January 26, 2023

DON’T WAIT! Seek medical help immediately if your vision changes in any way. Get a 2nd opinion if the condition continues to progress. You can recover from an Inflammed Optic Nerve – and not lose your sight – if it’s treated properly. Neuritis is systemic. It won’t get better on its own. Seek medical intervention right away.

Wanted to make a video and discuss uh recovering from an inflamed optic nerve so to give the back story i moved from los angeles to the east coast uh july 1st 2021 we took off uh driving exactly a month prior june 1st i developed what looked like little black specks that kind of congealed into what seemed like like buckshot right in the center of my vision and my

Right eye so i went to see my mother’s old ophthalmologist who i greatly respected i had almost 40 years of experience it just seemed really sophisticated and on top of his game when i went there with my mother for um follow-up after she had a central retinal artery occlusion so i consulted with him and he examined my eye dilated it and said look the structure

Of your eye is fine your uh the everything within your eye is fine um i just think it’s a brain thing don’t worry about it it should clear up in about a month and i said well what causes it and he said you know sometimes we just never figure it out um but your eye is fine so i continued packing i was under a lot of stress getting out of los angeles trying to

Just get everything done we had already purchased the storage container i mean we had the timeline so uh it was on so over the course of the next couple of weeks it just kind of got worse and there was more more spots but it got to a place where it almost kind of seemed stable and i thought well okay uh it should be getting better pretty soon so fast forward to uh

Uh we arrived we had a lot of stress with that people who were supposed to be vacated where we purchased the property worked worked vacated they were in the driveway and i mean you know and so there was tests uh the drive itself uh seemed almost satanic at the end my husband and i started almost hallucinating a bridges turned into walls and the opposing traffic

Became you know high-rise buildings and i mean you know we didn’t sleep for three days we just drove straight through because we had cats and um i’d never do it again anyway it was it was a dumb way to do it but that’s what we did so by the end of july july 31st i was painting in our place and we were doing diy stuff ridiculous and we had a real mess that we were

Dealing with and so i was sanding and painting and primary and that morning i woke up and it seemed like now i’d gone to a a new low uh yeah there were spots but now it seemed like a black veil had suddenly come down uh on my right eye and in addition to all that speckling now i had what looked like a very dense screen that i was looking through so it was darkened

And i wondered that morning if i was going to have to go blind i asked christ if i was going to have to go blind uh so by about two o’clock in the afternoon it was friday and i said you know i i need to call somebody and just check so i called a local uh eye specialist group it was a surgical group affiliated with the baptist called him up and spoke to the woman

And told her what the problem was and she got back on the line and said uh can you just put all that painting stuff away and just come on down and i said do i need to be worried and she said it’s concerning okay the doctor’s gonna wait for you this is three o’clock on a friday so then i was afraid um we had a mound that we had contracted to come out here and do

Some stuff on our property uh regarding our house foundation so i just went out and i told my husband look i’ve got to go um what do you want me to do i said just stay here and continue with this man you know do what you’re doing so i couldn’t see all that well very disconcerting to try and drive with you know one eye that you just really can’t it messes with your

Depth perception perception but anyways i got there and uh uh this wonderful guy uh examined me and said i think i know let me do a few more things take a look at some stuff and i’ll come back and tell you what it is i said okay so when it came back in he said okay you have an extremely inflamed optic nerve and i said well why and he’s uh we don’t know it could

Be a combination of things you have lupus you have comorbidity factors for developing these problems and it’s also uh concerning that your mother had this retinal occlusion and so um we just need to get you treated right away i said okay so i had a follow-up uh the next on on monday with another different colleague who was is a retinal surgeon and so i’ve been

Seen from with him for the last uh year every six weeks so at first it was quite bad it got better as soon as they gave me steroids and that was 60 milligrams for two weeks than 50 for 2 40 30 20 10 and then when they tried to cut that in half down to five the spots returned not as bad as they had been but it began to but seemed to me like return so anyway what

An odyssey what a horror really um so what i’d say to anybody uh who’s might be experiencing this type of thing inflammation of of arteries anywhere in your body uh is just might as well assume that it’s systemic and i think that would be a valid assumption to make that your whole body is inflamed i think it had every every bit to do with the move on the

Months leading up to it i mean my husband and i were just grinding uh painting the house unexpectedly we didn’t think we were going to have to do that putting in a floor or uh you know all of this stuff and the pressure just kept mounting i also have lupus and so i had a lot of fibromyalgia type pain um and but then when i knew that it was more than that uh it just

