June 9, 2023

EGS 301 Student Presentation Fall 2019

Oxycontin is one of the most addictive pain medications it hooks as many as 4.5 million listen to this statistic in 2013 approximately 4.5 million individuals aged 12 and older reported past month non-medical use of prescription opioids so non-medical use is recreational abuse there are four point five for sure twelve-year-old or higher citizens who are abusing

Prescription pills these young people aren’t even able to be prescribed them for their health they are most likely buying or stealing this will eventually turn out fatal or can be linked to higher risks of addictions of other kinds a very unsettling statistic this doesn’t even include the adults in the population this is just the younger generation and their

Abuse of prescription pills this just goes to show how entirely addictive is prescription pain pill is the fact that there are this many young people addicted and using just shows that we need to be more aware of this issue because it can have a fatal or very tragic outcome oxycodone is an important therapeutic agent in the treatment of pain the reasoning for

Addiction of this pill can be because of self-medication of pain in most cases it is not because of pain it is something that allows people to get high on the high is a numb feeling that may signal pain treating but these individuals most of the time do not suffer from any pain for experience any pain at all looking at addiction with logic helps implement recovery

And prevention based off of reasons why someone might decide to take something i look at it as to why they might have reason to and what properties this pill has the mean age was 17 point 7 years ranging from 16 and 19 years old and mean age at first abuse of oxycodone was 15 ranging from 13 to 18 years old overall 56% of students reported oxy as their favorite

Prescription opioid to abuse the primary preferred method of abuse of all oxycodone formulations was in translational administration 83% of single into the oxycodone abusers preferred in translational administration compared with 67 of combination oxycodone abusers and 69% of extended-release oxycodone abusers approximately half of our respondents preferred to

Ingest oxycodone orally 23 point 23 to 30 eight percent of respondents health swallowed the pill intact and another 13 to 17 percent shoot the pill before swallowing maximum dose ever abused at one time range from 15 to 400 milligrams most respondents had abused 60 milligrams of oxycodone at a time this was a random survey that just goes to show how addictive

This pill is and how it can be addictive to youth this was a study conducted on surgical patients and it says a total of 320 and 341 patients were evaluated pre and post intervention respectively pre-intervention seventy five point six percent of patients were prescribed oxycodone after review sixty point three percent were supplied oxycodone the median amount

Both prescribed and supply it was 100 milligrams a patient post-intervention sixty eight point six percent of patients were prescribed oxycodone after review 57.8% were supplied oxycodone medium amount prescribed and supplied was fifty milligrams the difference in amount prescribed and supplied fifty milligrams after review of doctor per prescriptions reduced

The proportion of patients who were supplied oxycodone but not the amount supplied and the patient having the pharmacist assist with prescribing reduced the amount of oxycodone supply so this shows the results very each patient based off what the doctor thought would be best for their prescriptions based off of if they thought they would get used to a higher

Milligram or if they would continue their prescription effects on the brain the sudden withdrawal of oxycodone seems to have triggered the psychotic syndrome a study on a patient that was conducted based off of the effects of oxycodone on the brain shows that it does harmful links to the brain it causes this outburst of psychotic behaviors the effect of this drug

Basically varies on each person but was proven to have provoked this patients outburst and one might consider that before taking and one might be able to assume that this drug all together does horrible things to the person taking its mental state when stopped or and or abused and withdrawal symptoms can get more severe effects on the brain part two contrary to

Our expectations oxy did not affect behavioral or neurological responses to emotional stimuli in our primary areas of interest further the effects of oxy in the mo fc would be more consistent with a decrease in value for happy faces this may indicate that healthy adults do not receive emotional benefits from opiates or pharmaceutical pharmaceutical actions of oxy

Differ from other opiates another study for my research i had found on oxycontin and what it does to the brain shows that there is no benefit to the emotional health of adults using oxycontin for emotional health is unnecessary because based off the studies the pain it treats is physical pain opinions of possible solutions in an interview in a study i read for my

Research about the possible solutions that could be taken it is said that what i’m asking them to do is look at the full health impact health canada has matthew says federal health minister has a responsibility to set and i think the policy has to be that you look at safety from a broader perspective you don’t just look at if this drug is properly taken is it safe

Because we know this drug is not properly taken in many many cases i’m hoping that she will understand that this is not like any other drug i’ve ever i’ve never ever asked for this before this is one drug that has caused way too much damage and i just think that now we have opportunity to get it off the streets we must get off the streets matthew says i’m asking

For an outright ban do not give it a notice of compliance it is just too dangerous and devastating consequences that is off of these answers it displays perfectly how serious this drug can be and the opinions of many on this drug is negative possible solutions part 2 another solution i found reading research was opioid overdose is a common complication of abuse so

It is desirable for an opioid vaccine to block the toxic as well as the addictive effects of opioids it is important that an opioid vaccine not interfere with the action of opioid in a antagonist used to reverse opioid overdose or treat addiction some opioids are in amino suppressive and chronic ongoing opioid use could interfere with vaccination immunity although

Antibody bound oxycodone is unable to enter the brain because of its size it might still be able to activate peripheral opioid receptors and conclusions suggest that vaccination might also reduce the severity of oxycodone overdose in my opinion if there has to be a vaccine against a drug because it’s so deadly we should take preventive measures and stay away from

It based off of this research i found i think it is necessary to refrain from using oxycodone and using it only on patients it is clearly a powerful drug in an addictive drug i think that there are other pain pills and other mechanisms doctors could use instead of use oxycontin because it is such harsh of a drug thank you

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Oxycodone By Marianne Cotugno