June 1, 2023

When we talk about Oxycodone addiction, are there risks of mixing Oxycodone and Suboxone? Let’s Find Out!

And the question i’m gonna answer tonight is what are the risks of mixing oxycodone with suboxone or you know another way to put this question is what are the risks of mixing pain medication with suboxone and that’s pretty simple so pain medication i’m going to assume that we’re talking about the class of pain medications that are opioids vicodin roxie’s oxycodone

That’s the more common name north coast is another name and these are all opioid based medications and the risk of mixing these with suboxone is very simple if you take it when there’s no suboxone in your system and the opiate receptors are not blocked you are and then thought and you follow this was taking suboxone what happens is very simple the opioid let’s say

You are taking some vicodin okay and there’s no sparkle in your system now you take suboxone which main compound and learn that the generic name is buprenorphine what buprenorphine does to put it very simply is it goes in your body it goes in your nervous system and wherever else opioid receptors are and it kicks out the vicodin very rapidly the oxycodone very rapidly

The norco very rapidly and you get what’s called precipitated withdrawals and we all know what withdrawals are but for those of you that don’t that withdrawal is coming off of the opioids of the way your body feels as these opioids are coming off of your receptors some of the common symptoms sweating anxiety rapid heart rate nausea vomiting chills goose bumps etc

Those are withdrawals okay the typical withdrawal would be such let’s say you’re using the pain medication very regularly you stop using it your body has built a tolerance to it and as it starts to crave these medications that you’re taking on a regular basis you start to have symptoms and these symptoms are as i said sweating nausea vomiting chills nervousness

Etc all right if there’s no suboxone or rather people morphine in your system you take the vicodin and the oxycodone okay and if you’re a regular user you have this stuff in your system then you take the suboxone what it does if it rapidly kicks out the opioid drug that is in your body let’s use vicodin for example it rapidly kicks out the opioid drug that is on

Your opioid receptors and you get what’s called precipitated withdraws which is a very rapid hyper acute even worse than regular withdrawal sensation that is the risk of adding suboxone after your receptors are filled out with opioids okay now let’s take the opposite scenario let’s say you have suboxone all around all of your receptors let’s say he took suboxone

Two hours ago and what you do from that point on is you take 30 milligrams of oxycodone okay what happens there because the suboxone tights so much more tightly bind so much more tightly to your receptors the oxycodone goes down there tries to bind to your receptors and it can’t find because the oxycodone i’m sorry does suboxone bind so much tighter and so what

Happens is the oxycodone just goes through your system and it flushes out again i’m going to repeat this if you take let’s use oxycodone as our example if you take oxycodone okay it’s on all of your receptors your opioid receptors and they’re all filled up with oxycodone okay now you take the suboxone because the suboxone has a much more greater affinity for your

Opioid receptors it kicks out all of the oxycodones and then it binds do receptors and because of the way it binds it’s called an agonist antagonist the way it binds you no longer get the euphoria your spotty feels like it doesn’t have opioids in them and you get what’s called a precipitated withdrawal which is a hyper acute sensation of the usual withdraws you

Get us these opioids fall off your receptor that’s if you take the suboxone after your receptors are filled with oxycodone on the other hand if your receptors are filled with suboxone now you take the 30 milligrams of oxycodone because the suboxone has a property that it binds much more tightly deal receptors they you do not feel the suboxone there’s nothing to

Feel anyway but essentially i’m sorry you do not feel the oxycodone because the oxycodone does not bind as tightly to the receptor has the suboxone so imagine if you put oxycodone in your body at the same time you put people northen in your body that buprenorphine has a much higher affinity for that receptor than oxycodone that third floor binds faster and tighter

And if there’s oxycodone there it kicks it out so the risk of mixing oxycodone and suboxone if you’re a regular user and if you miss the timing of the way you do it which i can’t see why anybody would do it but you know heroin addicts and their substance abusers do this all the time where they try to get clean for a couple of days that they used and they try and

Get clean and it becomes a vicious cycle but essentially the risk of mixing these two is precipitated withdrawals thank you very much please go ahead and type in any questions that you have regarding this video

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Oxycodone Addiction: The Risks of Mixing it W/ Suboxone | Dr. B By Dr. B Addiction Recovery