February 1, 2023

Good morning my professor my name is chilema onyekwe today i’ll be presenting two case studies first where appraisal can be used to treat panic attack and secondly where approximate cannot be used to treat panic attack appraisal and belongs to a class of medication called the benzodiazepines it acts on the brain and spinal cord to produce a calming effect the

Fda approved appraised lamb for the treatment of anxiety and panic disorder side effects of apres lamb includes drowsiness headache depression constipation or diarrhea dry mouth impaired coordination approach has severe drug interaction with cavamazapine cemetedin claritomycin tetraconazole and saint john’s worth case study one illustrates the use of alprazolam

In the study of panic attack in the treatment of panic attack i presented that eight-year-old african-american female who comes to the clinic for the first time with complaints of panic attack she was accompanied by her 20 year old daughter who is also a source of information husband died four months ago chief complaints patients stated that patients stated my

Heart is pounding and i feel like i’m going to have a heart attack history of present illness patients problems that adds well to her husband’s death and she feels guilty and believes her husband’s ghost will come to haunt her patients take it has no psych history and takes no psych medications she only takes over-the-counter amount of vitamins patient denies

Current use of illicit drugs they stated that she used them when she was in high school many years ago she has no medical history but they stated that she is allergic to penicillins peanuts and pineapples she denies positive psychiatric questions in the family but stated that her mother uses heroine occasionally patient is the last in a family of three children

And recalls her mother yells at her father often she also stated that she was sexually abused by a maternal uncle when she was 11. ekg and thyroid function tests were done and both were negative mental status exam was for mental status exam assessment patient was appropriately dressed shaky and restless and does not maintain eye contact no significant finding

On physical examination for differential diagnosis angina myocardial infarction cardiac disorders pulmonary embolism were all made with all the differential diagnosis for these patients a diagnosis of panic attack was made and for treatment plan appraisal 0.25 milligram q8 was given pvo for non-pharmacological treatments talk therapy encouraging the patient to

Join social groups and educating patients on side effects of medications for the second case study where apras alarm is not recommended i present miss b a 43 year old african-american who is a frequent flyer to the hospital with a complaint of panic attack ms b is a diversity who lives with her two children her two daughters patient and her mother are sources

Of information patient is shabbily dressed restless and does not maintain eye contact for chief complaints patients stated my chest hurts like hell i feel like i find it difficult to breathe history of present illness molar reports that patient problems started four days ago when she wakes up multiple times during the night she complains of severe pain in her

Legs her body constantly shaking and shivering mother reports she has been very aggressive to her children and wouldn’t eat anything for past psychiatric history patient is a non-depression patient past medical history patient has seizures gastric ulcer acute glaucoma and she takes as a acetylopram for depression caveman’s a pain for seizures cemented in for

Gastric ulcers and timol for glaucoma these are her current medications she denies substance abuse she’s allergic to trauma doll and her codon for family history and she has a positive family history mother is modern had depression and grandmother has bipolar patient is the only child in a family in a only child the only child of a single mom and she has had a

Mother has had depression and could not take care of her when she was growing up she was brought up by her grandmother who had bipolar she was sometimes not cared for as a child for diagnostic tests ekg and thyroid function tests were done and they were both naked they were all negative the patient was chablis dressed she was restless she could not maintain eye

Contact she had no assets or liabilities physical examination finding there was nail of notes and vital signs were within acceptable range a diagnosis of angin now was made a differential diagnosis of angina was made myocardial infarction cardiac dysarrythmia and pulmonary embolus and a diagnosis of cardiac panic attack made for treatment plan for my color form

For pharmacological treatment plan citrulline which is zoloft 15 milligram po daily and for non-pharmacological treatment top therapy encouraging patients to socialize educating on side effects and joining social groups in summary approac alarm is indicated in case study one that contraindicated in case study too this is because patient in case study two is on

Cemetery and cabanese pain which has strong drug interaction with apraxialam in addition benzodiazepines affects popular muscles and may increase intracocular pressure and since this patient already has glaucoma a condition characterized by increased intraocular pressure appraisal will be controlled indicated the way anxiety and panic attacks are expressed differs

From culture to culture her disparity among certain ethnic groups lead to poor access to healthcare language idioms of distress health literacy and socio-economic factors such as health insurance or immigration immigration status create barriers to mental health treatments at the end of this study i was able to find out to i was able to gain the knowledge that

Alprazolam has severe drug reaction with kabamazepine and cemented in also that alprazolam cannot be used in patients with acute glaucoma and that’s a lot serotonin selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors such as the loft will be used to treat panic attacks when benzodiazepine is contraindicated and finally the culture and diversity affect our decision making

Process for our patients thank you

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Onyekwe C Case Presentation Alprazolam By Chidinma Onyekwe