March 28, 2023

Out Of State Chiropractors Are Referring Us Out Of State Patients Like This New Orleans Patient who was referred to us by a Chiropractor in Atlanta Georgia to Advanced Chiropractic Relief in Houston Texas. Your Houston Chiropractor Dr. Gregory Johnson of Advanced Chiropractic Relief LLC in Houston, Texas Provides all of His Patients with Personalized History’s and Examinations. As Well As Unique, safe and effective Chiropractic Adjustments, Therapeutic Exercises, Manual Therapy, BioPhysics Adjustments, and Full Spine Manual Spinal Decompression Ring DingerĀ® to give people what they say is the ultimate experience in Chiropractic Care.

All right that’s your houston chiropractic dr gregory johnson we got joshua in here with us this morning and joshua’s here from new orleans i’m gonna let him say it because he’s from new orleans and he says a lot better than i do why don’t you tell them where you’re from i live in houston but i’m from new orleans yeah there you go so he was actually referred here by

Another chiropractor i think isn’t that correct yep and uh the other chiropractor had told him that they actually show my videos in the classroom down at life west or life in georgia which is pretty cool and uh so youtube really has a far-reaching impact people being able to see what you do all the time so this is joshua’s very first adjustment here at our office so

We’ve just completed his history and examination was that thorough by the way yes and he’s seen other chiropractors before in fact just three months ago and it did help him so that’s a good thing i like hearing those comments better than the ones that didn’t help at all uh he comes here and complaining with neck pain stiffness and upper thoracic trap pain stiffness

Headaches twice a week mostly up in the frontal region here he’s got seasonal or not seasonal but year-round allergies he’s been treating with the allergist i believe thoracic upper thoracic mid thoracic tightness low back pain that goes down into his right leg all the way down to the medial aspect of his right foot correct yeah and he gets numbness and tingling

Down in that same region as well now if she is he has that thoracic spine pain which we often see tied into another condition that he’s previously been diagnosed with from a gastroenterologist correct which is acid reflux hiatal hernia gerd symptoms those are a little bit under control now because he’s been eating correctly and watching his diet and doing all the

Right stuff naturally huh right yeah he’s not only the omeprazole or prilosec or any of those ppis which is a good thing that he’s managing it naturally so i told him even though we don’t treat acid reflux have a hernia or gird the disease we’re going to adjust his thoracic spine rib cage and i will pull the fashion down in his anterior abdomen to help realign the

Rib cage so that we can make that diaphragm strong and then when the diaphrag’s strong the hiatus is a sphincter inside of the diaphragm so it’s really a muscle within a muscle when you tweak the diaphragm out of place because you got thoracic spine subluxations and rib subluxations it’s not strong enough to hold that hiatus where his fingers tightening up slips

Up in there secretes acid into the esophagus and that is acid reflection you told me you felt it all the way up into your throat before right at one point yeah yep so we’re going to show you all that stuff did you want to do a shout out to your friend that’s one of them oh yeah i’ll give a shout out to him dr caleb fortenberry in uh gulfport mississippi so thank

You dr fort berry for reporting him over our office we’ll take good care of him i’ll show you how we do that right now go ahead and let him tell me for me please what was that you called gulfport mississippi about a while ago something from hell purgatory purgatory that’s it tell us that right there he’s got a little left sacred deviation here and left-hand side

Joint subluxation is lumbar spine subluxated his thoracic spine and rib cages so look said he’s got subluxations up in his cervical spine so i’m going to start off with his left sacrum i’m gonna adjust that superior exterior center sacrum and now i’m going to head over on the left si joint and then right yes i doing let’s recheck your leg leak now legs are even

Now this should feel a little easier already than that first one yep feeling i haven’t even done these lumbar supplying yet that’s how i did for each kid whether sacramento bars yes sir yep oh boy that for him is going to lack that adjustment there see if this feels even easier this time joshua yeah stayed even that’s perfect kid don’t feel your head popping

Up on this desk sure good okay let’s turn you on your back you okay yeah i’m good a little deeper in person hun joshua yeah yep always know when i get a good adjustment i make you break a sweat on your neck okay slide down this way just a little bit lift both arms out that’s a sympathetic nervous system response your friend will understand that what was his name

Again caleb ford american way people actually did chiropractic coffee we like there you go you can relax your hands right there he’s a friend of mine is a professor out of life west she’s out in hayward california he’s actually my mentor oh wow there we go yes sir i know you felt that rub your knees yeah i felt that yeah face that way please sir you okay oh

Yeah i knew you would be i just wanted to ask you there we go just like that crackhead’s gonna love you too joshua oh boy all right let’s do what you came for oh gosh here we are no hits of my trophy wall yet joshua try not to start with yours all right but here hit up this way please just let your legs relax the table is going to lift them up so what’s your

Friend think of the ring there uh he from what he sold me he thinks it’s a it’s a good good technique good he should come over and learn how to do it we’ll teach them how to do it we’ve got two ducks in from out of state learning how to do it this week it’s a little harder than it looks uh oh god yeah we got your new tie you’re not going anywhere keep your teeth

Together on this one joshua they’ll bite you to angry through your nose thank you siri home run yes sir you should have felt that one all the way down i’m pretty sure you did and just breathe relax deep breath in through your nose out through your mouth you’re okay you’ll feel better when quits hurting yeah yeah a little shock at all on the first one huh yeah

Tilt left well i got that back renee really sweating now there you go good job good first suggestion let me help you yeah yeah cool you okay yeah i’m good yeah let’s stand here in front of the mirror come back this way so you squirt off like a military man right now look at your profit already you see the difference you feel the difference too oh totally do yeah

Okay relax there you go so it’s gonna be some sore spots in there okay now here’s your homework joshua okay your head’s forward pulling those shoulders forward she’s gonna pull these shoulders up back first like that hold those there please okay so these guys like this see that tightens up that trapezius muscle and come straight negative z this way and then look

Backwards you’re gonna feel a little test there and there now relax now when you do this again it should feel smoothly we want you to tell us so this is your very first adjustment here at our office yep what would you share with our youtube audience about your very first visit overall here at advanced chiropractic relief man it’s thorough it’s intense uh but it’s

Worth it uh because i’m i mean yeah like you said even though it’s a little that one it’s a little painful you can just really feel the difference after reggie even feels the relief huh 100 yep pretty cool well thanks for sharing your first visit with everyone on youtube today thanks doc for referring your friend in here we’ll see y’all soon

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Out Of State Chiropractors Are Referring Us Out Of State Patients Like This New Orleans Patient ACR By Advanced Chiropractic Relief LLC