March 28, 2023

Hello Lovelies, I am here with another Vlog. This short video shows my children’s hair wash routine. I have been braiding and taking care of my children’s natural 4C hair from when they were 2-3 years old, so I have made a few points for you to take note of when dealing with your babies’ natural hair. I also talk about my experience since dealing with thyroid issues and surgery. I hope the video helps. Don’t forget to subscribe please.

With you i can be sad with you just take my hand and fly up through the dreams where the skies are so clear with you i wanna stay with you with you i love the way that you with you i wanna stay with you i wanna stay hello my lovelies welcome back to spaceship realize it’s your girl rhoda here i’m here today with my son um he’s right here with me watching

Me exercise anyway today i’m going to he wouldn’t let me be guys i’m going to share with you um you know the natural hair wash routine for my children i have three girls and one boy this one here he’s my youngest i started this seven minutes um workout routine recently it’s on youtube so and i’m doing it just to keep faith because my thyroid situation you know

Keeps making me feel fatigued and it’s difficult to lose weight okay in fact ever since i started having this thyroid situation it was very difficult to lose weight but god has been faithful finally the thyroid surgery was done but we are still working on the right you know dosage of thyroid supplements for me to take so we haven’t gotten there yet it’s still very

Hard to lose weight no matter what i do and i just don’t want to be feeling fatigued because i’m not a sit down kind of a person so yeah that’s why i do these workouts and so i saw this one on youtube and it seemed simple so that’s what i’ve been doing for some time now anyway after that i dress my bed and then i take my baby to the bathroom and brush his teeth

Guys he’s only got two teeth but those teeth are very strong okay so whoever you are don’t even try to put your finger inside there they’re going to bite it off so yeah this silicon thing is like a brush it’s not a brush but it has some kind of teeth you know bristles that you can use to harmlessly scrub your baby’s mouth so after you know the um cleaning his

Teeth i get ready to take my own shower and after that i take my thyroid supplements so right now i’m taking like 150 micrograms of levothyroxine uh at the moment it was increased from two i was taken to previously and then my doctor increased it i have another appointment in three months and after that we’ll determine whether we need to increase this one or not

So yeah i don’t know about you but i really don’t like taking any form of medication whether it’s sweet or not i don’t like it so it’s really see can you imagine how which adult drinks medicine like this so i’m doing my second daughter’s hair blessed this is blessed hair first i have prepared some microfiber towels for wiping the hair dry hair towels okay for

All three of them and i use sheer moisture and cancer products for my kids natural hair i usually order them from iherb and they’ll deliver it straight to my house i think they deliver to all the countries in the world as long as they are accessible okay so what we do here first is that we sprinkle some warm to hot water for as long as possible you need to do this

For like nearly um six minutes if not ten minutes okay so that you open up the pores of the scalp and you know just renew the moisture okay after that you put your shampoo this shampoo is very wonderful it helps to you know just lay down the hair and all that and it is sulfate free so when you buy natural hair products please look for sulfate-free shampoos okay

And conditioners and also use a massage a scalp massager okay like this one that i’m using instead of your finger nails okay the fingernails they are poison to natural hair they will cut your hair they cause hair to have um they cause your hair to have them what’s it called split ends okay so after shampooing and rinsing off the shampoo i put in the conditioner

And detangle the hair with a large comb and after doing that after the whole detangling process i just pack it together and as you can see my kids are still in their pajamas so i simply just ask her to take her shower while i wash my first daughter’s hair actually they weren’t very keen on doing this because today it’s a saturday and they are all you know just

Watching the tv nobody wants to do this so i had to force them so i basically go over the same process again okay moisture shampoo rinse off make sure to use the scalp massager and then apply the conditioner detangle pack it and allow the conditioner to work for like 10 to 15 minutes okay it will soften the hair if it’s a good conditioner to soften the hair and

Make it easy to detangle now she’s done showering so i simply just rinse off everything and you know rinse off her body and we are done i do the same for my girl my other girl as well and after that it’s finally time for my little girl this girl she doesn’t like water okay my younger youngest girl treasure she doesn’t like water we i basically forced her to come

Into this bathroom and it was so hard to keep her away can you see and her hair is still quite short because we only just started braiding her hair two months ago on her big day so yeah that’s why she’s really it’s really hard to hers she has like a really curly hair and it’s tough to work with anyway when i finished i just cleaned up all this and these are the

Hair that i that we are cut from their hair anyway so and then i clean up and that’s that can you see they are all happy especially the little one but she wouldn’t allow you to um that’s so cute she wouldn’t allow you to wash her hair otherwise anyway after that by the time i finished it was around nearly two of noon and i had to make myself a brunch these days i

Just eat two times in a day okay i eat brunch and dinner okay so and yeah what i’m making today i’m going to just prepare some simple salad just tomato and lettuce with some salad cream and then avocado bacon eggs and toast with ice cube iced coffee yeah so because i’m only eating this um at noon it’s okay it’s i think a few minutes to 12 and so yeah that’s fine

The next time i’m going to be eating food it will be dinner time all right so i hope you learned what i um showed you i think for children children are very delicate and any little thing can upset them so you need to be very careful okay and sensitive when you are handling hair children’s hair especially if those if the type of hair that they have okay is this

Natural 4c hair look at the things you need to know don’t use your regular bath towel okay for toweling their hair dry you need to buy a microfiber at all you know that soft cushy type with the you know those fibers just laid back like that yes that’s the type of towel you need otherwise if you use the other regular bath towel it’s going to cut their hair okay

It leads to split ends all right and then the second thing when you wash the hair you need to allow some time for you to you know get this warm to hot water on the scalp so that the pores of the scalp can open up also use a scalp massager to scrub their scalp instead of using your fingernails don’t use your fingernails you are not helping the hair okay the scalp

Procedure will also help to massage the scalp and increase um improve blood circulation okay and use good hair products sometimes there are some of the if you have time to do the avocado and aloe vera and all that yeah you can do that but for me i mean with four children and work and everything i am so busy so i just try to make sure that i spend the money buying

Authentic natural hair products so please invest in authentic natural hair product so when you do these things yeah one more thing that i want you to do okay you need to stop working the hair all the time that means so if you are into breathing every week that’s wrong you need to allow the hair it’s not the same as you know caucasian hair you need to allow the hair

To rest make protective hairstyles and do deep washing once a month okay so you can make simple protective hairstyles that can allow you to wash the hair if you feel like the hair is dead okay and if you do that you’ll be fine so that’s it for today thank you please subscribe and i’ll see you next time in my next video bye

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Our Hair Wash Routine for Natural Hair | Raising Girls | Levothyroxine & Fitness Post Thyroidectomy By Special Pillars by Rhoda