to start medication and i’ve said this before write things down write it

Down take notes on day three i was getting a lot of um dizzy spells you know on day four i felt sick to my stomach give it time because if you start to feel something like oh i feel dizzy let me stop it you gotta give it time unless and your doctor will tell you this i’m not a doctor first of all just to let you know but a lot of these medications oddly enough

Could make certain people feel suicidal or feel even worse than they did which is scary but the doctor will tell you that and if you start feeling that way you call your doctor immediately you have to have that open communication you can’t just be like okay i have my meds peace out see you you got to really pay attention to the way your body is reacting to things

Lisa said it’s amazing what medicine can do for us i take three pills for anxiety yeah and here’s the thing like medication may not be for everybody you know i’m not saying everybody who struggles needs to be on medication maybe you’re able to tackle the way you’re feeling through diet and exercise and mindfulness and all of that um yes okay christmas then lex

Then laughs a scene why can’t i say this why can i say it guys i see where the x and the f and the l are and the v and i can’t say it it’s that that chris just put up but yeah i learned that too ernie i saw and then it disappeared that you write everything down i have to because especially when it’s medication here’s the thing if you don’t write it down you

Call up your doctor for an update right and he’s like how do you feel uh i think i feel okay and then all of a sudden you’re like oh i’m dizzy all the time but meanwhile maybe it was only one day that you felt dizzy right or jim beam i’ve missed you guys so for anyone that doesn’t know i used to go live all right then la fexen then laughs that it’s that i get

Tongue-tied a lot oh but i used to go live on on youtube at night a couple of nights a week and over the summer we had a lot of technical difficulties then mike and i got involved in game of thrones we had some personal things go on with family like h and i just didn’t get back to it and all of these people who are commenting are from who i’ve met a lot of them

Through lives at night and i have to get back to doing that because i had so much fun with you guys um but yeah but that’s that wait ipa nerd here international fanatical abbott alphabet i need help i there are things and i’ve said this before i can see it i could read it in my mind but from here to here it comes out like and i’m like and then i just give up i

Just give up because it’s like it’s not happening um but i do i probably should know how to pronounce the medication i’m on lisa takes it and says easy for you to say yeah i should probably just have it then laughs in van lafixin that doesn’t sound doesn’t sound right chris i’m showing off this is great medical ah it went away education i think that’s what you

Were saying yeah in bilaxifeen and laxafine something like that thanks chris yeah you know what i started um talking openly about it like halloween then laughter i know what you mean but i started talking openly about it last year because i had a lot a lot of struggle with the anxiety and i’m like it’s not just me there are other people out there so i started

Talking about anxiety and then i kind of branched out into talking about things that i’m passionate about and you know dabbling into some parody stuff here and there i don’t really have a niche as they say you’re making a laugh out loud here in the computer lab good then people will be like ed what’s so funny and you’ll be like you need to check out just breezy

On youtube subscribe hit notifications come on ed get it going but um but yeah so the other students are looking yes for sure if you want turn up volume i’ll just be like hey guys in the computer lab extra points for subscribing to just and eds and ernie’s and everybody else’s youtube channel we’ll get it going um but anyway that’s my that’s my spiel that is

My update i’m gonna get you kicked out of here that would be hysterical why did you get kicked out of the computer lab i was watching this youtuber and i just couldn’t stop laughing really who oh good just breezy subscribe see you could work it in just work it into everything genetic name easier mm-hmm and then you know what happens effects or effects or f

Effects or i think that’s how you say it a story for late night yes late night with breezy you guys didn’t know i was musically uh talented as well did you anyway so a good side effect of me actually taking something to help with my depression is that like i said i feel motivated again so now i have to go do some boring adulting errands get an eye exam all that

Crap um but last week i wouldn’t have gotten any of that done ed that’ll be hilarious they’d have to dress in bubble wrap and masks to touch you bubble wrap i love bubble wrap bubble wrap is so much fun looks like i just have this dog coming out of my like right like out of the side of my head uh anyway i would love to stay on here and chat all day and get ed

In trouble oh the visual here i’m sure um but i have to run but guys thank you so much i’m so happy you were all part of this if anybody watches this in the replay and you’re struggling with anxiety depression anything like that feel free to leave a comment i respond to all the comments um because i know when you struggle with mental health it could feel really

Isolating and it could feel really overwhelming and like nothing nothing could possibly change but sometimes just reaching out and talking about it really helps a lot so take care breezy michael and all my friends yes you too you too ed and ernie and chris and lisa and jackie and michael and anybody else um it was great seeing you it’s great talking to you and

Uh we’ll chat again soon love you guys bye

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