November 29, 2022

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So you know how like okay so when when folks first come in a lot of times they’re coming in hot they’ve you know they’ve been a lot of times on some stuff that makes you not be able to sleep right or some stuff that really helps you sleep too much a little too much and then they can’t fall asleep anymore exactly so like we kind of well well sometimes we’ll

Prescribe them some some stuff that helps them sleep right like sure like uh what are some of the um uh different i guess the first um the you know they’re all like non-narcotic medications of course um but a lot of the older antidepressants they um the provider will prescribe they act as like a you know um a sleep aid okay like tries it on okay is one of them

They they they use um yeah then there’s vista reel which is kind of like a a souped up benadryl okay and that’s you know sedate can be sedating in in a healthy way you know and that brings on like the drowsiness that helps them initially fall asleep exactly yeah and then um you know there’s a window of course where you have to you know go and lay down and right

Because you miss it you’re sometimes you’re you know out right yeah and i remember from when i was working as a behavioral health technician over at the house the men’s campus like you know you you want to try to keep them on like a uh a sleep schedule you know like you want to you want them to go to bed at normal hours and wake up at normal hours so they can

Kind of get back into the rhythm of a real regular life right yes exactly um it’s good to take their medications every night at the same time right you know not just like you know whenever whenever because it’s good to get back in a routine yeah and trazadone’s like non-habit forming right exactly right so there’s not like a go ahead yeah there’s not there’s

Not a risk for potential abuse with that those medications that’s great yeah awesome and then there’s nothing like a little bit of fresh air some exercise and some sunshine as well to help you yeah some clients you know um you know there’s that pause post acute withdrawal syndrome which is um one of the you know the symptoms of that is is um insomnia and you

Know a lot of clients find that after you know after a while maybe a couple weeks that they’re able to go to sleep on their own they don’t need those medications anymore so that’s always great you know the least medication the better of course right so and we definitely advocate for that for sure yeah for sure yeah so everything that kind of happens here at the

Center kind of contributes holistically to health in general but but if you do like our adventure therapy and you do like our yoga and meditation and stuff you’re gonna have an easier time falling asleep at night exactly and that’s what we find a lot of times as clients are come here they learn all these new skills meditation breath work to actually you know to

Naturally you know make themselves sleepy right and get to that point where they’re ready to go to sleep on their own right and a lot of them deal with a lot of issues that they have that you know they lie awake thinking about at night right and also they’re in a very safe place like that’s what i love about oasis is we make sure our clients feel safe here and

You know they can rest assured that they’re gonna you know be safe where they’re at right which is i mean it’s kind of hard to go to sleep when you don’t feel safe exactly but you know i know for myself when i was in active addiction there was you know just staying here and there and couch surfing like you never really want to get a you never get a full night’s

Rest like right because you never know what when you’re what your next move is right now that you’ve been clean for a long time do you find that um you sleep better or do you require less sleep or do you go through phases uh i still need my sleep i get about i say seven to eight hours a night yeah um yeah i uh i have followed some like some general rules about

Sleep like i don’t i don’t have a tv in my bedroom um which really helps um try to exercise uh go to sleep at the same time and wake up every at the same time every day it really helps even on the weekends like i try you know i like to sleep in a little bit every night but uh every day but um you know waking up going to bed and make it up at the same time every

Day is super helpful for me yeah i heard that’s really good for your mental health i wouldn’t know anything about that because my sleep schedule is like i am i don’t know i go through these phases where like i have so much energy you know and i’m just like i i’ll survive on like five and a half hours of sleep and then i have other times where i’m like i’m not

Getting out of bed and you know i feel that yeah i can definitely relate to that well life happens but we’re doing it we’re doing it sober sure thanks for doing this i appreciate you no problem

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