March 28, 2023

I explain and describe what Oxycodone is and I dive deep into how the opioid crisis all started. The opioid epidemic has killed over half a million people in total.

What’s up everyone my name is uh lowkey fish and  in this video i’m gonna explain everything you   need to know about oxycodone which is the main  ingredient in percocet oxycontin oxycodone and   explain the effects duration dangers my own   experiences and much more plus i’m gonna break  down why and how profit-driven companies

And big   pharma created the opioid epidemic crisis which is  in total killed over half a million people so if   you like this content please consider subscribing  so what is oxycodone oxycodone is used to treat  severe pain and is one of the most commonly used   opioids in medical settings the opiate is derived  from

Poppy plants and is mainly used to treat   serious pain in people such as cancer patients  chronic pain sufferers or people recovering from   surgery it provides relaxing and pain relieving  effects by binding the nerve receptors in the   brain and blocking the pain signals obviously the  main benefit is pain relief but other

Positive   effects include euphoria mood lift relaxation  anxiety relief and music enhancement oxycodone   is intended as a safer alternative to morphine and  comes in many different forms as well percocet is   a combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen also  known as tylenol oxycotin is an extended release  

Form that releases oxycodone into the bloodstream  throughout the day the onset is about 30 minutes   and lasts roughly 8 to 12 hours peroxycodone is  the immediate release tablets that are released   in the bloodstream right away the onset is 10  to 30 minutes lasting roughly four to six hours   the negative side effects of

These drugs include  loss of appetite dry mouth dizziness headaches   more dangerous when combined with alcohol or   benzodiazepines which greatly increase the risk  of overdosing and possibly dying if someone does   overdose a shot of narcan will counter the effects  of the overdose and save them from dying almost  

Instantaneously long-term usage of oxycodone can  result in physical dependence and cause insomnia   excessive sweating anxiety restlessness and muscle  aches this is why oxycodone can be extremely   addictive and make people physically dependent on  it to live this now brings me to the next part of   the video where we are going

To break down the  entirety of the opioid crisis let’s start off   with this how do people become addicted to opioids  in the first place usually it starts with some   sort of injury which leads to a doctor prescribing  opioids so let’s say an athlete plays football and   tears his acl on a play the doctor then prescribes 

Him oxycodone to help aid his knee pain so okay   the athlete starts taking these opioids during  his recovery to alleviate his pain during this   time he starts to really like the way these pills  make him feel and develops a dependence on taking   up so the doctor cuts off his prescription   although at this point the

Athlete is physically  dependent on taking these opioids but he can’t get   any more because the doctor cut him off so now he  has to resort to buying them on the black market   street dealers but after a while he starts   are expensive so instead of buying pills off   the street he then switches over to heroin due 

To the fact that it’s significantly cheaper he   starts off with just snorting heroin but after a  while he starts to build a tolerance so in order   to combat his tolerance he instead changes to  injecting heroin into his veins with a needle   fast forward to a week later he ends up buying  heroin that’s laced with fentanyl

And when he   there you have it the timeline and process   of someone becoming an opioid addict in this case  you have someone who started off as an athlete who   just unfortunately got injured during a game he  went from taking opioids prescribed for his pain   to shooting up heroin on the streets and it can  happen

To anyone too anyone who’s prescribed   opioids can end up like this they become dependent  on them and then they are cut off by their doctors   and because they can’t get them anywhere else  they have to resolve to the black market and   once you resolve to that you never know what batch  could have fentanyl in it and kill

You whether it   be oxycodone heroin or whatever this all really  started in the 90s when profit-driven companies   and big farmers such as purdue marketed oxycodone  by overstating their efficacy and downplaying the   much less addictive than originally thought and   they would even send sales reps to aggressively 

Market much stronger doses to doctors this led   to opioids becoming overprescribed causing many  people to become dependent and addicted to them   and they’re still overprescribing them to this  day long story short i’ve had a handful of back   surgeries in the past few years and just from  those three surgeries i was given

Hundreds of   pills for three surgeries luckily i have a decent  mindset and never got addicted but that’s not the   same story for everyone i could have ended up like  that football player or anyone else like i said i   was given hundreds of pills the opioid epidemic  is the deadliest drug crisis in american history  

About the same amount of deaths from car crashes   and gunshot wounds essentially meaning that these  drugs kill more people than actual violent events   as stated before these street dealers are cutting  it with fentanyl which is a hundred times stronger   a few tiny specks of it and as time goes on   more and more stronger

Drugs are being developed  and cut into these opioids as well recently one   that’s come out is called car fentanyl which is  a hundred times more potent than regular fentanyl   could take out an entire city with just one gram   please remember to smash that like button and  subscribe for more good vibes in the future  

And i’d love to make you part of the journey   drug that is overdose potential click this   video to learn all about ghb which is a famous  party drug used by people like college students   concert goers and many more my name is lowkey fish  and i’ll catch you on the next one peace out

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Opioid Crisis & 𝗢𝗫𝗬𝗖𝗢𝗗𝗢𝗡𝗘 Explained! (Percocet, Oxycontin, Roxicodone) By Lowkey Fish 🐠