Bounced around so i had my wrist injected and the pain went away in that and the next morning i woke up then it was my knee i had that taken care of and then the next morning i woke up and then it was my ankle so this thing you know ping-ponged around in my body um for months leading up to this eye situation first off don’t ever believe just one doctor about it

Go see a second a doctor get a second opinion especially if it doesn’t immediately begin to go in the right direction uh you don’t want to go too far down the wrong road with these things because sometimes you can’t return my vision now is this last time i was tested uh here this monday this past monday is 2020 in both eyes with my glasses on but there are some

Days where it’s quite fuzzy the specs have gone um the the brown veil lifted early on but nothing started to happen until they gave me steroids now they gave me a battery of blood tests too initially um he was not willing to give me steroids right off the bat they wanted to do all kinds of other things so i waited for additional two weeks which um i think was you

Know a really big mistake on his part this this man that i’m seeing now he’s a good doctor but he didn’t have any experience whatsoever with people patients who have lupus so um the sooner they start steroids the better i think that’s probably um true for almost everyone steroids are a miraculous drug when you have these kinds of conditions going on but anyway

Uh they tested me for a battery of things and found out it came back that i was positive for shingles i didn’t have any kind of rash no itching nothing you know no symptoms of shingles and yet it came back positive so the doctor asked me well did i ever have them and i said yeah i had them in the in the early 1990s and i told him look i didn’t even know what it

Was at first my mother told me what it was and uh so by then it was full-blown you know itching scratching uh sort of rash on my abdomen and i did not have medical insurance at the time and so it resolved on its own i had he said did you have any did you have it on your face and i said i had a couple of little little uh like blistery type things very small on

My face on my cheek he said what’s come back that you have shingles of the eye even though it doesn’t look like that that’s what the blood test says so they began with this drug here and take two of those twice twice a day for almost a year until i got a lot of abdominal distress from that and stop taking it but i did take it for a year for shingles and then

Um also to time alone and say pressure drop so i’ve been doing that morning and night for the last 14 months as well so my advice to anyone with these sorts of conditions that pop up especially if you’re stressed out you’ve got a big big things on the horizon you’re moving or doing something big um realize that whatever it is it’s a systemic condition and you

Have to get a hold of the inflammation in your body and so um i’ve been very fortunate to be in a place now where it’s a very bucolic it’s very beautiful here um i do not have the problems that i had in my old life and my past life in los angeles being a single person um i’ve just been completely removed from that scenario i when i look back at you know my my

Old life i’m i’m really uh i’m so grateful whenever i do and i try not to to think of it very often um you know i’m looking toward a future and and i’m toward the mountain you know i know that’s really true like jesus said remember lot’s wife so uh i would say don’t give up hope but you have to be treated you have to be seen by a doctor at that point you’re not

Going to resolve it on your own you need medication you need medical care and so if you develop any kind of problem with your eyes immediately seek help i don’t care if you have insurance or not uh keeps calling around and where there’s a will there’s a way you’ll find some place i happen to have uh insurance that the doctor accepted and uh i only have to pay 24

A visit so anyways at one point they considered uh we were right on the edge of them doing some sort of surgery to relieve pressure at that time it was the pressure in my right eye was in the high 20s it’s a normal is supposed to be between 10 and 20. now this last time it was 18 and my left eye is 17. i’ll talk a little bit maybe at some point in time about the

Spiritual aspects of this condition too because i think it’s a whole lot more relevant and a much more interesting than just this clinical stuff but i’m not prepared to do it today i’ve got a whole bunch of things i have to do but i did want to talk about for anyone who’s having these problems uh the initial problem i think that i really had more than anything was

That i believed uh the first doctor so much uh that i continued uh just going down the path of negligence really is what it was because i put so much faith in what he told me and let me tell you something you can’t do that i don’t care how experienced they are and what their background is and if they’re flying all around doing a free surgeries in third world

Countries which he was doing uh i should have known at the end of our um visit i said well okay doctor and something just prompted me to ask him i said do you know jesus christ and he says no no i know the one above him and i said really who would that be and he said god uh we jews just believe that christ was a minor prophet so he said it shouldn’t matter

What i believe in as long as you’re getting good care and he asked me where i was going and i told him he said oh there’s a wonderful teaching university in that state not far from a city where you’re going to be moving you’re going to be treated very well in case anything should happen but i don’t think anything well i think it’s just a brain thing and um i wish

I’d been present enough in my mind at that point in time to say well if it’s a brain thing why isn’t affecting both of my eyes but of course i didn’t think of that until later um it’s very scary and so anyone who is uh facing some sort of problem uh with one or both of their eyes seek care and medical help immediately

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Optic Neuritis – Inflammed Optic Nerve Recovery…. By Victoria Victorious