June 4, 2023

Napoleon Button Project for School. Teach initials AP.

Hi this is philip and i’m presenting on my napoleon button project sorry attorney in the background who sold that mess of the noise or anything apologies oxycottons a semi-synthetic opioid used for the treatment of moderate to severe pain it’s in the form of a pill but in its raw state is a white powder let’s look at the chemical structure now c18 age 21 no.4 is

Intermolecular forces consist of dipole-dipole and mainly hydrogen bonds giving oxycotin a relatively high imap here’s a list of other physical properties oxycontin is an opioid which is a drug that comes from the seeds of a poppy plant a bright red flower that grows in hot dry temperatures the drug from poppy seeds is one that’s been used for centuries dating

All the way back to 2100 bc that’s 4,000 120 years and the present-day opioids are mainly used in the form of painkillers but are also in the form of dangerous drugs like heroin we want to go back to an oxycontin was first synthesized the 1916 germany the place we’d have to go oxycontin was made in a lab and was intended to be a less addictive painkiller however

Oxycontin provided a stronger and more addictive one oxycontin popularity was not only due to its stronger effect but the drugs marketing campaign was able to get the drug mainstream very quickly purdue pharma began the intense marketing for the drug in the u.s. in 1996 to put into perspective how much they spent on the marketing of oxycontin they invested six to

Twelve times more than its brother drug morphine fortunately and unfortunately the marketing campaign was successful bringing in sales from 48 million dollars in 1996 all the way up to 1 point 1 billion dollars in 2000 unfortunately unfortunately again a few years later the leader of the campaign mortimer sackler which heard 634 million dollars for false advertising

But it was worth it to him yen as she’d got millions of people addicted to his drug he said the risk of addiction was under 1% but by 2004 it become the misused drug in the united states since oxycontin is really easy to obtain as a pain medication sometimes people don’t even know what they’re getting themselves into by taking it then those people who get hooked

On it resort to taking hard drugs like heroin which can take drastically negative effects on people’s lives many times ending up in overdose and death now you may have heard of the brother drug of oxycontin morphine – drug very similar to oxycontin that people would misuse to get high but what made a drug like morphine that been popular for so many years before the

Introduction of oxycontin lose its pot to oxy tom first off a big part of oxycontin marketing campaign was that it was a much less addictive drug than other analgesics like morphine in reality oxycontin was the more addictive one but no one knew that yet the two drugs oxycontin being c18 h21 no.4 and morphine v c—seventeen h19 no.3 are almost identical so you may

Have to be asking yourself – what makes oxycontin more addictive well intermolecular forces play a factor in why oxycontin is strong is a stronger drug since oxycontin has more hydrogen bonds than morphine it’s imf is stronger making it harder for it to break apart and wear off in your body also oxycontin solubility is higher than morphine with oxycontin being

At 166 milligrams per milliliter and morphine being at 149 milligrams per milliliter this most likely means that more of the drug can dissolve in your bloodstream making more of the drug available to take effect on your body moving on to today purdue pharma has recently filed for bankruptcy haven’t been sued for billions of dollars for misbranding do-good crisis

Has been a rising problem over the years and most people know someone who’s been affected by some sort of opioid after my dad broke his collarbone he received oxycontin and said that he was in fact addicted for them for a short period of time fortunately for him he stopped cold turkey after two weeks but that should show you how easily someone can get hooked on

A drug like oxycontin anyways i hope i raised awareness over the drugs controversy thanks for listening by

Transcribed from video
Oxycodone By Philip Booth